Turkey Detains 136 for Suspected Ties to Coup Plotters
Pence Trying to Fast-Track U.S. Help to Iraqi Assyrians, Yazidis
The Radical Survival Story of Christianity in Iraq and Syria
Pope Francis Confirms Construction of Assyrian Church in Istanbul
U.S.-backed Syria Forces Say Turkey Pressured Commander Into Defecting
Kurdish Lawmakers Leave Session of Iraqi Parliament
Kurdish YPG Aims to Conquer Syrian Region, Not Fight Islamic State: Turkish Minister
Egypt's Copts Decry Recent Spate of Church Closings
Putin-Trump Statement on Syria Contradicts Erdogan's Calculations
Iraqi Priest: Situation for Assyrians in Mosul Worse Than When ISIS Arrived
Pope Gets a Lamborghini, Donates it to Rebuild Iraq's Christian Region
Turkey Accuses Syrian Kurds of Plotting ISIS Withdrawal From Raqqa
Who Will Govern Kirkuk?
Iraq Vows to Take Action Against Kurds in Disputed Border Areas
Assyrian Delegation Met With Lebanese Minister of State
Iraqi Kurds Back Away From Independence Bid
Turkey's Misguided Middle East Policy: From Syria, Iraq to the Gulf
Raqqa's Dirty Secret
Year of the Sword: the Assyrian Genocide
ISIS Turns Former US Base in Iraq Into Gruesome Mass Grave
Turkey Denies Report of Plan to Kidnap Cleric Gulen From US
Iraqi Yazidi Refugee Settles in U.S. After Fleeing ISIS
Putin, Trump Issue Joint Statement on ISIS, Syrian Sovereignty
ISIS Flees From 25 Syrian Villages, Leaving Kurdish Forces to Impose Full Control
Iraq Launches Offensive to Recapture Last Isis Town
Kurdish Official Rejects Turkmen Proposal to Turn Kirkuk Into Region
Egyptian Christians Face New Threats From Muslims
ISIS Troops Flee to Desert, Vacate Syria Stronghold
Four Assyrians Detained By Kurdish Police Over Social Media Posts
In Northern Iraq, Ethnic Minorities Are Key to Rebuilding After ISIS
Iraqi Muslims Urge Assyrian Neighbors to Return Home
U.S. and Russia Are Nearing an Agreement on Resolving the Syrian Civil War
Kurds Seek Political Unity Ahead of Possible Talks With Baghdad
After IS Collapse, Syria Government Faces US-backed Kurds
US Urges De-escalation of Tensions Between Saudi Arabia, Lebanon
Syria Declares Victory Over Islamic State
Iraqis Rebuild in Mosul After the Defeat of ISIS
Erdogan's Mayoral Purges Leaves Almost Half of Turkey Without Elected Officials
Time To Kick Turkey Out Of NATO
Indiana Recognizes the Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide
Iraq to Probe Disappearance of Arabs Arrested By Kurds
The Middle East Is Nearing an Explosion
Assyrians and Yazidis in Iraq Desperately Need Global Aid, Vatican Says
Iraq Needs 'Marshall Plan', Says Kirkuk Archbishop
Archbishop of Basra: A Christian School Open to All to Counter Poverty and Illiteracy
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Visits Melbourne
Russia Opposes U.S. Draft U.N. Resolution on Syria Chemical Probe Extension
Coalition Airstrikes Decline By More Than 50% As ISIS Crumbles in Iraq, Syria
Middle East Developments Rattle Sidelined Turkey
Kirkuk Arabs Demand to Know Fate of Loved Ones Jailed By Kurds
Iraq's Intervention May Change the Equation in Syria's Kurdish Regions
An Iraqi Town Where Muslims, Jews and Christians Coexist, in Theory
Saudi-Iran Conflict Will Destroy Christianity in Lebanon
Iraq's Assyrians Worry Over Iraqi-Kurdish Conflict
The Trump Administration Can't Give Turkey a Pass on Rule of Law
Saudi Arabia Charges Iran With 'Act of War,' Raising Threat of Military Clash
Lebanese Fear PM's Resignation Was a Saudi Power Play
Yazidis in Iraq: 'The Genocide is Ongoing'
Kurdish Rift Emerges Between Erdogan and Putin
Race Heats Up for Zones of Influence in Syria

Turkey Detains 136 for Suspected Ties to Coup Plotters

ISTANBUL (Reuters) -- Turkey detained 136 people, including former police, teachers and soldiers, in four separate operations on Thursday over suspected links to last year's attempted military coup, the state-run Anadolu news agency said.

Pence Trying to Fast-Track U.S. Help to Iraqi Assyrians, Yazidis

By Susan Crabtree

Vice President Mike Pence is working to quickly fulfill an October pledge to bypass the United Nations and more effectively direct U.S. aid to help Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities in Iraq who are victims of genocide perpetuated by the Islamic State.

U.S.-backed Syria Forces Say Turkey Pressured Commander Into Defecting

BEIRUT (Reuters) -- The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a leading combatant against Islamic State, on Thursday accused Turkey of pressuring one of its senior commanders into defecting. Rebel officials said on Wednesday Brigadier General Talal Silo had defected, without giving a reason.

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