Kurdish Parties Will Boycott Vote on Iraqi Budget Bill
New Challenges for US in Syria, Iraq Despite Success Against ISIS
Defeat of the Islamic State in Iraq: New Beginning or Lull?
Armenia Recognises Genocide of Yazidis in Iraq
Turkey is No Longer a Free Country, According to Global Rights Report
Iraq PM Coalition Collapses One Day After Its Formation
Islamists Vow to 'Kill More Copts' in Egypt
A Vision for Ending Iraq's Crises
Minorities in North Iraq Look to Post-jihadist Future
U.S. Confirms It Is Training Kurdish Recruits in Syria
Suicide Bombings in Baghdad Puncture Newfound Hope
Netherlands Joins UN Security Council to Shine Light on IS Genocide
KDP Will Boycott Iraq Elections in Kirkuk, Disputed Areas
Iraq Sunni Tribes: Postpone Elections Until Displaced Return
Russia Says Zone for U.S.-backed Rebels Could End Up Splitting Syria
Turkey Says U.S. Training of Kurdish YPG in Syria Border Force is Unacceptable
Turkish Military Attacks Kurdish Forces in Syria
A New Life Sprouts Up Around Mosul After Scars of ISIS Rule
Iraqi Assyrians: The Forgotten Refugees
Christian Worship Revived in Largest Assyrian City in Iraq
Turkish Forces Shell Syrian Kurds Targets in Northern Syria
Report Details Scope of Persecution in the Cradle of Christianity
Iraqi Militias Form Political Coalition for Elections
'Social Reconstruction' is Vital for Long-term Stability in Iraq
Iraq's Biggest Potential Weapon of Mass Destruction: the Mosul Dam
Europe's Islamic State Offspring
US Changes Rules on the UN to Help Assyrian and Minority Victims of Genocide in Iraq
UN Warns Of 'Humanitarian Catastrophe' In Syria
US is Giving Weapons to Terror Group in Syria, Turkey Says
Iraq Court Rules Yezidis Must Have Greater Representation in Parliament
U.S. to Withdraw More Troops From Iraq in Coming Months
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Become Poorer, More Vulnerable in 2017: UN
US May Deport 100 Iranian Christian Refugees
Turkish Police Detain Assyrian Man
Sorrow Stalks Iraqi Assyrians in Lebanon
Iraqi Premier Vows Commitment to Strong Turkey Ties
ISIS Razed 116 Villages in Iraq's Kirkuk in 3 Years
Mosul's Old Heart in Ruins Six Months After IS Ousted
Turkey Declares Curfew in 69 Communities
Turkey's Genocide of the Assyrians Was an Islamist Crime
Kurdish Forces Begin Confiscating Assyrian Homes in Northern Syria, Issue Ultimatums
US to Provide $75 Million in Additional Funding for Iraq Stabilization
Systemic Crisis in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Turkey Set to Extend State of Emergency for Another 3 Months
Children of Terror Left Behind in Iraq
EU Proposal to Strengthen Support to the Iraqi People
Syrian Forces Recapture Military Base From Rebels
Persecution Of Yazidis Persists Despite Islamic State Collapse
Kurds Protest in Paris Against 'Assassin' Erdogan
Turkish Jets Hit PKK Targets in Northern Iraq
Iraq Returning Displaced Civilians From Camps to Unsafe Areas
Battle Looms for Rebel-held Syrian Province After IS Defeat
The Assyrian Church Presence in Kuwait
Orthodox Christians in Turkey Celebrate Christmas Eve
Iraqi PM Reiterates Pledge to Build National Army to Protect Iraq's Unity
Erdogan Threatens French Reporter Over Syria Question
Iran's Ethnic Minorities Are Playing a Vital Role in Protests
Middle Eastern Christians in Dire Straits -- But the West Doesn't Want to Know
Iraqi Forces Launch Massive Anti-ISIS Operation in Kirkuk


By Renad Mansour and Hisham Al-hashimi

As the Islamic State lost one of its last villages in Iraq, Brett McGurk, the U.S. special envoy to the coalition battling the group, took to Twitter for a victory lap. The organization's "phony 'caliphate,'" he wrote, is "coming to an end.

Armenia Recognises Genocide of Yazidis in Iraq

(AFP) -- Armenia's parliament on Tuesday passed a resolution recognising the 2014 genocide of Yazidis by the Islamic State group in Iraq and called for an international probe into the crimes. Jihadists murdered thousands in massacres four years ago.

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