Catholic Prelates Aghast At 'unspeakable' Suffering in Syria
Iran's Furtive Occupation of Iraq's Assyrian Communities
Syria Army Vows to Retake Control of Kurdish Areas
For Assyrians Who Fled Iraq, New Zealand Attacks Brought Back Memories
Is This the End of the Syrian Interim Government?
Iraq and UN Begin Exhuming First Yezidi Mass Grave in Sinjar
Why We Should Care About the Christians in Middle East
Netanyahu's Son: Turkey Has Committed Genocide Against Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks
Assyrian Artist's Studio a Big Draw for International Musicians
Iraq Uncovers Mass Grave of ISIS Victims in Mosul
Increased Fears for Christians in Iran
Archbishop of Erbil: Iraq's Christians Need to Thrive, Not Just Survive
Turkey to Restore Assyrian, Armenian Churches Damaged By Kurdish Group
3,000 ISIS Members in Syria Surrender
Assyrians Rising Up From the Ashes in North Iraq
Respite From War Brings Guarded Hope to Iraq's Capital
Failing to Acknowledge Mosul's Suffering Makes Moving Toward the Future All the More Difficult
Christianity in the Middle East Threatened With Extinction
Syrian Prelates Visit Ghouta, See 'Unspeakable Suffering'
Yazidis Demand Iraq Actively Search for Their Missing Persons
Rights Group Accuses Iraq, Kurds of Torturing Children Suspected of IS Ties
New Threats and Intimidation Against Iraq's Assyrians
Iraq's Displaced Families Struggle Without Identity Documents
Kurdish YPG Group Oppress Assyrians in Syria: Activist
Patriarch Sako Calls for a National Covenant Against Extremism and Violence
Symposium Marks 100th Anniversary of Turkish Genocide of Greeks, Assyrians and Armenians
Free Assyrian Language Course in Turlock, California
Survivors in a Great War
Man of Peace
Volunteers Repair Assyrian Monastery in Mosul
Yazidi Women and Children Tell Horror Stories of ISIS Captivity
Dutch Parliament Recognizes 1915 Armenian Massacre As Genocide
Turkey: The Case of the Missing Priests
Iranian Christians Arriving in U.S., But Questions Remain
Assyrian Community in Australia Receives State Funding
Assyrian Former Swiss Officer Gets Suspended Sentence for Fighting ISIS
Assyrian Community Leaders Meet With Ministers of Australian Government
The Knights of Columbus Leads Against ISIS Genocide
New History of Turkish Genocide of Christians Sounds Dark Warning for the Future
Iranian Court Postpones Assyrian Woman's Appeal
Assad's Adviser Flatly Rejects of Kurdish Autonomy in Northern Syria
Switzerland Prosecutes Assyrian for Fighting Against ISIS in Syria
Cardinal Sako: Constitution, School and Work for the Future of Iraq
Why Aren't Assyrians Returning to Bartella, Iraq?
After ISIS, Iraq's Assyrians Now Face New Threat From Shabak Shiite Militias
4 Ancient Assyrian Books Depicting Life of Jesus Seized in Turkey
Iraqi Assyrians Fear Returning Home, Wary of Shiite Militia
Islam: The West's 'Most Formidable and Persistent Enemy'
Chaldean Patriarch: Reforms Required to Meet Challenges of Modernity
Chaldean Patriarch: One Million Iraqi Christians Have Emigrated in Recent Years
Ayatollah Asks UN to Investigate Violence Against Mosul's Assyrians
Cardinal Sako Calls for End to Persecution of Christians in the Middle East
Chaldean Patriarch Calls for Investigation Into ISIS Crimes
An Assyrian Woman's Decade-long Journey to Help Victims of War
Syrian Assyrians Fear a New Genocide In Wake of US Pullout
Chaldean Patriarch: Youth, Churches and Dialogue Foundations for Rebuilding the Christian Presence i
Rebuilding Broken Hearts: A Syrian Sister's Prayer for Her Country
Kurds Are Not Ready for Democracy, They Are Ready to Rule
New Mosul Prelate Urges Pope to Visit Iraq
The Controversial Sale of Assyrian Antiquities

Catholic Prelates Aghast At 'unspeakable' Suffering in Syria

Catholic prelates in Syria, accompanied by Philippine Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, president of Caritas Internationalis, visited the eastern Ghouta region outside of Damascus and saw "unspeakable suffering". "In every face, mostly the children" was a "very confused" expression, Syriac Catholic Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younan said.

Iran's Furtive Occupation of Iraq's Assyrian Communities

By Lela Gilbert

Will the Middle East's shattered Christian villages, towns and cities somehow retain their religious and cultural heritage -- which dates back to the first century? No one knows for sure, but due to Iranian aspirations, the answer is far from encouraging. In November 2014, I visited the devastated survivors of Islamic State's genocide who were sheltering in Erbil, Kurdistan (Iraq).

Syria Army Vows to Retake Control of Kurdish Areas

Damascus (AFP) -- Syrian government forces will reclaim control of northeastern areas controlled by the US-backed Kurds, whether by force or through reconciliation, the defence minister warned Monday. Marginalised for decades, Syria's minority Kurds have carved out a de-facto autonomous region across some 30 percent of the nation's territory since the devastating war broke out in 2011.

For Assyrians Who Fled Iraq, New Zealand Attacks Brought Back Memories

By Michael Otto

AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- The St. Addai Chaldean Catholic community in suburban Auckland felt the impact of the Christchurch mosque killings with a special poignancy, because many members have experienced the sufferings inflicted by terrorism. "There is a lady in my community -- they beheaded her son in front of her," Chaldean Father Douglas Al-Bazi told NZ Catholic.

Is This the End of the Syrian Interim Government?

By Khaled al-Khateb

ALEPPO -- The National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, commonly known as the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), on March 10 accepted the resignation of Jawad Abu Hatab as prime minister of the Syrian Interim Government at its 44th general assembly meeting in Istanbul. Abu Hatab, who had held the office since May 2016, had resigned Feb. 28 without publicly stating a reason.

Iraq and UN Begin Exhuming First Yezidi Mass Grave in Sinjar

By Sangar Ali

The federal government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and the United Nations on Friday marked the beginning of national efforts to unearth the first mass grave filled with Yezidis (Ezidis) killed by the Islamic State.

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