In Iraq, Pope to Visit Mosul Churches Desecrated By Islamic State
Dutch Parliament Passes Motion Recognizing Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide
Turkey is Bombing Assyrian Villages in North Iraq
Iraq's Assyrian Community, Decimated By Violence, Fear
Mosul's Assyrians Struggle to Rebuild Destroyed Housing
For Iraqi Assyrian Youth, Papal Visit Brings Church Closer to Home
What Happens When Non-Muslim Citizens Return to Turkey
Assyrian Man Fired in Sweden for Refusing to Take Off His Cross
54 Senators Send Bipartisan Letter to Biden Criticizing Human Rights in Turkey
Escalation of Religious Freedom Violations in Turkey
32 Assyrian Organizations Demand Turkey Investigate Kidnapping of Elderly Couple
Hearing Held for Assyrian Monk Accused of 'Terrorism' in Turkey
Elderly Assyrian Man in Turkey Still Missing Year Later
Journey to the Mountain of Worshipers in Southern Turkey
Security in the Nineveh Plains: What it Means for Assyrians
Mideast Church Leaders, Others Urge Biden to Lift Syrian Sanctions
Ancient Assyrian Castle, Home of Prophets, on Way to UNESCO List
Turkey Stalls Kidnapping Investigation of Elderly Assyrian Couple
Assyrians and the Turkey-PKK Conflict in Iraq
Hope for Assyrians in Iraq Whose Homes Were Illegally Taken
Pandemic Heightens Dangers to International Religious Freedom
Iraqi Assyrian Town Receives Christmas Cards From Muslims Across Country
Assyrian in Turkey Mark Christmas Day
Christmas and New Year Celebration in Iran
Six Years After ISIS, Mixed Fate for Assyrian Churches
Iran's Christians Face Renewed Fears Ahead of Christmas
Iraq Declares Christmas a National Holiday
Pre-Christmas Celebration Gives Hope to Iraqi Assyrians Still in Lebanon
Archbishop Warda on Challenge, Promise of Iraqi Christianity
Turkish-Backed Militants Target Assyrian Towns in Syria
Iraq's Assyrians Await Pope
Armenia Should Promote Use of Minority Languages: Council of Europe
Pope Francis Will Make 'Historic' Trip to Iraq in March
Assyrian Priest in Turkey Tried for 'Membership in a Terrorist Organization'
Resolution to Commemorate Assyrian Massacre Introduced in US House
America's Still Failing to Protect Christians Across the Middle East
The Assyrian and Greek Presence in Melbourne
Iraqi Assyrians Still Dream of Leaving
Iraqi Kurdish Checkpoints Blocking Assyrians
Syrian Opposition Group in Turkey for Talks
Assyrian Father Sworn in As U.S. Citizen After Deportation Fight
Assyrian Priest Doubles Down on Christianity's Survival in the Middle East
200 Displaced Assyrian Families in Iraq Return to Their Homes
The 60-year Mega-drought That Defeated an the Assyrian Empire
Assyrian Priest Faces Turkish Court
Mosul Volunteers Renovate Church to Say Assyrians Belong Here
Christians: The Salt of the Arab-Islamic Civilization
Volunteers Want Assyrians to Return to Mosul, Where Islamic State Once Ruled
How Will Syria's Unending War Play Out in the Northeast?
Syriac Patriarch: 'Our Martyrs Are the Torches of Faith'
The Pro-trump Assyrian Voters Who Could Swing Michigan
Assyrian Ask Turkey to Buy Church for Sale, Open for Tourism
Fourth Century Assyrian Church in Turkey Listed for Sale
Virtual Exhibition Shines a Light on Contemporary Assyrian Art
Time to Show More Solidarity With Assyrians and Other Christians
Turkey Implicated in More Than 800 Syria Ceasefire Violations
Italian-Kurdish Team Wins World Archaeology Award for Rare Assyrian Carving Find
Syriac Catholic Patriarch Offers Free Tuition, Rent Assistance After Beirut Blast
Chicago Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians Take to the Streets for Armenia
Who Rules the Nineveh Plains of North Iraq?

In Iraq, Pope to Visit Mosul Churches Desecrated By Islamic State

By Charlotte Bruneau

MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) -- In Mosul, adjacent to the Biblical city of Nineveh, four churches representing different denominations occupy a small square surrounded by low-rise houses, testament to the role Iraq's once flourishing Christian community played.

Dutch Parliament Passes Motion Recognizing Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide

Dutch parliament today passed a widely supported motion calling "on the government to recognize the Armenian Genocide." Dutch Member of Parliament Joël Voordewind (ChristenUnie) and his cosponsors submitted motion 21501-02-2277 stating, "Noting that the Dutch government still does not recognise the Armenian genocide of 1915 [perpetrated] by the Ottoman Empire (in which also the Arameans,...

Turkey is Bombing Assyrian Villages in North Iraq

Iraq condemned Turkey's recent incursion into Iraqi territory in Nineveh Governorate. A member of parliament claimed that Turkey does not have the authority to deploy Turkish troops into Iraqi land. Turkey claimed they did so in order to neutralize 33 PKK fighters. Turkey continues to pursue the PKK to "neutralize" their threat.

Iraq's Assyrian Community, Decimated By Violence, Fear

Baghdad (AFP) -- Some fled after the US-led invasion, others during sectarian bloodshed and more following jihadist attacks. Iraq's last two violent decades have hollowed out its Christian community which dates back two millennia.

Mosul's Assyrians Struggle to Rebuild Destroyed Housing

By Tahsin Qasim

Now in his seventies, Joseph Gabriel has decided to return to his damaged house in Mosul, despite the property's uninhabitable state. ISIS militants had taken hold of the property during their three year tenure in the city. Like many other residents of the city, the Christian local has yet to receive financial assistance to repair his home. "This is my house.

For Iraqi Assyrian Youth, Papal Visit Brings Church Closer to Home

By Elise Ann Allen

A priest from Qaraqosh helping to prepare the city's youth for Pope Francis's visit next month has said the fact that a pope is traveling to the country for the first time has shown young people that the Church, which can often seem far away, is close to them. "Here in Qaraqosh, we are so happy that the pope will come to visit us," said Iraqi Father Roni Momika in comments to Crux.

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