Chicago's Greek Orthodox Diocese Calls for Genocide Recognition for Middle East Christians
ISIS is Obliterating Christian Communities
Obama Demands Turkey Close Border With Syria
Recognize That ISIS Are Committing Genocide
5000-year-old Assyrian Culture Facing Devastation
IS Executes 3,500 in Syria Since Declaring 'Caliphate': Monitor
YPG, Allies Clash With Syrian Opposition Groups in Aleppo
Islamic State Defections Mount As Death Toll Rises, U.S. Official Says
EU Urges Leaders to Back Turkey Migrant Deal
Iraq's Kurdish Region Gas 'Enough for Needs of Turkey and Europe'
Thousands of Syrian Refugee Children Born in Iraq Are Left in Legal Limbo
Turkey Boosts Arms Supplies to Syria Terrorists in Exchange for Oil and Antiques
Assyrian Refugee's Road From Iraq to U.S. Eased By Adapting to Culture
Turkey: Wrong Partner to Fight Terror
ISIS Launches New Supply Route on Syria-Iraq Border
Putin Orders Sanctions Against Turkey After Downing of Jet
Top Kurdish Human-Rights Lawyer Shot Dead in Turkey
Church in Syria Faces 'suicidal Choice', Says Archbishop
Western Silence Has Condemned Christians to Death
Struggling to Manage Its Refugee Emergency, the EU Invites Turkey to Its Table
Italy to Crack Down on 'clandestine' Mosques
Sirens Ring Out As Air Strikes Hit IS Syria Stronghold
Obama, Hollande Say They Will Expand Attacks Against ISIS In Syria, Iraq
President Obama's Hypocrisy on Syria
Ex Muslim Author: 'Sharia is With Us, And It's The Women Who Suffer'
ISIS Top Official Killed in U.S. Strike in Iraq's Tel Afar
Newly Built Church in Refugee Camp Lifts Christians' Spirits in Iraq
Sweden Suspends Flights to Northern Iraq Over Security Concerns
Turkey Putting Syrian Refugees 'At Serious Risk of Human Rights Abuse'
Turkey 'Temporarily' Suspends Syria Airstrikes After Russia Spat

ISIS is Obliterating Christian Communities

By Philip Jenkins

Every few days, ISIS militants in the Middle East carry out some new atrocity calculated to inflict shock and awe on Western opinion. They carry out barbarous executions, they destroy priceless items of cultural heritage, all duly filmed, and those acts have their effect worldwide.

Obama Demands Turkey Close Border With Syria

By Patrick Cockburn

The US is demanding that Turkey close a 60-mile stretch of its border with Syria which is the sole remaining crossing point for Isis militants, including some of those involved in the massacre in Paris and other terrorist plots.

Recognize That ISIS Are Committing Genocide

By Lars Adaktusson

Sweden and Europe's politicians have to embrace the facts and immediately recognize that the Islamic State are committing genocide against Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria, writes European Parliamentarian Lars Adaktusson (KD).

5000-year-old Assyrian Culture Facing Devastation

By Uzay Bulut

The recent invasions and massacres committed by the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq and Syria have brought a persecuted but mostly forgotten people to the attention of the world: the Assyrians.

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