ISIS Militants Threaten Mosul's Female Doctors
Europe: All Change on Iraq
A Pleasant Surprise for Washington
Major UN Relief Effort Underway in North Iraq
Destroy the Caliphate
IS Killings Raise Fears of Yezidi Backlash Against Arabs
ISIS Video Shows Conversion of Yazidis to Islam
Patriarchs of the Orient Urge International Protection for Iraq's Christians
As US Airstrikes in Iraq Grow, Details Stay Thin
Yazidis Haunted By Cries for Help As Militants Bury Victims Alive
The Islamic State's Treatment Of Christians
The Christian Exodus From Historic Land
Christians, Yazidis Need More Than Escape: Catholic Relief Official in Iraq
World Jewish Congress Chief: 'Slaughter' of Christians Must Stop
Pope Benedict Was Right About Islam At Regensburg
Calls for Iran to Join West in Fight Against Islamic State
U.S. Military Mulling More Troops to Iraq, Officials Say
Will the United States Fight for a Mideast Where Minorities Can Thrive?
Turkey Forfeits Territory to ISIS in Lieu of Mosul Hostages
Iraq Shiite Turkmen Appeals to Army, International Community for Help
UN Committee Hints At UN Peace Keeping Force in North Iraq
Some Commanders of Insurgency in Iraq Retreat to Syria
Kurds to Discuss Ministerial Posts in Baghdad, With Conditions: Iraqi FM
U.S. Delivers More Aid to Iraq Refugees, More Airstrikes to ISIS
Her Five Sisters Taken By ISIS to Be Sold or Worse
Swedish FM: 'We Must Increase Efforts in Iraq'
Lebenase Political Party Delegation Visits Chaldean, Assyrian Churches
San Diego Assyrian Chaldeans March For Asylum For Iraqi Christians
Syria, US Fight Common Jihadist Enemy, But Not As One
Syrian Conflict: Untold Misery of Child Brides

ISIS Militants Threaten Mosul's Female Doctors

By Mohammed Abboud

Baghdad -- About three years ago, the Iraqi civil movement raised the slogan "Baghdad is not Kandahar." Soon, it spread to Mosul and signs reading "Ninawa is not Kandahar... save us" written in bright red covered the city's walls.

Europe: All Change on Iraq

(BBC) -- In just a few days in August everything changed. Or that is how it seems in Europe. The language of politics is different. French President Francois Hollande said: "I believe the international situation is the worst we've seen since 2001" and the 9/11 attacks on New York.

Major UN Relief Effort Underway in North Iraq

A United Nations refugee agency cargo jet carrying 100 tons of emergency relief supplies landed at Erbil in Iraq's Kurdistan region today "in the largest single aid push" in more than a decade, as the top UN official in the country warned against increased targeting of Sunni minorities in the south.

Destroy the Caliphate

By Brian W. Lynch

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, the Islamic State posted a video on YouTube showing the decapitation of American journalist James Foley. A second American, Steven Joel Sotloff, was paraded in front of the camera.

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