Assyrian Father Wins Deportation Fight, on the Path to Citizenship
No News on Elderly Assyrian Couple Kidnapped in Turkey
War in Syria Drives Out Christian Community
Search for Missing Assyrian Couple Continues in Turkey
Abducted Syrian Bishops Killed in 2016
Why Aid is Not Enough to Save Assyrians in Iraq
Assyrians in Iraq Welcome 2020 With Confidence and Desire for Change
Italian Archaeologists Make 'extraordinary Discovery' At Assyrian Site in Iraq
Assyrian Couple Abducted in Southeast Turkey
The Urgency of Listening to Christians on the Ground in the Middle East
Turkey Releases Assyrian Priest
Turkey's Hidden Christian Population May Exceed Two Million
A Journey to the Bleeding Heartland Middle East
Turkey's Assyrian Community Says Arrest of Priest 'Second Brunson Case'
7 Cultural Sites Damaged or Destroyed By War
Assyrian Church in Sweden Under Guard After Series of Suspected Arson Attacks
Assyrian Priest Arrested During Military Operation in Southeastern Turkey
Iraqis Want De-escalation and Dialogue, Chaldean Archbishop Says
Archbishop Warda: US-Iran Tensions Threaten Iraq's Assyrians
Christians Are Slowly Returning to Iraq, Says Syriac Patriarch
Iran's Christian Minority: Officially Sanctioned But in Reality Persecuted
Assyrian Pastor's Son Summoned to Begin Jail Sentence in Iran
The U.S. Killing of Soleimani Could Have Devastating Consequences for Iraq's Assyrians
Nineveh Plains Transitional Justice Report: 2019 in Review
Has the West Begun to Understand Assyrian Persecution?
Patriarch Louis Sako Calls for Single Assyrian Party in Iraq
Assyrian MP in Iran Condemns Dutch Politician's Muhammad Cartoon Contest
Syrian Assyrians on Front Line Have Sad Christmas, Again
Mideast Catholic Patriarchs Pray for Those Suffering, Appeal for Dialogue
For Iraq's Assyrians, This Year Might Be Their Last
A Low-key Christmas for Iraq's Assyrians
UN, UK Treating Persecuted Christians As 'Enemies'
Turkey's Christian Communities Mark Christmas With Unity and Diversity
Assyrians Mark Christmas Eve in Muted Iraqi Celebrations
A 'Garden of Mercy' for Christian Refugees in Jordan
Armenian Church Commemorates Assyrian King, the First to Believe in Christ
The Assyrians, the Jews and the Iraqi Protests
Assyrian Churches in Turkey Damaged By Kurdish Group Undergo Restoration
Former Swiss-Assyrian Officer Sentenced for Fighting ISIS
Cathedral in Iraq's Largest Assyrian Town to Be Rebuilt in 2020
Assyrian Troops At the Contact-lines in Northern Syria
Islamic State Used Mosul Museum As Tax Department
The Last Stand of Assyrians At Tell Tamer, Syria
Epitaph in Syriac Script Discovered in Turkey
Do You Think About the Assyrians of Iraq?
The Changing Chaldean Community of Detroit
Inside the Museum Destroyed and Looted By ISIS Jihadis
Seeds of Renewal
Chaldean Patriarch Appeals for Aid to Christians in Ninevah Plain
U.S. Senate Passes Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide Resolution
Large Chaldean Population Thrives in San Diego Suburb
Chaldean Patriarch: The Future of Iraqi Christians Lies in the Nineveh Plains
Greek PM Chides Turkey for Genocide Against Assyrians, Greeks, Armenians
Recognizing The Phenomenon Of The Persecution Of Christians Globally
Renowned Assyrian Director Terrence Malick to Be Honored
Chaldean Patriarch Cancels Public Christmas Celebrations in Iraq
Chaldean Archbishop: Iraq Unrest Signals Rejection of Post-2003 Settlement
A Fresh Approach to Help Iraq's Forgotten Minorities?
Nineveh Plains Transitional Justice Report: November
Kurdish Tribes Stealing Assyrian Lands in Iraq

Assyrian Father Wins Deportation Fight, on the Path to Citizenship

By Heather Catallo

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Michigan -- He has been the face of the Iraqi deportation fight here in metro Detroit. Now after a 2 1/2 year legal battle, a judge has ruled Sam Hamama can stay with his family in West Bloomfield. The 7 Investigators were the first to take you inside the lock-up facility where Hamama was being held back in 2017.

No News on Elderly Assyrian Couple Kidnapped in Turkey

By Uzay Bulut

Since January 11, an elderly Assyrian Christian couple, Hurmuz Diril (71) and his wife Şimoni (65), have been missing from the Assyrian village of Mehr, Kovankaya in the province of Sirnak, in Turkey's southeast. In wintry, sub-zero conditions, their children, followed by military special units, have been searching for them. "We found out that my parents were missing when I and my relatives...

War in Syria Drives Out Christian Community

The main street of Tal Hafyan in Syria's northeast is as packed as ever, but almost no one is from here. "A local family? I think there's still one in that house but I couldn't tell," says a man among a group of five struggling to get a car out of the mud. Most of those here are displaced families from Ras al-Ayn, one of the Syrian locations under control of Turkey's proxy militias.

Search for Missing Assyrian Couple Continues in Turkey

Security forces have stepped up a search operation for a couple belonging to the Chaldean Catholic minority group in Turkey's southeastern Şırnak province (story). No sight or sound have been caught of Hurmuz and Şimuni Diril, ethnic Assyrians living in the remote village Kovankaya near the town of Beytüşşebap, since Jan. 11.

Abducted Syrian Bishops Killed in 2016

They died as martyrs, killed in December 2016 by a gang of militiamen who had held them hostage for years. This is apparently the fate of the two Archbishops of Aleppo, the Greek Orthodox Boulos Yazigi and the Orthodox Syrian Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, who disappeared on April 22 without leaving a trace, in the area between the Syrian metropolis and the border with Turkey.

Why Aid is Not Enough to Save Assyrians in Iraq

By Mardean Isaac

Patriarch Louis Sako of the Chaldean Catholic Church took the unprecedented move of cancelling Christmas celebrations in Iraq, following the violence unleashed upon regime protesters in Baghdad and elsewhere that left hundreds dead. "Morally and spiritually," Cardinal Sako told Associated Press, "we cannot celebrate in such an atmosphere of tension ...

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