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Syria's Ancient Sites Damaged By War, Being Looted
Iraq's Shiite Fighters Desert Over Shortages
Iraqi Forces Repel IS Attacks in Western Iraq
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Google Maps Renames 'Lake Assad' in Syria to 'Revolution Lake'
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Syria's Ancient Sites Damaged By War, Being Looted

By Hugh Naylor

BEIRUT -- Syria's vast archaeological sites have suffered extensive damage because of bombing by government warplanes and the demolition of religious shrines by Islamic State militants. But there is an increasing, perhaps more menacing problem: old-fashioned plunder.

Iraq's Shiite Fighters Desert Over Shortages

By Sameer N. Yacoub and Sinan Salaheddin

(AP) -- Abu Murtada al-Moussawi answered the call last summer from Iraq's top Shiite cleric to help save the country from the Islamic State group, but after less than three months on the front lines he and several friends returned home because they had run out of food.

Iraqi Forces Repel IS Attacks in Western Iraq

RAMADI, Iraq (Xinhua) -- Iraqi security forces and allied tribesmen on Saturday repelled attacks by the Islamic State (IS) militant group in a military airbase housing U.S. advisors, in Iraq's western province of Anbar, a provincial security source said. Iraqi security forces backed by Iraqi and U.

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