Turkey Complains About 'Islamophobia' in Europe, Persecutes Its Own Christian Community
Germany Wants to Facilitate Repatriation of Thousands of Iraqis
Hundreds of Bodies Found in Mass Graves in Syria's Raqqa
Turkey's Oscillating Allegiances With Russia and the US
Saudi Arabia Considers Deployment of Troops in Syria
Syriac Orthodox Church Calls for Release of Abducted Archbishops
Syrian Military Pummels IS-held Districts in Damascus
Warning Signs of Iraq's Relapse Into Conflict
Iraq Says Its Strikes in Syria Killed 36 IS Militants
Church Attacked By Mob in Egypt After Applying for Government License
Islamic Extremism Remains Top Driver in Persecution of Christians Across Globe
UN Security Council Seeks to Heal Syria Divisions in Sweden
The U.S Issues Three Warnings to Turkey in Two Days
66 US Senators Sign Letter Calling on Turkey to Release Jailed Pastor
How Iraq Can Become a Peaceful Country
Islamic State Declares War on Iraq's General Elections
Economic Integration and Political Reconciliation in Iraq
An Appeal for Peace in Syria
HRW Report Highlights Mass Expulsions of Syrian Refugees From Lebanon
Catholic Cardinal Meets Saudi King in Historic Visit to Riyadh
Iraq Bombs ISIS Targets in Syria
Egypt Legalises 166 Unlicensed Churches
Hartford Archdiocese, Knights of Columbus Partner to Aid Assyrian Islamic State Victims
More Bad News for Turkey's EU Accession Bid
US Warns Turkey of Consequences If Jailed Pastor Isn't Freed
Yazidis Face Forced Conversion to Islam Amid Fresh Persecution in Afrin
Kurdistan Regional Government on the Brink of Collapse
ISIS Regaining Control of Some Areas of Syria, US Military Says
New Hope for Iraqi Unity, Stability, Economic Prosperity
YPG Kidnaps Kurdish Critics in Syria
Women, Children Linked to ISIL 'Sexually Exploited, Denied Aid' At Iraq Camps
Russian Roulette of the West
U.S. Seeks Arab Force and Funding for Syria
Syrian Bishop Appeals for Peace
U.S. Catholics Hold Mass in Solidarity With Minority Christians in Mideast
UNESCO Approves Iraqi Bill to Rehabilitate War-torn Mosul Facilities
In Iraq, Protesters March Against Missile Strikes In Syria
Pope Francis, Kirill and Patriarchs United for Peace in Syria
Turkish Court Refuses to Free U.S. Pastor in Highly Charged Trial
Iraqi PM Says Elections Will Be Fair Despite 'Problems'
6th Century Assyrian Monastery Reopened in Southeastern Turkey
60 Assyrian Candidates Compete for 5 Seats in Iraq's Parliament
Iraq's PM Admits Difficulty in Fighting Corruption
Egypt Extends State of Emergency By Three Months
Turkey's American Hostage
Russia Ready for Joint Work on Rebuilding War-torn Syria, Iraq: Putin
Iraq Declares UN Initiative to Rehabilitate Ancient Sites in Nineveh
Arab League Summit Slams Turkish Infiltration in Syria, Iraq
Details Emerge About Syrian Sites Targeted By U.S.-led Airstrikes
Iraq Points to Syrian Border Threat As ISIS Steps Up Attacks
One-off Strikes Do Little to Clarify US Syria Strategy
Syrians Gather in Capital in Defiance After Airstrikes
ISIS Launches Offensive in Southern Damascus After US Coalition Bombs Syria
Iraq Election Campaigning Begins Amid Controversy
White House Releases US Assessment of Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria
Iraq Calls on Arab Summit to 'take Clear Position' on Syrian Crisis
Trump Announces U.S. Military Strikes in Syria
Michigan Lawmakers Oppose Removal of Iraqi Assyrians
Chaldean Church Patriarch Encourages Push for 'Moderate Islam' in Iraq
As US Mulls Syria Airstrikes, Francis Calls for Peace

Turkey's Oscillating Allegiances With Russia and the US

By Yasar Yakis

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that, should there be an escalation of hostilities as a result of the American missile attack on the Syrian chemical weapons installations, Turkey is planning to neither sever its alliance with the US nor the strategic relations it has developed with...

Saudi Arabia Considers Deployment of Troops in Syria

By Violetta Rusheva

Saudi Arabia is holding talks with the US about sending troops into northeast Syria as part of an international coalition that would replace US forces , said Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir. The statement was made in the wake of US President Donald J.

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