What Federalism Would Mean for Northern Syria
Chaldean Church Aid Worker: "ISIS Wanted to Destroy Everything"
Archeologists Plan Post-Islamic State Future in Iraq
Kurdish Soldiers Continue to Abandon Iraqi Army
Islam and the Jihad in London
The Future of Militias in Post-ISIL Iraq
'Convert, Leave, or Die:' Iraqi Assyrians and the Dream to Return to Mosul
Referendum This Year for Kurdish Independence in Iraq: Barzani
Turkey Kills 6 PKK Militants in Northern Iraq
US Command: Mosul Airstrikes Were At the Request of Iraq
Coalition Official Says Final Drive On IS In Raqqa Is Near
Is Turkey Rattled By Russian-Kurdish Deal?
US-aided Fighters Face Little Resistance in Syrian Operation
ISIS Denies That Kurdish-led Forces Captured Dam in Syria
Aid Group Says Medical Assistance Needed in Iraq's Mosul
Iraq Cleric Threatens to Boycott Elections
Al Qaeda Quietly Gaining Territory in Syria Amid ISIS Fight
Russian, Turkish Tensions Reopen Over Syria
Turkey Refuses to Join US-led Offensive on ISIS-held Raqqa If Kurds Involved
Is Time Running Out for Iraq's Assyrians?
Iconic Chaldean Church Liberated in Mosul
Turkey: A Sunni Iran in the Making?
Russia Deals Major Blow to Turkey's Syria Policy
U.S.-led Coalition Airdrops Forces in Raqqa Province
U.S. Supports Daring Raid in Syria Against ISIS
ISIS Shells Recaptured Areas in West Mosul
Thousands of Wounded and Sick Coming From Western Mosul
Tillerson's Push for Safe Zones in Iraq and Syria Faces Questions, Obstacles
Egyptian Christians Say Government Is 'Apathetic' About Protecting Them From ISIS
Christianity in Iraq is Finished, Says Canon Andrew White
Yazidis Who Suffered Genocide Are Now Fleeing From Kurds
HRW Urges Turkey to Release Kurdish Politicians
Will Iraq Survive Victory Over ISIS in Mosul?
Kurd Militia Says Russian Army Will Train Them, Moscow Stays Elusive
3,000 Year Old Assyrian Tombs Unearthed At Erbil Construction Site
Assyrians May Never Be Able to Return to Mosul
Chaldean Catholic Patriarchate Says it Cannot Supply Priests for Diaspora
Iraq's Assyrian Refugees Face Double Discrimination
Conflict Over Kirkuk Oil Returns
Turkey Cracks Down on Kurdish Opposition
U.S. Base Rises From the Rubble for Mosul Push
UN Incapable of Receiving People Fleeing Mosul
Human Rights Watch Calls on Syrian Kurds and KRG to Release Political Prisoners
Iraq Forces Near Mosul Mosque Where IS Declared 'Caliphate'
'Sharp Escalation in Violence' Against Egypt's Christians Under President Sisi
Genocide Coalition Says Religious Minorities Need Protection From ISIS
Turkey Widens War of Words to Include All of EU
Kurdish Militia Says Raqqa Offensive Will Start in Early April
Iraqi Minorities Move Forward With Autonomy Plan
Iraq's Assyrians, Yizidis Need Our Help Now More Than Ever
Syria Government Urges U.N. Chief to Avert 'Looming Dam Catastrophe'
Why the War in Syria May Not Be About Demographic Change
Kurdish Police Close Assyrian Opposition Group's Headquarters in Syria
Al Qaeda Is Starting to Swallow the Syrian Opposition
Assyrians Are Splintered in Iraq: Assyrian Political Leader
Iraqi Forces Besiege Islamic State Around Mosul Old City
The Defeat of ISIS Won't End the Sunni Insurgency in Iraq
Turkish Minister Claims 'Holy Wars Will Soon Begin in Europe'
Chaldeans in Michigan File Counter-lawsuit Against Obama-mosque Deal
Many Assyrians, Kurds in Iraq 'Openly Pro-Trump' As Protest Against Radical Islam

What Federalism Would Mean for Northern Syria

By Sardar Mlla Drwish

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), which is mainly comprised of Arab and Kurdish political forces along with others from the Kurdish region in northern Syria, concluded Feb.

Archeologists Plan Post-Islamic State Future in Iraq

The military campaign in Iraq against Islamic State, better known as Da'esh, is still in progress, but in the parts of the country reclaimed by the national government, archeologists have already begun work on assessing the damage the radical group caused to important ancient sites.

Kurdish Soldiers Continue to Abandon Iraqi Army

By Mewan Dolamari

The number of Kurdish personals abandoning Iraqi army has largely increased since 2007 in general and following the emergence of the Islamic State (IS) in 2014 in particular, according to a source from Defense Ministry of Iraq.

Islam and the Jihad in London

By Andrew C. McCarthy

It was a careful choice of words, Bernard Lewis being nothing if not careful. In 2004, the West audibly gasped when its preeminent scholar of Islam famously told the German newspaper Die Welt,"Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century," if not sooner. Listen carefully.

The Future of Militias in Post-ISIL Iraq

By Ibrahim al-Marashi

This week Iraqi prime-minister Haider al-Abadi concluded his first meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington, DC, with Trump praising the "unprecedented cooperation" between the two countries in combating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

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