Iraqi Assyrian Girl Learns Spiritual Warfare on Mosul Battlefield
Turkey's Disappearing Christian Leadership
Assyrians in Northeast Syria Appeal for Prayer for Safety
Chaldean Synod in Iraq Issues Final Statement
A Disastrous Deportation: Why the Jimmy Aldaoud Case Should Trouble Us All
House Democrats Urge Trump to Stop Deporting Iraqis After Deportee Dies
Politicized Curriculum Threatens California Assyrian and Jewish Communities
The Assyrian and the Tyranny of Untempered Justice
Body of Assyrian Deported to Iraq Flown Back to Michigan
US Sanctions on a Christian Militiaman Reignite Conflict Among Iraq's Assyrians
Past Genocides Continue to Affect Assyrian Americans
The Assyrian Christian Renaissance
Assyrians Fear Attempt to Islamise Iraq's Supreme Court
Basra Church Restored, But Few Assyrians Left to Worship There
The Assyrian Genocide the West Forgot
USCIRF Statement on International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
Assyrian Man Dies After Being Deported to Iraq
What Remains of Christianity in Iraq Five Years After the ISIS Invasion?
An Assyrian Woman in North Iraq: 'This is Who I Am'
Chaldean Archbishop: Iraqi Christians Face 'extinction' Unless World Acts
Armenia Commemorates Victims of Assyrian Genocide
Chaldean Church Delegation Meets With Kurdistan President
In Lebanon, a Monastery Brings Together Christians Scattered By War
Iraqi Patriarch to Pope Francis: Chaldean Church is 'A Church of Martyrs'
Fires on Assyrian Land Raise Arson Alarm
Facing Extinction in Iraq, Can Assyrians Hope for Aid From the West?
Hashid Militia Violently Resists Iraqi Army in Nineveh Plains
The Latest UN Horror Show: Assyrian Refugees Ignored
Assyrians Evacuating Their Villages Because of Turkish Bombardments
ICE Comes for Michigan's Catholic Assyrians
Istanbul's New Assyrian Church to Be Completed in 2 Years, Erdo─čan Says
Turkey Wipes Out Traces of Greek Civilization in Smyrna
Iraq Exhibits Smuggled Artifacts Returned From UK, Sweden
Largest Water Balloon Fight in Hamilton
After Defeat of ISIS, Iraq's Assyrians and Yazidis Adjust to Uneasy Peace
Assyrian Community in Turkey Set to Build First Church in 100 Years
Village of Muslims, Assyrians and Yazidis Stands Out for Its Diversity
Assyrian in Iraq Faces Death Threats After Criticizing Kurdish Officials
The Only Priest Who Stayed in a City Invaded By the Islamic State
Chaldean Patriarch Says No to Armed Christian Militia
Trump Aims to Protect Persecuted Christians, But Some Aren't Sure He's Helping
ACU Awards Honorary Doctorate to Assyrian Iraqi Archbishop
UC Berkeley Establishes Visiting Faculty Start-Up Fund for Assyrian Studies
Let's Pause Iraqi Deportations
New Damascus Archbishop Eager to Give Hope to Tired Faithful
Armenians, Assyrians in Los Angeles Sign Memorandum of Cooperation
Pope Writes Syrian President, Urging Him to Protect Civilians, Seek Peace
Archbishop of Basra: Reopening of the Church of the Virgin Mary 'A Sign of Hope'
Assyrian Monk's Story Witnesses to the Will of God
Assyrian American Real Estate Mogul Wants You To Live Like French Royalty
Cross Put Back on Assyrian Church in Iran, But Christians Remain Barred
Trump Helps Save Christians, Yazidis in Iraq From Extinction
Assyrian Human Rights Activist Addresses Trump
Assyrians Call on US Army to Stop Possible Turkish Invasion in Northeast Syria
When Islamic State Came, Iraqi Assyrian Monks Had Just Finished Hiding Manuscripts
Islamists Rape, Stone to Death Christian Woman in Syria
The Genocide of Anatolia's Christians
Religious Leaders Gather At U.S. Capitol to Pray for Persecuted Christians
Cardinal Fears Iraq Could Be Caught in Middle of a U.S.-Iran Conflict
Turkey: No Rights for the Country's Indigenous People?

Turkey's Disappearing Christian Leadership

By Claire Evans

A melody is slowly quieting in Turkey. For centuries, the soft chanting of psalms flowed across churches flooded with worshipers. They knelt in prayer, their petitions floating like the incense which enveloped them. Candles were lit as they exited, a reminder of Christ's light to the world. This is the country where the New Testament church came to life.

Assyrians in Northeast Syria Appeal for Prayer for Safety

By Dale Gavlak

Groups representing Christians in northeast Syria are appealing for prayer, fearful that Turkey plans to make good its numerous threats to invade the region with its military forces. Since November 2018, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to launch a large military operation east of the Euphrates River to "clear Kurdish terrorists" from the area.

Chaldean Synod in Iraq Issues Final Statement

At the invitation of His Beatitude Patriarch Cardinal Mar Louis Raphael Sako, the annual Chaldean Synod was held at the Patriarchal summer headquarters, Ankawa, Erbil, Iraq, from 3 to 10 August 2019, attended by Bishops from the dioceses of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, America, Canada and Australia.

House Democrats Urge Trump to Stop Deporting Iraqis After Deportee Dies

By Christina Zhao

House Democrats urged President Donald Trump to stop deporting Iraq nationals on Tuesday after a deported Michigan man died last week of a diabetic crisis. In a letter signed by dozens of Democrats, the lawmakers expressed their "outrage and grief" over the death of Jimmy Aldaoud, a Michigan man who died last Tuesday after being deported to Iraq in June.

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