Christian Tells of Conditions in Iraq
Hearing on ISIS's Atrocities Against Women and Religious Minorities
US Ambassador to Iraq: WH Was Warned Early on About ISIS, "did Almost Nothing"
Britain Poised to Send Apache Helicopters to Iraq
Indictment on Terrorism Charge Traces Man's Arc From Germany to Syria and Back
Iraq's Victory Over Militants in Sunni Town Underlines Challenges Government Faces
Iraqi Christian Refugees in North Iraq -- 'Their Tears Have Run Dry'
Why Does No-one Remember the Assyrian Victims of Turkey's Christian Holocaust?
On the Run From ISIS: Stories From Iraq
ISIS Controls More Money, Fighters and Land Than Al-Qaeda Did on 9/11
Iraq Sunni Exiles Say Bombs Cannot Defeat IS
Tunisia, After Igniting Arab Spring, Sends the Most Fighters to IS in Syria
US Airdrops Aid for Sunnis in Western Iraq: Pentagon
Iran Accuses Turkey of Supporting 'Terrorist Groups' in Syria
Syrian Christians Building Cemeteries Instead of Schools
Iraqi PM Agrees to Anbar Anti-ISIS Volunteer Force
Only Syrian Opposition and Peshmerga Can Save Kobani: Turkish PM
Turkey No Longer a 'Rock Star' on Arab Street
Turkey-Denmark Relations Tense Over Deal With IS
Will European Ambassadors Return to Syria?
1,800 Radical German Muslims Now in Syria, Iraq
Uncomfortable Truths: Explaining Away Iraq's Real WMD
How the West Buys 'conflict Antiquities' From Iraq and Syria (and Funds Terror)
An Eerie Calm: Iraqi Christians Anxiously Ponder Their Future
Humanitarian Emergency Unfolding in Iraq As Winter Nears
Christians in Iraq Have No Place to Call Home
Riot Police Clash With 4,000 Strong Anti-islam Protest in Germany
Obama Is Getting Slammed For His 'Goldilocks Approach' To ISIS And Syria
Russia Sends 57 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Iraq: UN Official
British Teacher Pleads Guilty Over Terrorism Offences

Christian Tells of Conditions in Iraq

By Rich Harp

HARBOR BEACH -- For Fady Amin, Christianity and activism are two things that proved to be very dangerous. The Iraqi refugee, now living in the U.S. with his extended family, told his story this week at United Methodist Church of Harbor Beach.

US Ambassador to Iraq: WH Was Warned Early on About ISIS, "did Almost Nothing"

By Ed Morrissey

Did the rise of ISIS and the collapse of the Iraqi army really catch the Obama administration by surprise, as the White House tried to argue over the summer? Subsequent research has already shown that senior intelligence and military officials warned Congress about both as early as February, but now...

Britain Poised to Send Apache Helicopters to Iraq

By Emily Kent Smith

British armed forces could become deeper embroiled in the battle against the Islamic State after it was revealed last night that Apache helicopters could be deployed to Iraq. Until now, only the Royal Air Force has been involved in air strikes against the terror group.

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