Tribal Fighters Recruited Around Mosul to Fight ISIS
Syria's Chief Opposition Negotiator Resigns
4 Killed in Bomb Attack Targeting Police in Southeast Turkey
Syria's Cease-fire Strengthens Al-Qaida Branch
EU Official: Turkey Makes Progress in Visa-Free Travel Talks
Oil Prices Slip As Iraq Raises Exports
Turkey Says It Could Seize IS Stronghold With US
Kurdish Forces Eye Mosul in Advance on ISIS Territory
Iraq Forces Push Into Streets of IS-held Fallujah
How to Defeat the Jihad
Switzerland: What's in a Handshake?
The Folly of Lobbying to Carve Up Iraq
For Civilians Caught Up in ISIS Assault, There is Nowhere to Run
Saudi Arabia Slams Iran's Role in Iraq As 'Unacceptable'
Iraq Kurds Launch Offensive East of Mosul
Turkey Hardens Resolve to Crush PKK By All Means
Iraqi Forces Complete Buildup Around IS-held Fallujah
Kurdish Mps Meet With Iraqi PM in Baghdad
Turkey on the Road to the Precipice
Iran Takes a Lead in Clearing Islamic State in Iraq
Assyrian Refugee Children Make First Communion in Erbil Camp
Islamic State Creates City-wide Hostage Crisis in Iraq
Iraq Shia Militia Accused of Blowing Up Anbar Mosques
ISIS' Genocide Against Christians Intensifies in Iraq, Syria
How Will Islamic State Defend the Capital of Its 'Caliphate'?
Turkey Slams US For Aiding Kurds' Fight
Suspicions About Russian Support of PKK Grow in Turkey
How Tomb Raiders Are Stealing Our History
Why Accountability for Iraq's Militias Matters
Defense Spending Act Would Arm and Train Iraqi Assyrian Forces

Tribal Fighters Recruited Around Mosul to Fight ISIS

By Douglas Burton

Military campaigns against the Islamic State took place around three major cities controlled by the terror group over the weekend: Fallujah 40 miles west of Baghdad, Mosul in Iraq's northernmost province, and Raqqa in Syria, ISIS's capital.

Syria's Chief Opposition Negotiator Resigns

By Zeynep Tufekci and Mohamad Misto

The head of the Syrian opposition's High Negotiations Committee (HNC), Mohamed Alloush, announced his resignation on Monday due to what he described as a "lack of seriousness" on the part of the international community regarding the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Syria's Cease-fire Strengthens Al-Qaida Branch

BEIRUT (AP) -- Al-Qaida's branch in Syria has recruited thousands of fighters, including teenagers, and taken territory from government forces in a successful offensive in the north, illustrating how the cease-fire put in place by Russia and the United States to weaken the militants has in many ways...

Oil Prices Slip As Iraq Raises Exports

By Ron Bousso

(Reuters) -- Oil prices edged lower toward $49 a barrel on Monday as Iraq raised its crude exports target ahead of an OPEC meeting while Canadian production was set to restart after huge wildfires.

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