The Assyrian and Greek Presence in Melbourne
Iraqi Assyrians Still Dream of Leaving
Iraqi Kurdish Checkpoints Blocking Assyrians
Syrian Opposition Group in Turkey for Talks
Assyrian Father Sworn in As U.S. Citizen After Deportation Fight
Assyrian Priest Doubles Down on Christianity's Survival in the Middle East
200 Displaced Assyrian Families in Iraq Return to Their Homes
The 60-year Mega-drought That Defeated an the Assyrian Empire
Assyrian Priest Faces Turkish Court
Mosul Volunteers Renovate Church to Say Assyrians Belong Here
Christians: The Salt of the Arab-Islamic Civilization
Volunteers Want Assyrians to Return to Mosul, Where Islamic State Once Ruled
How Will Syria's Unending War Play Out in the Northeast?
Syriac Patriarch: 'Our Martyrs Are the Torches of Faith'
The Pro-trump Assyrian Voters Who Could Swing Michigan
Assyrian Ask Turkey to Buy Church for Sale, Open for Tourism
Fourth Century Assyrian Church in Turkey Listed for Sale
Virtual Exhibition Shines a Light on Contemporary Assyrian Art
Time to Show More Solidarity With Assyrians and Other Christians
Turkey Implicated in More Than 800 Syria Ceasefire Violations
Italian-Kurdish Team Wins World Archaeology Award for Rare Assyrian Carving Find
Syriac Catholic Patriarch Offers Free Tuition, Rent Assistance After Beirut Blast
Chicago Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians Take to the Streets for Armenia
Who Rules the Nineveh Plains of North Iraq?
Assyrian Manuscripts Recovered From Suspected Islamic State Fighter in Mosul
Assyrian Priest Suspected of 'Terrorism' to Go on Trial in Turkey
Syriac Patriarch Calls for Sanctions on Syria to End
Christians Are Most Under Threat Minorities in the Middle East
Turkish Attacks in Northern Iraq Displace Assyrians
Iraqi Seminarian Speaks About Becoming a Priest Post ISIS
Iraqi Assyrian Archbishop Who Saved Ancient Manuscripts Nominated for EU Prize
Australian Government Minister Supports Recognition of Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides
Mosaics in Ancient Assyrian Church Unearthed in Turkey
Turkey Turns Attention Towards Mosul
September 14, Commemorating the Genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor
In Turkey, Even Dead Christians Aren't Safe
The Man Who Risked Everything to Report From IS-controlled Mosul
Chaldean Patriarch Backs Iraq's Fight Against Corruption and Sectarian Violence
Australian SenatorArmenian, Assyrian and Greek Calls for Genocide Recognition
Work Begins on Rebuilding Assyrian Catholic Church in the Old City of Mosul
Researchers Find Christians in Iran Approaching 1 Million
Iraq's Assyrians Denounce BBC Documentary for Omissions
Christians, Others Warn Turkey is 'Weaponizing Water' in Northeast Syria
Australian MP Calls for Recognition of Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides
Turkey Forgoes Assyrian Inclusive Education
Assyrian Artists in a Virtual Show
Iranian Assyrian Couple Flees Country After Losing Appeal
Australian MP Supports Recognition of Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides
Iraqi Prime Minister Urges Assyrians to Return to Iraq
August 10, 612 BC: Nineveh, the Largest City in the World, Fell
Iraq's Militias Threaten the Future of Assyrians
Assyrian, Non-Assyrian NGOs Join Call for Iraqi Recognition of Simmele Massacre
Justice For Assyrians: A Kurdish Perspective
Iraq's Assyrians Can't Face Another Conflict
Three Years After the Caliphate, Iraq's Assyrians Find Little Incentive to Return
Assyrian Stories Will Come to Life
Son of an Assyrian Iraqi Immigrant Sets His Sights on Washington
Historical Churches in West Azarbaijan Undergo Rehabilitation
Nineveh Plains Transitional Justice Report: July
Political Blocs in East Syria Support Decentralization

The Assyrian and Greek Presence in Melbourne

By Dean Kalimniou

Recently, Hume City Mayor Joseph Haweil, who is of Assyrian and Greek descent has ensured that the significant presence of Assyrian-Australians in his municipality is reflected in the local topography by naming one of its streets after the capital of ancient Assyria, Nineveh.

Iraqi Assyrians Still Dream of Leaving

(AFP) -- The bells of St. Joseph's Chaldean Cathedral echo across Baghdad, signalling the start of Mass for the dwindling congregation that has stayed in the scarred Iraqi capital against all odds. "This is a safe space," says Mariam, a 17-year-old Chaldean Catholic among the few dozen attending the service. Elderly women pray solemnly, their hair covered in delicate black veils.

Iraqi Kurdish Checkpoints Blocking Assyrians

By Joe Snell

Maryam Shmoil thought it was unusual that she and her daughter were stopped on Nov. 6 from entering into Nahla Valley, a northern Iraqi region home to ethnic Assyrians. Shmoil owns a house in the area and said she travels from Erbil to Nahla nearly every weekend, but a new checkpoint was turning away visitors and limiting the amount of food and energy resources for locals.

Syrian Opposition Group in Turkey for Talks

By Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Officials from the Syrian opposition group known as the Peace and Freedom Front, an alliance of Kurdish, Assyrian, and Arabic parties, arrived earlier this week in Turkey to meet with Turkish, EU, and US diplomats on the situation in Syria.

Assyrian Father Sworn in As U.S. Citizen After Deportation Fight

The American Dream has come true for the man who was once the face of the Iraqi deportation fight here in metro Detroit. Sam Hamama was sworn in as a U.S. citizen Friday morning at the Department of Homeland Security immigration offices in Detroit. Last January, after a 2 1/2 year legal battle, a judge ruled that Hamama can stay with his family in West Bloomfield.

Assyrian Priest Doubles Down on Christianity's Survival in the Middle East

By Inés San Martín

ROSARIO, Argentina -- Ever since the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS), there's been rising alarm regarding the future for Christians in the Middle East. A Catholic priest who recently returned to his village in northern Iraq after six years in Rome described what he found as "shocking," but doubled down on the need for Christians to survive.

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