Kurdish Referendum Proves a Dividing Line for Communities in Australia
Iraqi Kurdish Leader Delays Independence Vote Announcement
Turkey Extends Troop Deployment Mandate, Pressures Iraqi Kurds on Vote
Syria Looks to Peace
ISIS Virtually Annihilated in Raqqa
The Assyrian Village on the Faultline of Iraq and Kurdistan
Why Federalization In Syria And The Creation Of A Kurdistan Is A Very Bad Idea
The Torment of Assyrians Living in Syria's Khabur Valley
Historic Assyrian Monastery Needs Attention
At Center Of Iraqi Kurds' Referendum, Disputes That Cleave The Region
Kurdish Independence and the Unheard Yazidi Voice
Turkey, Iran, Iraq Join Forces to Thwart Kurdish Referendum
Turkey Starts to Deploy Troops to Northern Syrian Province
How to Help Iraq's Religious Minorities
Turkey to Deliver 'Final Warning' Against Kurdish Independence
Violence Breaks Out At Turkish President's Speech in New York
Iraq Launches Offensive on Islamic State Stronghold
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Advances Bill Aimed At Helping Christians in Iraq and Syria
Mosul Eyes Kurdish Referendum
Kurdish Vote Hurts Trade, U.S. Says
UN Votes to Help Iraq Collect Evidence Against Islamic State
Kurds and Assyrians: A Tumultuous Past and Present
Syrian Assyrians Advance Against IS in De-facto Capital Raqqa
The Islamic State and the Kurds: The Documentary Evidence
More EU Funding for Iraq
US Warns Kurds No Chance of Iraq Talks If Vote Holds
Turkey Warns of Global Conflict If Iraq or Syria Break Up
Victims Of ISIS Genocide Still Waiting For Assistance
Russia Accuses US-backed Rebels of Hindering Syria IS Fight
Iraqi Assyrians to Trump: Don't Forget Us
Churches Destroyed and Looted By ISIS Being Restored in Syria
What Do Yazidis Make of Kurdish Independence?
Turkey's Future Is Moving Backward
Iraqi Kurds Set to Vote on Independence, Panicking Neighbors and Washington
Clashes Erupt in Iraqi City of Kirkuk Over Kurdish Vote
Iraq Plans to Deport ISIS Wives and Children
Syria is a Homogeneous Country; Christians Are the Basis of Homeland: Assad
Iraq's Top Court Suspends Kurdish Region's Independence Vote
Turkey Conducts Military Drill Near Iraq's Border
Syrian Democratic Forces Open Up a Second Front Against ISIS in Raqqa
Iran Has Talked With Syria Over Christian Suffering
UN Chief Urges Iraqi Kurds to Scrap Referendum
Christians in Turkish City of Diyarbikir Facing Mass Persecution
Turkey Says Northern Iraqi Referendum an Issue of National Security
Iraq PM: Half of IS Families Detained Near Mosul Are Turkish
Iraq Leader Says He Will Use Force If Kurdish Referendum Turns Violent
Turkey Summons German Ambassador Over Kurdish Festival
Egypt Sentences 7 to Death Over ISIS Links, Copt Beheadings
Why the U.S. Allowed a Convoy of ISIS Fighters to Go Free
US Urges Kurds to Call Off Independence Vote
ISIS on the Verge of Expulsion From West Raqqa
Congress Fuels Christian Rivalries With Bid to Arm Iraqi Militias
Muslims Paid Him to Kidnap Christian Girls, Says Former Egyptian Muslim
Risk of Armed Conflict Over Kurdish Independence: Chaldean Patriarch
Clashes Between Troops and IS Intensify in Central Syria
Turkey Detains Main Opposition Leader's Lawyer Over Coup Links
Iraq Could Possibly Split in Two -- and Start an Oil War
More Than 80 Dead in IS-claimed Iraq Attack
Iraqi Kurd President Says Ties With Baghdad Are Cut Over Sacking of Kirkuk Governor
Egyptian President Meets With U.S. Council of Churches, Commits to Promoting Religious Freedom

Turkey Extends Troop Deployment Mandate, Pressures Iraqi Kurds on Vote

By Daren Butler and Raya Jalabi

ISTANBUL/BAGHDAD (Reuters) -- Turkey's parliament voted on Saturday to extend by a year a mandate authorizing the deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq and Syria, stepping up pressure against an independence referendum in northern Iraq's Kurdish region in two days' time.

Syria Looks to Peace

By Edith M. Lederer and Jennifer Peltz

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Syria's foreign minister told world leaders Saturday that victory against terrorists in his war-ravaged nation "is now within reach" while North Korea's foreign minister said U.S. President Donald Trump's insult to his country makes an attack against the U.S.

ISIS Virtually Annihilated in Raqqa

By Chris Tomson

With the battle for Raqqa entering its 109th day, a small Islamic State garrison continues to resist the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) whose troops have cleared most of the city centre, and effectively seized over 90% of ISIS' self-declared capital.

The Assyrian Village on the Faultline of Iraq and Kurdistan

By Alex MacDonald

Alqosh, Iraq -- Louay gestured towards the Mar Mikha al-Nuhedri school. He said it has been in the town of Alqosh since the fifth century. "They were the first one here and they are teaching the instruction of Christianity," he said. "They brought disabled kids here to teach them.

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