ISIS Museum Vandals in Iraq Video Identified
Assyrians in Lebanon Stand in Solidarity With Their Syrian Kin
Iraq PM: Offensive to Retake Tikrit Under Way
Syria's Assyrians: 'No One Helped Us'
UN Envoy in Solidarity Visit to Syria's Assyrians
It Will Be Tragic If the Assyrians Leave the Region
One of the Main US-backed Syrian Rebel Groups Just Admitted Defeat
Kurds Arrest Six Clerics in Erbil, Iraq for Supporting Isis
Pope Condemns 'Intolerable Brutality' of Isis in Syria, Iraq
US Rethinking Plan to Retake Mosul From ISIS
Oil Smuggling Highlights Challenges in Shutting Down IS Finances
Syrian Kurdish Militia Ready for Assyrian Hostages Exchange With ISIS
Turkey Condemns Kidnapping of Assyrians By ISIS in Syria
Syrian Army and Assyrian Forces Secure 13 Villages in Hasaka
The Twilight of Middle Eastern Christianity
Iraq PM Vows to Hunt Down ISIS Vandals Who Destroyed Statues
ISIS Sells Stolen Syrian Antiquities in London to Finance Terror
How Syria's Assyrians Stopped Turning the Other Cheek
Hundreds of Assyrians in Beirut Protest ISIS Kidnappings
Before the Assyrians Had to Flee ISIS
ISIS to Release 29 Assyrian Christians, Monitoring Group Says
Chaldean Archbishop of Aleppo Denies Rumours That 15 Assyrians Have Been Killed
Assyrian Militia Fights Its Own Battle Against Jihadists in Syria
Isis Militants Pledge to Destroy Remaining Archaeological Treasures in Nimrud
Syria Condemns IS Attack on Assyrians
Hundreds of Assyrians Gather in Modesto to Pray for ISIS Hostages
Iraq Reopens Baghdad Museum 12 Years After Looting
Kurdish Rebel Leader in Turkey Calls for Disarmament Congress
Lebanon Parties Decry ISIS Crimes Against Minorities
Assyrians in San Jose Hold Prayer Vigil for Embattled Countrymen in Syria

ISIS Museum Vandals in Iraq Video Identified

Three "ISIS criminals" accused of destroying and looting priceless artifacts from a museum in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul days ago have been identified, the city's governor said Sunday.

Syria's Assyrians: 'No One Helped Us'

Beirut -- When Nino Youkhana, a Christian Assyrian from Syria in his late 30s, heard the news that fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had descended upon the Assyrian villages along the Khabour River in northeastern Syria, he immediately called his uncle, who still lives...

UN Envoy in Solidarity Visit to Syria's Assyrians

DAMASCUS (AFP) -- U.N. envoy Staffan de Mistura paid a surprise visit Sunday to a church near war-wracked Syria's capital in a show of solidarity with the country's Christian minority targeted by jihadis. An AFP photographer said de Mistura traveled in a two-car U.N.

It Will Be Tragic If the Assyrians Leave the Region

By Gerard Russell

The Assyrians who have now been targeted by ISIL for kidnapping in northern Syria have suffered like this before. But they also, further back in time, have a glorious history that illuminates one of the finest eras of Arab Muslim civilisation.

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