Turkish Parliament Extends Military Mandate in Syria, Iraq By One Year
Mosul Offensive to Displace a Million People, UNHCR Warns
Russia Accuses US of Siding With 'Terrorists' in Syria
Do Islam and the West Share the 'Same Values?'
Assyrians In Iraq Starting To Rebuild Lives After ISIS
An Iraqi Assyrias's Plea to American Voters: Defeat The Status Quo
France's New Sharia Police
Turkey Intensifies Anti-IS Campaign
Chaldean Catholic Bishops Call for Peace in Iraq, Syria
Pope Shines Spotlight on Suffering of Christians in Syria, Iraq
Report From Erbil: Christian Refugees' Faith Endures, Amidst a Sea of Troubles
Iraq PM: Mosul Battle Not an Excuse for Kurdish Expansion
Kurdish Militants Kill Three Turkish Militia Members -sources
Erbil-Baghdad Have 'Agreed to Solve' All Disputes, Kurdish President Says
Russia Says it Would Support 48-hour Truce in Syria's Aleppo
Church Building Law Moves Forward In Egypt After String Of Attacks Against Christians
Turkey Stops Kurdish Broadcasts: Official
Turkey Sealing Syrian Border With Giant Wall
Turkey Set to Extend State of Emergency Imposed After Coup
At Least Nine Civilians Killed in Turkish Attack on YPG-held Syrian Town
U.S. to Send 600 More Troops to Iraq to Help Retake Mosul From ISIS
Assyrian Christians Live In War-Torn Limbo, Praying Against Genocide
Iraqi Monk Serving Christians Who Fled ISIS: 'God Needs Me To Be Here'
Iraqi PM: 'Kurds Do Not Want Independence'
1,000 Coptic Christians Rescued From Persecution, Hungary Claims
What Russia Achieved in Syria in 12 Months
32,000 Arrested in Turkey After Coup Attempt
ISIS Reportedly Loses All Its Iraqi Oil
What is Turkey's Military Strategy in Syria?
Syrian Army Seizes Aleppo's Central District
Assyrian Villages in Khabour, Syria Occupied By Kurdish YPG-militia
What Happens to the Opposition in the Aftermath of the Turkish Coup?
Turkish Warplanes Hit PKK Targets in Northern Iraq
Iraq: Hated But Necessary Foreigners
Iraq's Shiite Militias Under Conditions to Join Battles to Free Mosul: Shiite Cleric
Iraqi Parliament Rejects New Provinces for Yazidis and Assyrians
Syria Says Truce Still Viable After Week of Airstrikes
A Syrian Christian Family's Journey From Aleppo to Detroit
How to Recover From Genocide? What Iraq Can Learn From Rwanda
To Save Mosul, Arm the Sunnis
Kurdish Rebel Attacks on Soldiers in Turkey Reportedly Kill 10
ISIS Execute 75 Prisoners in Northern Iraq
US Military Hits Another Islamic State Chemical Weapons Facility in Iraq
Christians, Jews in Turkey Growing More Fearful of Islamic Extremism
Saudi Arabia Deports Christians for Celebrating Assumption of Our Lady
Turkey Wants to Join U.S.-led Operation Against ISIS in Raqqa, Says Erdogan
Former Obama Advisor: White House Turned Syria Into 'Problem From Hell'
In Battle for Iraq's Mosul, Many Forces With Many Motives
Syria Believes It's on Way to Military Victory
85% of ISIS-recruited Kurds Attended Islamic Schools in Kurdistan
Iraq Promises UN General Assembly Islamic State Defeat 'by End of This Year'
Syria Bombings Leave 1.75 Million Without Running Water in Aleppo
Iraq Militants Launch Deadly Attacks Around Tikrit
Turkish Manual With Instructions for Militants Found in Syria
A Ferocious Assault on Aleppo Suggests the U.S. May Be Wrong on Syria
Iraq's Partition Will Have 'Bloody Outcome,' Warns Shiite Militia Leader
Germany Urges Protection of Civilians in North Iraq Offensive
Chaldean Synod Begins in North Iraq
Iraq Oil Fires Could Jeopardize Mosul Mission
Turkish-backed Rebels Lose Over 20 Villages to ISIS in Northeast Aleppo

Mosul Offensive to Displace a Million People, UNHCR Warns

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) chief in Iraq on Thursday warned that up to one million people could need assistance in the wake of a military offensive to reclaim Mosul from the so-called "Islamic State" militant group.

Russia Accuses US of Siding With 'Terrorists' in Syria

By Vladimir Isachenkov,

(AP) -- Russian officials accused the U.S. on Thursday of siding with "terrorists" in Syria, in a sign of escalating tensions between Moscow and Washington amid the battle for the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby's warning that the collapse of U.S.

Do Islam and the West Share the 'Same Values?'

By Raymond Ibrahim

Recently while touring the U.S. and Canada, London's first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, "attacked anti-Muslim views and policies and argued that what is needed is to build 'bridges rather than walls'--a reference to Mr. Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

An Iraqi Assyrias's Plea to American Voters: Defeat The Status Quo

By Nahren Anweya

For hundreds of thousands of voiceless people, the 2016 presidential election in the United States is a life or death situation. Assyrian Christians, Yezidis, and other highly endangered minorities in Iraq and the Middle East cannot bear another four years of disastrous American foreign policy.

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