Christian-Jewish Group Launches Fundraiser for Persecuted Mideast Christians
Turkish Parliament Strips Status of Two More Pro-Kurdish Lawmakers
Syrian Government Secretly Cooperating With Kurds in Raqqa
Assyrain MP in Iran's Parliament Praises Respect for Religious Minorities
Iraqi PM Abadi: Kurdistan Referendum Not Constitutional
How the World's Oldest Assyrian Monastery Came Under Threat
Aleppo's Limping Recovery Shows Limits of Battered Syrian State
Booby-traps Plague North Iraq As Islamic State Targets Returning Civilians
Knights of Columbus Help Persecuted Assyrians in Iraq
State Department Removing References to ISIS 'Genocide' Against Assyrians, Yazidis
Assyrian Community That Supported Trump Angry Over Threats of Deportation
U.S. Judge Halts Deportation of More Than 1,400 Iraqi Nationals
The War Against the Christians
The Motives Behind Turkey's Decision to Reveal US Military Intel
Still No Progress in Restoring Ancient Nimrud
Who Are the Groups Fighting in Syria?
Victory In Raqqa Would Not Be End Of Fight Against ISIS: British General
Territorial Setbacks in Syria and Iraq Devastating for ISIS
PKK Terrorists Kill Civilian in Turkey's Hakkari Province
French Charity Replaces Virgin Mother Statues Destroyed By ISIS in Iraq
Interpol Circulates List of 173 Suspected Members of ISIS Suicide Brigade
Iraqi Kurds Forcing Yazidis Who Oppose Independence to Move
Turkey's Parliament Bans the Use of the Term 'Armenian Genocide'
Turkey Tries to Sabotage Raqqa Operation By Disclosing Coalition Bases
After Mosul, Islamic State Digs in for Guerrilla Warfare
Yazidi Women Join the Battle for Raqqa to Avenge Themselves Against ISIS
Legal Limbo of Turkey's Assyrian Christian Properties Still Unresolved
Trump Ends Covert CIA Program to Arm Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria
How ISIS Chooses the Ancient Cities it Wants to Destroy
Assyrian Fighters in Raqqa Report ISIS Using Drones to Drop Bombs
Turkey Leaks Secret Locations of U.S. Troops in Syria
With IS Gone, Iraq Shapes Plans for Rebuilding Mosul
This is Not the Time for Kurdish Independence
Senior Kurdish Official Says Independence Referendum Cannot Be Postponed
Before-And-After Satellite Images Show Destruction Of Mosul
Iraqi Kurds Want America As Their Divorce Lawyer
Western Forces Hit More ISIS Oil Installations in Syria
Iraqi Kurdish Journalists Face Suppression
Turkey's Assyrian Community and the Threat of 'Nationalization'
German, Russian Women Among ISIS Fighters Detained in Iraq
Iraqi Assyrian Youth Leaders Look to Jewish History for Inspiration
Iraqi Generals Warn of Difficult Road Ahead After Mosul
Iraqi Troops 'Detain German Girl Who Joined IS'
US, British Volunteer Fighters in Forward Role in IS Battle
Iran 'Categorically' Opposes Kurdish Independence Plan
Charity Launches Array of Projects for Syrian Christians
Kurdish Referendum Plan to Weaken Entire Iraq
Turkish-backed Rebels Fail to Capture Northern Aleppo Town
Multiple Wars in Syria
The Challenge of Modernizing Islam
Shiite Kurds Challenge Iraqi Kurdistan Independence
Iraq's Democracy Shows Resiliency
Turkish-YPG Clashes Rage Around Critical Sites in Northern Syria
Who Gets to Own Iraq's Religious Heritage?
Seven Villages Sign Ceasefire Agreements With Syrian Government in Homs
Not Enough Being Doing to Halt Persecution of Christians
ISIL Launches Counter-assault Against Kurdish Forces in Southeast Raqqa
Iraq Faces Challenges in Rebuilding Mosul
After Islamic State Defeat, a Daunting Search for Bodies in Mosul's Rubble
The Secret Lives of Chinese Missionaries in Northern Iraq

Iraqi PM Abadi: Kurdistan Referendum Not Constitutional

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi insisted at a press conference in Baghdad on Tuesday that the referendum that Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) plans to hold in northern Iraq in "not constitutional." "The KRG claims that they won't implement the result of the referendum.

How the World's Oldest Assyrian Monastery Came Under Threat

By Stephen Starr

Outside St Gabriel's Monastery, a fortress-like complex in rural southeast Turkey, monks and nuns scurry between prayer and farm work. Barley, olive trees and orchards all need tending to and minds are focused on the surrounding fields.

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