US Official 'Disagrees' With Iraqi Cardinal Over US Help for Christians
UN Official: Syria Has Withdrawn Controversial Property Law
"There Is No Future Left in Syria": A Conversation With a Family of Refugees
US Briefs Iraq Chaldean Head, Vatican on Aid After Critique
Is There Hope for Reform in Post-Election Iraq?
Assyrians in Iraq Facing Extinction, Says Archbishop
U.s. Warns of Bigger 'Risk' That Nations Will Attack One Another Over War in Syria
Chaldean Cardinal Says Promised US Aid for Iraq Hasn't Come
Swedish-Assyrian MP Says Integration is the Key
After 60 Years, First Prayer At 1,500-year-old Assyrian Church in Turkey
Restoring Assyrian Reliefs
Knights of Columbus Teams With U.S. Government to Assist Assyrians in Iraq
ISIS Reverting to Insurgency Tactics After Losing Caliphate
Muslims Defied ISIS to Save Two Ancient Assyrian Manuscripts in Mosul
Despite Assyrian Journalist's Release, Fears of More Kurdish Abuses Remain: Bishop
In Syria's Relatively Quiet, Majority-Kurdish Northeast, Rumblings of Assyrian Discontent
Assyrian Writer Reflects on Minority Rights in Syria's Northeast
Rumors Stoke Islamist Attacks on Egyptian Copts
Iraqi Archbishop Fears More Persecution, Says IS Went Underground
Central Bank of Iraq Unveils New 1000 Dinar Banknote Featuring Assyrian Star
Proposed Law Puts Syria's Religious Diversity At Risk
Security Forces Launch Anti-IS Operation in Northern Iraq
Syria Rebels Say Shifting Heavy Arms From Idlib Buffer Zone
Power Struggle Deepens in Iraqi Kurdistan After Elections
Iraqi Assyrian Rescued From Prison Pit in the Desert
7 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Blast Blamed on Kurdish Rebels
Sadr Bloc Won't Take Part in New Iraq Cabinet
A New Kindergarten Breathes Life Into a Devastated Assyrian Community in Iraq
When You Can't Find Your Homeland on a Map
Turkish Airstrikes Target Iraqi Assyrian Villages -- Call for War Crimes Investigation
Iraq Inches Toward Governance As Baghdad Assyrians Consider Fleeing
Syriac Church Concerned Over Missing Assyrian Journalist in Syria
Iraq's President Takes Office, Independent Tapped As PM
Assyrian Journalist Arrested By Kurdish Self-Administration in Syria
Three Generations of Assyrian Winemakers in Iraq
Assyrian Model and Social Media Icon Shot Dead in Baghdad
Closure of Assyrian Schools: Another Bleak Sign for Christians in Syria
Iraqi Military Kills 8 ISIS Fighters Holed Up Disputed Areas
Can Political Consensus Rescue Iraq?
335 Displaced Iraqis Brought Back From Syria: Official
Iraqi PM Loses Support
Iraq Begins Military Operation to Wipe Out ISIS
Assyrian Contribution to National Progress Commended, Says Iran's President
Cardinal Sako Talks to Chaldean Clergy About Social Media, Pastoral Outreach
18 Assyrian Candidates Compete for 5 Quota Seats in Iraq
Iraq's New Parliament Speaker Visits Basra After Violent Protests
Drought, Dams and Dry Rivers: Iraqi Farmers Are Giving Up Hope
Iraq's Shiite Rivals Agree on Prime Minister
Iraq to Deploy Troops Along Border After Turkey Attacks on PKK
Assyrian Relief Expected to Raise Over $10m At Christie's New York
Iraq's Prime Minister Abadi Indicates he Will Not Seek Second Term
Pope Urges Continued Aid to People in Syria, Iraq
U.N. Is Called to Recognize Christian Genocide
The U.S. Needs to Remain Engaged in Iraq to Help Religious Minorities
Syriac Catholic Patriarch Celebrates Restored Cathedral
Kurds, Assyrians Split Over Syria School Curriculum
Iraqi Kurds Gear Up for Elections Hoping to End Turmoil
Mosul Will Rise Again As a Symbol of Hope and History
Coalition Strikes Target ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
Turkey Masses Troops on Syrian Border, Braces for Refugees

UN Official: Syria Has Withdrawn Controversial Property Law

GENEVA (AP) -- A U.N. humanitarian aid official said Thursday that Syria's government has withdrawn a controversial law that allowed authorities to seize property left behind by civilians who fled the country's civil war, calling it a good sign that "diplomacy can win -- even in Syria." Jan Egeland said he was told of the decision by Russia, a key ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

"There Is No Future Left in Syria": A Conversation With a Family of Refugees

By Pieter Van Ostaeyen

In September of 2008 I went to Syria for a few weeks. I only had two contacts in the country, and one of them was F, a middle class Christian and the prominent owner of local bakeries and a local pizzeria who lived in Syria's Western province of Latakia. I had never met F before, but according to friends at the University of Leuven, F would most likely be willing to take me in for a few days.

US Briefs Iraq Chaldean Head, Vatican on Aid After Critique

ROME (AP) -- A senior American diplomat briefed the leader of Iraq's Chaldean Catholics on U.S. development aid Wednesday after the cardinal accused the United States of failing to help rebuild Christian villages devastated by the Islamic State group.

Is There Hope for Reform in Post-Election Iraq?

By Toby Dodge

At last, after months of deadlock following national elections in May, Iraq is on its way to a new government. The president, Barham Saleh, and prime minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi, are both veteran Iraqi politicians known as technocrats and reformers.

Assyrians in Iraq Facing Extinction, Says Archbishop

By Lyndsey Koh

Christianity has been around in Iraq for approximately 2,000 years -- one of the oldest Christian heritages. However, Iraqi Christians are teetering on the knife's edge of extinction, according to Chaldean Archbishop Habib Nafali of Basra. The Archbishop suggests that all it would take is one more wave of persecution to wipe out Christianity from the country entirely. It's not hard to imagine.

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