How Muslim Mobs Attack Christian Churches in Egypt With Impunity
Blurring the Border, Turkey Deepens Roots in Northern Syria
Assyrians in Iraq Are Hopeful, But Their Plight Continues
Muslims Attack Christian Homes in Egypt
Syrian, Iraqi Forces Say US Bombs Military Border Positions, U.S. Denies
Assyrian Candidate in Turkish Election Vows to Fight for Rights
We Will Remain in Syria, We Will Defend it and Defeat Terrorism: Syriac Orthodox Patriarch
Turkey Says Its Air Strikes Killed 35 Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq
Transformation of Iraqi Assyrian Village a Warning About Anti-Christian Tides
Iraq Stuck in an Electoral Quagmire
Vice President Pence Tackles Stalled Iraqi Aid Plan
Under Pressure From Pence, U.S. Aid is Directed to Assyrian, Yazidi Communities in Iraq
'Mogul for the Martyrs' Wields Business Moxie to Save Iraqi Assyrians
Chaldean Patriarch: Government is Responsible for Saving Iraq From Crisis
Iraqi Party Leader Slams Judicial Interference in Polls
Iraq Bans Rice, Yellow Corn Planting Because of Water Shortages
Chaldean Patriarch in Iraq Attends Ramadan Meal
Some Iraqi Assyrians Out of Patience to See How Things Shake Out
Assyrians in SE Turkey Send Best Wishes on Muslim Holiday
U.S. Commits Funds for Syria's White Helmets
US Government Are Coercing Iraqi Detainees to Agree to Be Deported: ACLU
First Shrine in World for Persecuted Christians Inaugurated in New York
Assyrians, Jews and Israel
Iraq to Rebuild Ezidi Shrines in a 'Major Campaign' in Shingal
UN Sees Movement in Syria Talks, US Weighing in
Kurdish Militia Inches Closer to ISIS Stronghold in Eastern Syria
UN Security Council Convenes on UNAMI Mandate Renewal in Iraq
Assyrian Arts Institute Awarded Grant From California Arts Council
Syria, Iraq Consider Opening Border for First Time in Years
Sadr-Amiri Alliance Lowers Iraq's Political Temperature
Help Is on the Way for Iraq's Assyrians
US Believes Iraq Has Potential to Become Center of Stability in Middle East
Syria's Assad Says Still Pursuing Political Solution for Rebel-held South
Christians in Egypt Harassed for Drinking Water During Ramadan
Iraq Federal Court Refuses to Cancel Manual Vote Count
In Iraq's Mosul, Women Desperate for News of Missing Relatives
Christian Kidnappings on the Rise in Egypt
ISIS is on the Rise Again in Iraq and Syria
Turkish Jets Strike PKK Targets in Northern Iraq Stronghold
In Post-ISIS Assyrian Town, Heroism and Paradox Both Abound
Is Erdogan Losing His Grip on Turkey?
Turkish President Warns of War Between Islam and Christianity
Iraq's Abadi Rejects Calls for Election Rerun
Infighting Between Turkish-backed Militants in Syria's Afrin Kills Several
Turkey Says Iran Supports Potential Turkish Operation in North Iraq
US Strikes in Syria, Iraq Increase By 300%
Egypt Pushes for Political Settlement in Syria
Christianity in Syria is Under Threat From Forces the West is Supporting
Syria Remains World's Largest Protection, Displacement Crisis
US Sends 250 Armored Vehicles to Kurdish Forces in Northern Syria
Iraq's Interior Minister Says Fire At Ballot Storage Site 'Deliberate'
Canada is Right to Shift Focus Toward Baghdad and Away From the Kurds
US-backed Rebel Group Seizes Territories From ISIS Along Syria-Iraq Borders
The U.S. Is Not a Serious Ally, Say Assyrians
Huge Fire Breaks Out in Warehouses of Electoral Commission in Baghdad
Syrian Democratic Council Ready for 'unconditional Talks' With Assad Regime
Iran Reports Deadly Clashes With 'Terrorists' Near Iraq Border
Iraq's Civilian Death Toll Down By 80%
Growing Fears Over Constitutional Chaos in Iraq
Jordan's Mandaean Minority Fear Returning to Post-ISIS Iraq

Blurring the Border, Turkey Deepens Roots in Northern Syria

By Sarah El Deeb

AL-BAB, Syria (AP) -- A newly paved road links the Turkish town of Elbeyli to the Syrian town of al-Bab, across the border. In al-Bab, Turkish and Syrian flags line the streets, and signs on government buildings are in Arabic and Turkish.

Muslims Attack Christian Homes in Egypt

Coptic houses were attacked in a village in Upper Egypt last week, after Copts objected to a group of young Muslim men swimming naked in a canal in front of their homes, as Coptic women sat outside. The incident took place on 4 June in the village of Tarshoub, in Beni Suef governorate.

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