How Iraq Came Together in the Fight Against Islamic State
Syrian Kurdish YPG Says Not Bound By Astana Peace Talks Outcome
Harsh Exchanges on First Day of Syria Talks in Kazakhstan
Government Offices to Reopen in Mosul After Years in Exile
Syria Peace Talks Begin in Astana
Why Trump Should Recognize the Armenian Genocide
Is Turkey's Shift on Assad Beginning of the End of Syria's War?
Syrian Rebels Bitterly Divided Before New Peace Talks
Turkey Seizes Administration of Another Pro-Kurdish Municipality
Saddam Hussein's Grandson: Only Turkey Can Enter Mosul
Schools Reopen in Liberated Mosul Areas
Losing in Iraq, Islamic State Seeks to Shore Up Syria Presence
Iraqi Jets Bomb ISIS Locations in Western Mosul
Kurdish President Calls on US to Keep Its Forces After Mosul is Liberated
Will New Peace Talks End Syria's Agony?
Muslim Extremists Committing 'Horrific Acts Every Day' Against Christians in Egypt
Iraqi Forces Eye Tougher Fight in Mosul's West
US Avoids Syria Talks As Deadly Explosion Rocks Refugee Camp
Turkish Parliament Approves Presidential System Bill
Iraq Slowly Untangles Islamic State's Bureaucratic Legacy
Yezidi NGO Resumes Activities in Northern Iraq After Talks With Kurdish Officials
Turn the Screws on Islamic State: Retake Raqqa
Turkey Can No Longer Insist on Syria Settlement Without Assad: Turkish Deputy PM
IS Destroys Part of Palmyra's Roman Theatre
ISIS Attacks YPG Security Center, Scores of Kurdish Fighters Killed
Jordan Boosts Border Forces Amid ISIS Threat From Iraq, Syria
Carter: More U.S. Troops Will Not Fix Iraq or Syria
What Defines Victory for Iraq in Mosul
Turkey and Terrorists
Iraqi Forces Take Eastern Mosul From Islamic State
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Meets Lebanese President
U.S. Officials Say Sizable Arab Force Identified for Raqqa Campaign
Russian and Turkish Jets Strike Islamic State Positions in Northern Syria
Germany Investigating Possible Spying Activities in Turkish Mosques
Chaldean Archbishop Urges Iraqi Catholics to Stay and Help Rebuild
The War Next Door Won't Stop Turkey's Assyrian Winemakers
Four Christians in Egypt Murdered in 10 Days
Syria's War Creates Myriad Problems for Turkey
In Visit to North Iraq, U.S. Bishop Hears Priorities of Iraqi Christians
Iraqis Who Escaped Islamic State Grapple With Trauma
Kirkuk Archbishop: Aid for Iraq Best Targeted At Home
Syria: The Beginning of a Long Road to an Impossible Settlement
Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Elusive Decade After Journalist's Murder
ISIS Gains in Syria Province
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Party Leader Faces 142 Years in Prison
Syria: Winners And Losers
Mideast Christians Remain Hopeful for Future Despite ISIS Violence in 2016
Fear Grows Among Egypt's Christians After a Coptic Doctor Was Stabbed in the Throat
Russia's Lavrov Wants Trump Administration At Syria Peace Talks
ISIS Used Assyrian Church As a Shooting Range
Turkey's Wavering Support for Religious Freedom
HRW Report: Turkish People Faced Massive Rights Violations in 2016
Egypt Drops Case Against Muslim Mob That Attacked Christian Woman
Rebuilding Syria's Decimated Medical Infrastructure
Syrian Rebels Agree to Attend Peace Talks in Kazakhstan
KRG Speaker: Independent Kurdish State Complex Issue
Turkey Passes Last Article of Constitutional Change
Catholic Leader Says Europe Will Become an Islamic State Because of the Migrant Crisis
In Parts of Mosul, a Semblance of Normality Despite War
Two Chinese Muslims Held Over Turkey Nightclub Attack

Harsh Exchanges on First Day of Syria Talks in Kazakhstan

By Nabih Bulos

Syria's government envoy and a rebel leader traded barbs as talks between the Mideast country's warring sides got underway in Kazakhstan on Monday in the first face-to-face meeting between the Damascus government and rebel factions fighting to overthrow it.

Syria Peace Talks Begin in Astana

The first talks in a year between the two waring sides in the Syria conflict begin today (Jan 23) in the Kazakh capital of Astana. Russia, Turkey and Iran are sponsoring the two day meeting. Russia faces a new set of challenges as it attempts to move from participant in the conflict to peace broker.

Why Trump Should Recognize the Armenian Genocide

By Areg Galstyan

This past week, a report on how Donald Trump's administration should build a political dialogue with Turkey was published at the website of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The authors of this work are James F. Jeffrey, the former U.S.

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