German Lawsuit Accuses Turkey of War Crimes in Military Operations Against Kurds
Kurdish YPG Forces Repel ISIS Attack on Syria's Hasakah
ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack Kills Christians in Lebanon
CIA Weapons for Syrian Rebels Stolen By Jordanian Intelligence Officers and Sold on Black Market
Kremlin Says Turkey Apologized for Shooting Down Russian Jet
Over 12,000 ISIS Militants Fighting for Mosul
Turkey Waging 'Ethnic Cleansing' Campaign Against Kurds
Signs of Insurrection in Mosul As ISIS Executes Top Commanders
Fallujah, a Military Success But Humanitarian Failure, Could Signal Catastrophe in Mosul
Organization Seeks Funds to Help 200 Christian Refugee Families
Iraqi Army Has Killed 1,300 Militants in Mosul Operation
Shiite Cleric Sadr Calls on Iraq Government to Resign
Iraq Declares Battle for Fallujah is 'Over'
Vatican Hits Back At Turkey for Calling Pope 'Crusader'
Pope Genocide Comments Show 'Crusader Mentality' -- Turkey
Hundreds of Syrian Kurds Flee IS-held Areas Amid Abductions
Pope Francis Condemns 1915 Massacre Of Armenians As Genocide
Unidentified Gunmen Kill Senior ISIS Leader in Central Mosul
Al Qaeda to Jihadis: 'Target White Americans, Avoid Minorities
'Fanatic' Mob of 1,000-Plus Islamists Set 80 Christian Homes Ablaze in Egypt
Turkey Boosts Military Powers in Fight Against Kurdish Militants
For Assyrians: What Future in Iraq? Share
Indian-American Christians Condemn Attack on Syriac Orthodox Patriarch
ISIS Captures 900 Kurdish Civilians in Northern Syria in 3 Weeks
Turkey Tussles With the EU Over Accession
UN Planning to Airlift Aid to Syria's Qamishli
Inside an Assyrian Village on the Frontlines With ISIS
Chaldean Patriarch Calls on Priests to Stay Close to Iraq's Suffering Christians
Clashes Between US-Backed Groups in Syria Growing Concern
The Myth of a Tripartite Iraq

ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack Kills Christians in Lebanon

By Zeina Karam

BEIRUT (AP) -- Suicide bombers killed five people and wounded at least 15 in a northwestern Lebanese village near the Syrian border on Monday, witnesses and paramedics said. The attack took place in the mainly Christian village of Qaa, a few hundred meters (yards) from the frontier.

Kremlin Says Turkey Apologized for Shooting Down Russian Jet

By Jack Stubbs and Dmitry Solovyov

(Reuters) -- Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has apologized to Russian leader Vladimir Putin over last year's shooting down of a Russian air force jet by Turkey's military, the Kremlin said on Monday, opening the way for Russia to lift economic sanctions.

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