Iraqi Army Launches Fresh Assault Toward Mosul Center
Iraq's Assyrians Turn to Militia for Protection
The Protection of Minorities From Syria and Iraq
ISIS Bombs, Mines Pose 'Unprecedented' Threat in Liberated Areas Near Mosul
Ransomed: The Freeing of 226 Assyrians From Islamic State
Erdogan's Syria Policy Hits Dead End in Aleppo
Kurdish Government Responds to US Allegations of Rights Violations
Amnesty International Raises Concerns Over Ankara's Treatment of Displaced Kurds
Iraq's Abandoned Schools Speak of a Lost Generation
The Race for ISIS Intelligence
A Look Inside the Shattered Churches of Iraq
Turkey Crackdown Turns On US Christians, Analysts Warn
West Mosul Shelled As Iraq Steps Up Fight Against Islamic State
Some Kurdish MPs Back Maliki, Others See His Return As Disintegration of Iraq
As Iraq's Kurds Eye Statehood, a Border Takes Shape
Joint Forces Cut Main ISIS Supply Road From Syria
Britain Bars Three Assyrian Bishops From Entering Country
Iraq Disputes Number Killed in ISIS Fight
Christian Copts Under the Gun in Egypt
Turkey Kills 20 PKK Kurdish Militants After Botched Assault
Chaos Erupts As Iraq Delivers Aid to Mosul
Swiss Seize Artefacts Looted From Syria's Palmyra
Syrian Government Forces Advance Further In Aleppo
Kurdish Government Restrictions Harm Yezidi Recovery
Fearing Abandonment By Trump, CIA-backed Rebels in Syria Mull Alternatives
Council of Europe Raises Alarm Over Abuses Against Kurds in Turkey
ISIS Crucified Assyrians in Iraq
After Isis: the Families Returning Home in Iraq
Ruins of Homes in Kirkuk a Sign of Divisions to Come in Iraq
Assyrian Voters Triggered Trump's Win in Michigan
Iraqi Troops Bring to 23 Districts Retaken in Mosul
Assyrian Church in San Fernando Vandalized
Syriac Catholic Patriarch 'Horrified' After Seeing Iraqi 'Ghost Towns'
Iraqi Refugees Forced to Pay Money to ISIS to Leave
ISIS Moving Heavy Fighting Equipment From Iraq to Syria
Iraqi Ambassador Criticises Country's Conversion Law
Empowered Shiite Militias Poised to Dominate Key Iraq Town
Almost 80,000 Displaced By Mosul Fighting As Winter Hits Northern Iraq
UN Says Mosul Death Toll 'Staggering'
Islamic State Girds to Defend Remote Syria Outpost
German FM Pledges $10.65M for Lebanon Refugee Crisis
Muslim Radicals Raze Coptic Christian Village in Egypt
Turkey to Hold Constitutional Referendum 'early Summer'
What the Syrian Kurds Want
Christians Receive Constant Death Threats From Muslims in European Refugee Camps
Iraq's Shi'ite Militias Could Prove Bigger Test Than Mosul
Turkey, Russia Want Cease-Fire in Syria
How Kurds Abandoned Yezidis and Assyrians to ISIS
How ISIL Destroyed Iraq's Nimrud
Assyrian Delegation Meets Australian MPs
Coptic Christians Rebuild After Attack on Homes and Businesses in Egypt
After Escape, Former ISIL Slaves Face New Challenges
Assyrian Family's Search for Girl Taken By Islamic State
Christians in Iraq Unite in Prayer
Iraq's Special Forces Control 19 Mosul Neighborhoods
Sunni Tribesmen Battling ISIS Demand Federalism in Iraq
Egyptian Muslim Radicals Destroy Coptic Christian Properties
Documenting the Genocide of Iraq's Yazidis
Three Suspected ISIS Kurds Arrested in North Iraq
Itinerant Chaldean Priest Gives Hope to Iraqi Assyrian Refugees in Turkey

Iraqi Army Launches Fresh Assault Toward Mosul Center

By Ahmed Rasheed and Patrick Markey

(Reuters) -- Iraqi army units surged toward the center of Mosul on Tuesday in an attack from the city's southeastern edges that could give fresh impetus to the seven-week-old battle for Islamic State's Iraqi stronghold.

Ransomed: The Freeing of 226 Assyrians From Islamic State

By Lori Hinnant

SAARLOUIS, Germany (AP) -- The millions in ransom money came in dollar by dollar, euro by euro from around the world. The donations, raised from church offerings, a Christmas concert, and the diaspora of Assyrian Christians on Facebook, landed in a bank account in Iraq.

Erdogan's Syria Policy Hits Dead End in Aleppo

Cengiz Candar writes, "The fate of Aleppo has the potential to seal the fate of [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan's regime in Turkey. Too many of Erdogan's eggs are placed in the basket of northern Syrian geopolitics, and most of them are likely to crack.

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