The Horrific Genocide of Christians in the Middle East
Iraqi Christians in Lebanon Tell of ISIL's Brutal Rule
Militants In Iraq Seek Control Of Precious Weapon: Dams, Waterways
Catholic Charity to Hold Day of Prayer for Peace in Iraq
Iraqi Foreign Minister Blames Maliki for Islamist Insurgency
Solving Iraq's Constitutional Problems: The Hard Way
Tears, and Anger, As ISIS Destroy Iraq City's Relics
Three Killed As Rebel Missile Hits Armenian Catholic Church in Syria
Islamic State Imposes Media Controls in Syrian Province
Islamist Surge Threatens Mideast Powers
An Ancient Tomb Meets a Modern Horror
Kurds Take More Territory in Syria As Government Troops Withdraw
Assyrian Persecution Abroad Prompts Protests
ISIS Winning Its War on Two Fronts
Genocide in Iraq
Iraqi Assyrian Community Leaders Meet With Top Obama Aide
Islamic State in Syria Battles Kurds, Suffers Losses
Iraqi Kurds, Battling Islamist Threat, Press Washington for Arms
Turkey Fears ISIL Radicalism Could Spill Over From Syria, Iraq
UN Security Council Renews Mandate of Mission in Iraq
Assyrian Representative in Sweden Blasts Kurdish Independence
Iraq PM Calls on Iraqis to Take Arms Against Insurgents
Lebanon Cracks Down on Syrian Refugees
Christian Groups to Rally for Protection in Iraq
A Worldwide Persecution of Christians is Well Underway
Islamic Jizya: 'Protection' From Whom?
The Islamic State's Death TV
Who Will Put an End to the Christian Killing Fields?
Only America Can Save Iraq's Last Christians
Lebanese Politicians Express Solidarity With Iraq Christians

Iraqi Christians in Lebanon Tell of ISIL's Brutal Rule

By Nohad Topalian

Though the apartment lacks basic furniture and they must sit and sleep on the floor, Iraqi brothers Fadi and Samir Bayous Suleiman and their families find a measure of safety in a small apartment in a low-income building in the Beirut suburb of Sad al-Bouchrieh.

Catholic Charity to Hold Day of Prayer for Peace in Iraq

By Andrea Gagliarducci

Baghdad -- Aid to the Church in Need has scheduled Aug. 6 as day of prayer for Iraq, portions of which are now controlled by Islamist militants, in response to the violence threatening Christians and others in the nation.

Solving Iraq's Constitutional Problems: The Hard Way

By Gary Anderson

The armed forces of the Caliphate, formerly known as ISIS, have finally resolved most of the issues left unresolved when the Iraqis wrote their constitution in 2005. A public administration professor told a class I was attending that; "if you don't run your country, someone will.

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