The Collapse of the Syrian Economy is Worse Than Germany After World War II
Iraq's Ancient City of Babylon Eyes World Heritage List
The Coptic Issue and the Cycle of Suffering
French Say One of Priest's Killers Had Tried to Go to Syria
What Turkey's Political Mess Means for Relations With the U.S.
Syria Regime Advances on Rebels in Aleppo
Turkish Opposition Warns Govt About Witch Hunt
Amid 'Chilling' Evidence of Torture, Post-Coup Purge Continues in Turkey
French Priest Murdered By Muslims in Attack on Church
Refugee Jihad Spreads in Germany
Erdogan's Purges Threaten Future of Turkey's Secular Society
America Must Distance Itself From Its Rogue Turkish Ally
Egypt's Coptic Pope Warns of Increased Attacks on Christians
5,000 to 10,000 Islamic State Fighters in Mosul, Iraq
Turkey Issues Arrest Warrants for 42 Journalists After Failed Coup
Erdogan Excludes Pro-Kurd Party From First Meeting With Opposition After Coup
Syrian Government Says Ready for Further Peace Talks
Kurdish PM Says Independence Issue Will Be Negotiated With Baghdad
Kurdish Militants Kill Policeman in Eastern Turkey
Russian, US Positions on Defining Terrorist Groups in Syria Narrowing
'Mere Islam' and the Munich Massacre
Syria Welcomes Russian-US Agreement on Counterterrorism
Allies Fear the Cost of Turkey's Instability
Accused Turkish Coup-plotters Tortured in Detention: Amnesty International
Turkey Investigating People Who Say Coup Attempt Was Hoax
Owner of Kurdish School Protests Closure By Turkish Authorities
Clashes Erupt In ISIS Stronghold In Northern Syria
ISIS Relocates Its Strongholds in Mosul to Avoid Airstrikes
ISIL Fighters Captured While Fleeing Syria Dressed As Women
How a Stockpile of America's Nuclear Weapons Got Tangled Up in a Middle East Crisis
Turkish Leader Slams West Over Crackdown After Failed Coup
Kurdish Militants Kill Policeman in Eastern Turkey
Recent Spate of Violence Against Egypt's Christians Goes Largely Unpunished
Turkey Seizes Over 2,250 Institutions in Post-Coup Crackdown
25 Kurds on Trial in Iraq Over Alleged Links to ISIS
Iraq to Dig 'Security Trench' Around Fallujah
Turkey Extends Detention Without Charge to 30 Days
Iraq Has Forgotten Its Refugee Citizens in Kurdish Camps
Munich Shooter Was 18 Year-old Muslim Iranian
Report on the ISIS Propaganda Ploy to Hide Its Genocide of Christians
Iraqi Christians Risk Being Killed By ISIS As Church Leaders Debate Whether to Stay or Flee
After Approving Constitution, What's Next for Syria's Kurds?
Iraq's Karbala Votes for Return of Displaced People
Is Turkish Leader Transforming a Nation?
Egypt Letting Christians Die, Says ICC
100 Jihadists Entering Syria From Turkey Each Week: Report
Turkey's State of Emergency Worries Human Rights Groups
Turkey's Parliament Approves State of Emergency
Turkey is a Time Bomb for NATO
Turkish Islamists Attack Churches in Coup Frenzy
Turkey and Erdogan: Here Comes the (real) Caliphate
Falling for ISIS Propaganda About Christians
Syriac Catholic Patriarch: Western Politicians and Media Mislead World on Middle East
How Erdogan Made Turkey Authoritarian Again
Iraqi Factions Vie to Take Part In Mosul Offensive
Iraq's Domestic Security Must Catch Up to Military Gains, Defence Minister Says
Europe's Turkey Problem
Without Reforms, Protests Threaten to Escalate in Iraq
U.S. Calls for $2 Billion in Aid to Iraq
Germany, Austria Call for Turkish Restraint

Iraq's Ancient City of Babylon Eyes World Heritage List

By Adnan Abu Zeed

BABIL, Iraq -- On July 17, UNESCO added al-Ahwar marshes in southeastern Iraq to the World Heritage list. Now, Iraq is seeking to add the 4,000-year-old city of Babylon to the list, which includes world heritage properties of special cultural and natural significance.

The Coptic Issue and the Cycle of Suffering

By Mina Fayek

Last week, an Egyptian court ordered the release of all defendants accused of assaulting a Coptic woman in the southern city of Minya. Rumors had spread of a relationship between a Coptic man and Muslim woman in Al-Karm village.

French Say One of Priest's Killers Had Tried to Go to Syria

By Noemie Bisserbe, Inti Landauro and Matthew Dalton

SAINT-ETIENNE-DU-ROUVRAY, France -- Two men pledging allegiance to Islamic State attacked a Roman Catholic church during Mass on Tuesday, killing a priest and gravely injuring another person in the first assault on a church amid a string of recent terror attacks on Western Europe.

Syria Regime Advances on Rebels in Aleppo

Beirut (AFP) -- Syrian government forces on Tuesday seized a rebel-held neighbourhood in the northwest edge of Aleppo, tightening their siege of opposition-controlled parts of the city, a monitor said.

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