Turkey's Vanishing Assyrians a Victim of Erdogan's War
Syrian-Assyrian Town to Be Under Russian Protection After New Agreement
SDF Denies Agreement to Cede Control of Assyrian Town to Syrian Army, Russian Military
ACLU Sues Feds to Stop Chaldean Deportations
The 1915 Genocide and Beyond: Presentation and Art
'Too Many to Count' -- The Global Persecution of Christians
What Felled the Great Assyrian Empire?
The Other Genocide of Christians
Assyrian Journalist Detained in Iraq for 13 Days After Reporting Trip to Syria
U.S. Senator Graham Blocks Armenian Genocide Resolution After Meeting Erdo─čan
Fierce Battle Rages in Northeast Syria As SDF, Syrian Army Troops Attempt to Advance
Coalition to Protest Erdogan White House Visit
ISIS is Targeting Syria's Christians
Iraqi Cardinal Calls for Prayer and Fasting
Park in Southeastern Turkey Built Atop Assyrian, Armenian Graves
Syrian Christians Endangered By Turkish Invasion of Syria: U.S. Officials
Assyrians in Armenia
Turkish-backed Forces Attempt to Capture Key Assyrian Town in Northeast Syria
Assyrian Journalist Detained By Kurdish Security Forces Since October 31
Assyrian Nun Valiantly Stands Guard Over 1,500-year-old Church in Turkey's Southeast
Turkish Offensive in Northern Syria Forced Assyrians to Evacuate Villages
The Islamization of History
The Plight of Christians in Northeast Syria
Recognising the Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide Means Being on the Right Side of History
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Meets Russian President Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Orban
Restoring Iconic Church a Turning Point for Iraq's Assyrians
Assyrian Man Who Resisted Deportation to Iraq Pleads His Case in Immigration Court
Nineveh Plains Transitional Justice Report: October
Assyrian Forces to Oversee Security in Northern Syria
Thousands of Christians Face Exile or Extinction in Syria
The Archbishop Without a Home
Senior Chaldean Priest Reports Waves of Christians Fleeing Northeastern Syria
What Ancient Stones Still Mean to the Assyrian People Today
A Plea From the Assyrians of Syria to the Christians of the World
Patriarchs Press for Preservation of Christian Presence in Middle East
As Turkey Invades Northeast Syria, Christians There Are on the Brink
Martyrdom Cause for Assyrian Church Massacre in Iraq Completes First Phase
Lord Alton Welcomes Recognition of Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide
Ilhan Omar's Shameful Armenian-Genocide Statement
Hundreds of Terrified Christians Fleeing From New Syrian Conflict
Assyrian College in Australia Opens New Facilities
Turkish Forces Doing 'Soft' Ethnic Cleansing in Northeast Syria
Chaldean Patriarch Visits Youth Hurt in Baghdad Protests
Assyrian Confederation of Europe Elects New Leader
Assyrians Latest in Battle for Better Society, New Government in Iraq
The Truth About Kurds in Syria
Trump Declares Victory in Syria
Replicas of Assyrian Statues Smashed By IS Unveiled in Iraq's Mosul
Fleeing Syrians in Danger Top Concern for Humanitarian Groups
US Lawmaker Signals Upcoming Vote on Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide Resolution
Trump Had Option to Recognize Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide to Pressure Turkey
Humanitarian Groups Scramble to Help People Fleeing Northeast Syria
Auxiliary of Baghdad: We Fear the Return of Isis
Erdogan Forgets Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide
Bishop Warns of Mass Exodus of Christians in Syria
Syriac Catholic Patriarch Pleads for Peace in Northeastern Syria
Syrian Army Pushes North As US Prepares to Withdraw Troops
Trump Did Not Betray the Kurds
Chaldean Catholic Archbishop in Iraq Warns of Influx of Refugees Into Iraq From Syria
Christian Communities in Northeast Syria Are the Target of a Turkish Attack

Turkey's Vanishing Assyrians a Victim of Erdogan's War

By Hannah Lucinda Smith

Every Sunday, behind thick basalt walls, the last members of a dying community gather to pray. They perform the liturgy in Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus. The pink marble pillars of the altar are remnants of the pagan sun temple that stood there before the people of Mesopotamia converted to Christianity.

Syrian-Assyrian Town to Be Under Russian Protection After New Agreement

A new agreement was established in northeastern Syria this week that will see the Syrian-Assyrian town of Tal Tamr under the protection of the Russian Armed Forces. According to reports, the Russian military will be deployed inside of Tal Tamr to prevent a potential militant take over this strategic town in the Al-Hasakah Governorate.

SDF Denies Agreement to Cede Control of Assyrian Town to Syrian Army, Russian Military

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) denied on Sunday that an agreement is in place to allow the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian military to control the Assyrian town of Tal Tamr in the Al-Hasakah countryside. "To public opinion. Some media outlets published reports about a so called agreement between Russia, Turkey, and SDF. We at the Syrian Democratic Forces deny this news.

ACLU Sues Feds to Stop Chaldean Deportations

By Robert Smith

Detroit -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan on Thursday filed a class-action lawsuit to halt federal immigration officials from deporting more than 100 Iraqi nationals rounded up by federal agents in raids over the weekend. The group, in the lawsuit filed in U.S.

The 1915 Genocide and Beyond: Presentation and Art

GARDEN CITY, NY -- The Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian Genocides were the focus of 1915 and Beyond: A Reflection of Genocides and the Brutality of War, a presentation and art exhibition by Julian McBride at Adelphi University on November 8.

'Too Many to Count' -- The Global Persecution of Christians

By Raymond Ibrahim

Today is one of the International Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). Initiated over 20 years ago by the World Evangelical Alliance, 100,000 congregations around the world and millions of Christians participate on this day.

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