How Turkey's Offensive Into Syria is Opening Up a Hornet's Nest
U.S., Russia Fall Short on Deal to Restore Syria Truce
Turkey Ratchets Up Syria Offensive, Says Warplanes Hit Kurdish Militia
Russia, US: Kurds Must Be Part of Unified Syria
Did Obama Betray Syrian Assyrians to Please the Turks?
Mosul Fight Is Already Redrawing the Map of Northern Iraq
Iraq Parliament Impeaches Defence Minister
Is Turkey a U.S. Ally Against ISIS?
Egyptian Coptic Church, Government Agree on Church Building, Restoration
Humanitarian Conditions in Iraq Crumbling As ISIS Battle Continues
Deadly Bomb Attack Hits Police HQ in Southeast Turkey
Turkey Shells Kurdish Militia in Syria
Islamists Shell Aleppo Killing 6 Civilians and Injuring Dozens More
Britain and Islamic Extremists
Western Leaders Want Islamic Terror to Seem 'Normal'
Extremist Islam in Canada
US Pursues Syria Cooperation With Russia Amid New Volatility
Kurds Begin Retreat in Syria At Turkey's Request
Kurdish Journalist Abducted, Killed in North Iraq
Syrian FM Arrives in Iraq for Talks
Iraq Forces Advance in Town South of Mosul
Iraq Defense Minister Gets No-confidence Vote
Iraq Seeks Formal Deal With Kurds to Protect New Oil Exports
Egypt Accused of Discriminating Against Christian Athletes
Turkey Trying to Salvage Its Policy of Supporting Islamic Fundamentalists
Christianity Belongs in the Middle East
Turkey Moves on Syria
Teen Set Herself on Fire to Save Herself From Becoming ISIS Sex Slave
US Unable to Curb Abuses By Shiite Militias in the Battle Against ISIS
Attacker Killed in Latest Assault on a Coptic Church in Egypt
How Far Does Road to Equality Stretch for Egypt's Christians?
Turkey's Syria Offensive Aimed At Kurdish YPG
Barzani Says Kurds Don't Eye Nineveh: Iraq PM
Turks Flee Border Town After ISIL Attack From Syria
UN Desperate to Find Land for New Camps in Iraq Ahead of Mosul Assault
Assyrian Archbishop Laments His Flock's Flight
Kurdish, Regime Forces Agree on Ceasefire in Syria's Hasakah
Syria Shifts Stance Toward Kurds
IS Struggles to Retain Grip As It Loses Ground in Iraq
Turkey Strikes Islamic State, Kurdish Positions In Syria
Canadian Clarity on Muslim Terrorism
What's So Un-Islamic About ISIS?
Turkey Strikes IS and Kurdish Positions in Syria Ahead of Offensive
China State Media Casts Doubt on Syria Child Video
Defeating Turkey's Censorship is a US National Security Interest
Truce Between Syrian Army, Kurdish Forces Reached
Top ISIS Jihadi Leader Killed in US Strike North Iraq
Kurds Advance in Syrian City of Hasakeh As Russian Mediation Fails
Iraq Hangs 36 Men Convicted Over Speicher Massacre
30 Dead As Bomb Hits Kurdish Wedding in Southern Turkey
Turkey Claims Assad Regime 'threatened' By Kurds
Pregnant IS Rape Victims Face Challenges Upon Returning to Iraq
Iraqi Church Hopes to Heal Trauma of Displaced Children
A Month After Turkey's Failed Coup, Taking Stock Of A Sweeping Purge
Has the World Forgotten About the Christian Genocide in the Middle East?
70,000 Civilians Trapped By IS in Iraq
Demystifying the Islamic State
Who Are the Refugees Coming Into the United States?
Al Sadr Calls for Change in Baghdad
Mosul: The Next Humanitarian Disaster Waiting to Happen

How Turkey's Offensive Into Syria is Opening Up a Hornet's Nest

By Sudarsan Raghavan and Erin Cunningham

KARKAMIS, Turkey -- Turkey's incursion into Syria is deepening tensions between two major U.S.-backed groups, potentially setting up a conflict that could undermine Washington's efforts to eradicate the Islamic State's presence in Syria.

U.S., Russia Fall Short on Deal to Restore Syria Truce

GENEVA (AP) -- The United States and Russia said Friday they had resolved a number of issues standing in the way of restoring a nationwide truce to Syria and opening up aid deliveries, but were unable once again to forge a comprehensive agreement on stepping up cooperation to end the brutal war that...

Mosul Fight Is Already Redrawing the Map of Northern Iraq

By Susannah George and Qassim Abdul-zahra

(AP) -- In the buildup to a long-awaited offensive on the city of Mosul, Kurdish forces are seizing new territory in northern Iraq that they say will become part of their autonomous region.

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