Isis Trauma Has Overwhelmed the Remaining Christians in Iraq
Detroit's Chaldeans Expand Services for Refugees
ISIS Takes Family of Iraq's Defense Minister Captive
Islamic State Group Militants Recruit, Exploit Children in Syria and Iraq As Spies, Fighters
Iraqi PM, US Look to Aid Islamic State Battle
Report: Turkey Border Guards Abuse, Kill Syrian Refugees
Yazidi Girls Sold Into ISIS Slavey Bought Back By Families For a Year's Salary
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Who Represents Iraqi Sunnis?
U.S. Pledges $135 Million in Additional Syria Aid After U.N. Warnings
Qatar and Terror
Syrian Christians: 'Help Us to Stay - Stop Arming Terrorists'
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More Must Be Done to Save Christians From ISIS
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'Biden Get Out!': VP Given Rough Reception By Turkish Protesters
Biden in Turkey to Ease Strains Over Syria
Berlin Says 550 Germans Joined Jihadist Cause in Syria and Iraq
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ISIS Kills 25 Anbar Tribesmen in Iraq
U.S. Urges Iraq to Make Use of the Military Aircraft it Bought
Despite Differences, Turkey and Russia Forge on
Why Does Turkey's President Think Muslims Discovered America?
Chaldean Patriarch Urges Moderate Muslims to Challenge Extremist Acts
A Breakdown of All the Weapons the U.S. Wants to Give Iraq to Fight Militants
Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria and Iraq
The War Against the Islamic State
ISIL Launches Fierce Assault on Iraq's Ramadi
U.S. Ramps Up Military Aid for Islamic State Fight

Detroit's Chaldeans Expand Services for Refugees

By Ursula Watson

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) - Metro Detroit is seeing an increase in immigration due to the turmoil in the Middle East, straining community services. With more than 400 Iraqi refugees, mainly Chaldeans, arriving each month, the Chaldean Community Foundation faces a growing demand for its services.

Iraqi PM, US Look to Aid Islamic State Battle

By Vivian Salama

(AP) -- Iraqi forces battling the Islamic State group focused their offensive Sunday on the city of Ramadi, backed by Sunni tribal fighters that the U.S. plans to arm.

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