Syrian Christians Long to Return to Maloula
Syrian Christians Face Arduous Holy Week
Chaldean Prelate, in Easter Message, Asks Peaceful Future for Iraq
Syria Fighting Leaves Maaloula, a Historic Christian Town, in Ruins
Syria: The Ebb and Flow of Horror
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Turkey 'Aided Islamist Fighters' in Attack on Syrian Christian Town
Syria Troops Retake Christian Town of Maalula
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Iraq Kurds Press States to Recognise Genocide
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Turkish-backed Rebels Blamed for Gas Attack

Syrian Christians Long to Return to Maloula

By Roueida Mabardi

DAMASCUS -- In the Bab Touma district of Syria's capital Damascus, Fadi Mayal dreams of returning home to the ancient Christian town of Maalula which was retaken by government forces this week.

Syrian Christians Face Arduous Holy Week

Los Angeles -- One of the oldest Christian communities in the world is facing one of the most challenging Holy Weeks in its history. "This Holy Week was introduced by the murder of Fr. Frans from Homs in the fourth year of war and violence.

Syria: The Ebb and Flow of Horror

According to President Bashar Assad, Syria's three-year-old fratricide may soon be over. Speaking at Damascus University on April 13th, he declared that his army's "war on terror" had reached a turning point. From now on, he implied, it would essentially be a mopping-up operation.

Is Iran Ready to Join the International Community?

By Doug Bandow

The United Nations Human Rights Council angered Iran by renewing the mandate of monitor Ahmed Shaheed, who has criticized Tehran's abuses. His work remains vital as long as Iran violates its citizens' most basic rights. At the same time nuclear negotiations continue.

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