Syria's Druze Torn Between Assad, Extremists
France to Step Up Campaign Against Islamic State in Iraq
Turkey, Kurdish Forces Trade Accusations Over More Kobani Fighters
Kobani Gains Stability As Kurdish Fighters Push Back Islamic State
Islamic State Targets Town As Iraq Army Musters for Defense of Baghdad
Suspicious Objects Reported At Canadian, Other Consulates in Istanbul
Smugglers Offer $20 Passage From Turkey to Syria
One British Jihadi Killed in Syria and Iraq Every Three Weeks, Study Finds
Egyptian Christians Feel Safer, Though Islamism Still Looms
US Officials: Iraqi Army Regrouping Slowly
Iranian-Turkish Relations Strained Over Syrian Agendas
General Petraeus: People Saw ISIS Coming
Inside Mosul's Demolished Churches: Video
ISIS Sells Smuggled Oil to Turkey and Iraqi Kurds Says US Treasury
Divided Syrian Kurds Reach Deal in Face of ISIS Threat
Chaldean Patriarch Suspends 10 Priests in the U.S.
IOPS Chairman Asks Iraqi President to Release Tariq Aziz
Islamic State Militants Seize Iraq Village, Press Assault on Yazidis
Iranian, Arab Media: 'Russia-Iran Anti-IS Operations Room' In Iraq
Germany Is Sending a Military Training Mission to Northern Iraq
Relics for Rifles: Syrian Rebels Trade Antique Treasures for Weapons
The Lessons of Late Ottoman Genocides for Contemporary Iraq and Syria
US, Iraq Draw Up Ground Attack Plan Against ISIS
Ottawa Shooting Suspect Had Ties to Jihadists
Bishop: 90% of Orthodox Christians in Iraq Displaced
The Persecution of Christians in Iraq Is Untold Story
US-led Air Strikes Kill 500 IS Jihadists
Syrian Kurds Sign Power-sharing Deal to Draw More Support
US Not to Intervene in Baghdad, Erbil Dispute Over Tanker of Kurdish Oil: Official
Canadian Parliament Attacker Was Son of Libyan Muslim Jihadist

Syria's Druze Torn Between Assad, Extremists

By Firas Maqsad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has managed throughout three years of internal conflict to maintain the loyalty of many different religious minorities in the country, most notably Christians, Alawites and Shiites.

France to Step Up Campaign Against Islamic State in Iraq

By Noemie Bisserbe

BRUSSELS -- French President Fran├žois Hollande said on Friday that France will step up the pace of its operations in Iraq against Islamic State militants, one day after the country conducted a fresh round of airstrikes in the war-torn nation.

Turkey, Kurdish Forces Trade Accusations Over More Kobani Fighters

By Rory Jones and Emre Peker

Syrian Kurds defending Kobani were locked in a public dispute with Turkey on Friday as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared intent on pursuing measures to curb what many in Ankara view as an increasingly confident and unified Kurdish regional bloc. Mr.

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