A Moment in Time
The Crisis in International Religious Freedom
Syria Christians 'Begging' West to Help Refugees
ISIS Imposes Religious Tax on Christians in Syria
EU Offers Turkey Incentives to Better Tackle Refugee Crisis
Russia Would Consider Air Strikes in Iraq At Baghdad's Request
Iraq's Fight Against ISIS Stalls
Turkey's True Intentions in the War on Terror
Who Will Save Middle East Christians: Obama or Putin?
Muslim Murders Police Official, Authorities Rush to Defend Islam
'Hundreds' of Yazidi Women Killing Themselves in ISIS Captivity
Sweden Immigration: Don't Look Back
Iraq Militia Boss: US Not Serious About Fighting ISIS
Iraq Fears a 'Brain Drain' As Middle-class Young People Head to Europe
Isis Guilty of 'Cultural Cleansing' Across Syria and Iraq: UNESCO Chief
Fear and Loathing Stalk the West
Hungary Builds Border Wall to Keep Out Muslim Migrants, Faces Potential Expulsion From EU
ISIS Destroys Another Monument At Palmyra Ruins in Syria
Syriac Catholic Patriarch: Christians Being Targeted
Moscow Scuppers US Coalition Plans for No-fly Zone in Syria
Syria Crisis: Let's Welcome Russia's Entry Into This War
Iraq PM Opens Baghdad 'Green Zone' to Traffic
Christians in Syria Struggle to Survive As Persecution, Terror Attacks Increase
12 Christians Brutally Executed By ISIS Refused to Renounce Name of Christ
Russia Bombs Qaryatain, Where ISIS Captured 250 Assyrians
EU and Turkey Have Struck Plan to Stem Flow of Migrants
Turkey's Erdogan Calls Russian Airstrikes in Syria 'Unacceptable'
28 ISIS Militants Killed in Hasakah Clashes As Kurds Regain Positions
Russia's Syria Strikes Shake Regional Powers
Turkish 'double-dealing' in Fight Against ISIS

A Moment in Time

By Paul Benjamin

A year ago, ISIS forced Assyrians, Yezidis and other Iraqi minorities from their homes. Stories of death, destruction and sadness permeated the media outlets. The diaspora community went through emotions of anger, sadness and a regretful feeling of numbness to the situation.

The Crisis in International Religious Freedom

By David Corey

In September of this year, Baylor University sponsored two lectures on the topic of religious persecution. The presenters were former congressman Frank Wolf (now the Jerry and Susie Wilson Chair of Religious Freedom at Baylor) and Princeton Professor Robert P.

Syria Christians 'Begging' West to Help Refugees

By Dan Meloy

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan – It's a situation reaching biblical proportions: Thousands of refugees fleeing religious persecution, leaving behind their homes, their memories and their lives.

ISIS Imposes Religious Tax on Christians in Syria

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows an ISIS militant imposing the "jizya" tax on Christians in Al-Qaryatayn, near Homs, Syria. The video is titled "Fight Until They Give the Jizyah Willingly While They Are Humbled.

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