Armenia's Deputy Speaker Receives Assyrian Delegation
Faith Turns Christians Into Terrorist Targets
Turkey's Erdogan Slams Nations Recognizing Armenian Genocide
Rebels Seize Northwest Syrian Town As Government Retaliates
German Parliament Discusses Armenian, Assyrian Genocide
A Heritage of Genocide
U.N. Refugee Official Calls Situation in Syria and Iraq 'Unsustainable'
Armenia Honors Its Dead As Germany Defies Turkey on Genocide
World Leaders and Churches Commemorate Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide
Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide: 100 Years of Remembrance
Kurds in Turkey Atone for Their Role in the Armenian Genocide
Turkish Dissidents Fight for Genocide Recognition
Members of Congress Disappointed With Obama's Reluctance to Call 1915 Events Genocide
In Armenia ISIS Atrocities Seen As Modern-day Crimes Against Humanity
Turkey's Denial of Genocide is Shameful
Iraq Secures Support From Turkey Against ISIS
On 100th Anniversary, German President Condemns Turkish Genocide Against Armenians
Kurdish Leaders Set Moral Example to Turkey By Facing Their Crimes
Egypt Reforms School Textbooks to Counter Extremism
Australian Jewish Leaders Call on Turkey to Recognize Genocide
The Cost of Turkey's Genocide Denial
Assyrian Member of Iran's Parliament Grateful to Armenia for Recognizing Assyrian Genocide
Isis 'state' Struggles With Bureaucracy, Medicine
Hidden Armenians of Turkey Seek to Reclaim Their Erased Identities
Mesopotamia: The Cradle Crumbles
A Genocide Remembered and Denied
Appetite for Fish Proved Fatal for Saddam Hussein, Iraq Veteran Says
Kurds and Assyrians Strive to Regain ISIS-held Areas in Northern Syria
Turkey Recalls Ambassador From Austria Over Genocide Condemnation
Syria Recognizes the Armenian Genocide Committed By the Ottoman Empire, Parliament Speaker Says

Armenia's Deputy Speaker Receives Assyrian Delegation

On April 25 the RA NA Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov received the Foreign Assyrian Delegation members Vasily Shumanov, Norman Solkha, Shiba Mandu, Sabri Atman, Arsen Mikhailov, Edvard Nadirshah and the representative of the Assyrian community in Armenia Anahit Khosroeva.

Faith Turns Christians Into Terrorist Targets

By Greg Botelho,

(CNN) -- Several of the world's worst terrorist groups, like ISIS and Al-Shabaab, aim to create societies governed by strict, distorted versions of Sharia law. That means anyone who doesn't subscribe to such extremist views are enemies and in danger -- Christians included.

German Parliament Discusses Armenian, Assyrian Genocide

Bundestag President Norbert Lammert opened the debate to mark the centenary of the killings by himself directly referring to the mass killings as genocide. "What happened before the eyes of the world in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War was a genocide," said Lammert.

A Heritage of Genocide

By Rakel Chukri

My grandpa's name was Gabriel. His parents -- Karmo and Birje -- were murdered. Grandpa had more than ten aunts and uncles. Only one survived the massacres. My grandma's name was Rakel. Her parents -- Yusuf and Manje -- were abducted before the genocide. Their further whereabouts are not known.

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