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Report on the Assyrian Detainees in Syria

By Assyrian Human Rights Network

Dictatorship regimes and extreme Islamic groups are to be considered the most dangerous factors threatening the existence of the ethnic, religious and intellectual minorities in the Middle East.

Trapped in Iraq, Christians in Limbo Have Few Options

By Jillian Kay Melchior

Ainkawa, Iraq -- A half-built concrete structure across from a Chaldean church has become an unlikely refuge for Iraqi Christians, displaced as the Islamic State ravages their homes. The building resembles the Tower of David, minus several dozen floors.

Iraq's Heritage Faces New Wave of Destruction

By Abdulameer al-Hamdani

According to ISIS law, archaeological sites, museums and artifacts, shrines and tombs, non-Islamic, and even non-Sunni worship places, modern statues and monuments, and libraries should not be existed and must be demolished.

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