ISIS Release 10 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
Kurdish PKK Forces Occupy 8 Assyrian Villages in North Iraq
7 Assyrian Refugees Drown While Crossing Aegean Sea
Assyrian Farmer in Turkey Attacked By Kurds
Iraq May Repeal Child Conversion Law
The Assyrians of Paris
US Government Must Designate ISIS Attacks As Genocide for All Groups
Assyrian Organizations Issue Joint Statement on Human Rights Violations in North-east Syria
ISIS Release 37 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
Iraq Passes Law Forcing Children to Convert to Religion of Muslim Parent
Bodies of Three Assyrians Killed Fighting ISIS Recovered
Twice Attacked Church Reopens in Baghdad, But is it Too Late for Assyrians?
Assyrians, Armenians in Syria Protest Kurdish Confiscation of Property
Assyrian Genocide Monument Unveiled in Boston
A Future for Minorities in the Middle East?
ISIS Release 50 Assyrians Captured in Qaryatain, Syria
ISIS Execute Three Assyrians in Syria
Assyrian Church of the East Elects New Patriarch
4 Assyrians Killed in Hasaka Car Bombing
ISIS Release 15 Assyrians Captured in Qaryatain, Syria
U.S. Government Should Stop Prosecution of Assyrian Attorney
ISIS Destroys 5th Century Assyrian Monastery in Syria
Relative of Assyrians Released By ISIS Speaks
Assyrian Captives of ISIS Appeal for Help in Video
Report on Turkish and Kurdish Confiscation of Assyrian Property
Kurdish Militia Occupies Assyrian School in Hasaka, Syria
7 Assyrian Villages in Northern Iraq Hit By Turkish Air Strikes
ISIS Release 22 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
Kurds Build Cemetery, Park in Heart of Assyrian Area in Turkey
Church Bells to Ring for Christians in the Middle East
ISIS Captures 250 Assyrians in Syria
Assyrians Should Leave the Middle East
Australian Labor Party National Conference Condemns Attempted Genocide of Assyrians in Iraq
Priest Feared Kidnapped in Syria Released
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Calls on Youth to Defend Their Lands in Syria
Assyrian Conference Concludes in Sydney
Assyrians Fleeing Hasaka, Syria
Video Shows Massive Destruction in Liberated Assyrian Village in Syria
AINA Brought Down By Massive Denial of Service Attack
ISIS Release Assyrian Hostage in Syria
Assyrian Church Council Postpones Election of New Patriarch, Condemns Persecution
Kurdish Forces Arrest 4 Members for Murder of Assyrian Commander
ISIS Release Two Assyrian Hostages in Syria, All 35 Assyrian Villages Liberated
ISIS Burn Assyrian Woman, 80, in North Iraq
Assyrian Federations Accuse YPG Kurds of Assassinating Assyrian Military Leader
Assyrian Priest, Deacon Kidnapped in Homs, Syria
Indicted Assyrian Attorney Faces Trial
Assyrian Girl Kidnapped in Baghdad Released
Assyrian Girl, 16, Abducted in Baghdad
Documentary Film on the Assyrian Genocide Shown in Sweden

ISIS Release 10 Assyrian Hostages in Syria

(AINA) -- ISIS today released 10 Assyrians that it captured on February 23 when it attacked the 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur river in the Hasaka province. ISIS captured 253 in the initial attack and drove 3,000 Assyrians from their villages. Most have not returned.

7 Assyrian Refugees Drown While Crossing Aegean Sea

(AINA) -- Over a dozen passengers drowned when a boat carrying refugees across the Aegean Sea to Greece capsized on November 17. Seven of the passengers were Assyrian refugees from Baghdede (Qaraqosh), Iraq. The Assyrians, 4 of them children, were members of two families.

Assyrian Farmer in Turkey Attacked By Kurds

(AINA) -- Iskandar Dayan, an Assyrian farmer living in south-east Turkey near the Syrian border, was attacked and severly beaten by twelve Kurds on November 16. Mr. Dayan was driving his tractor alone when approached by the twelve Kurds, whom he recognized as being from a neighboring Kurdish village.

Iraq May Repeal Child Conversion Law

(AINA) -- The Iraqi Council of Representatives passed a resolution yesterday requiring modifications to the National Card Law that was approved on October 27, which included a paragraph that will force Christian and non-Muslim children to become Muslims if the male parent converts to Islam or if...

The Assyrians of Paris

By Peter Ahern

(AINA) -- The shocking terrorist strikes in Paris on the evening of November 13 have caught the attention of the world.

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