Pictures of Genocide Centennial Rallies Throughout the World
Reflections on the Assyrian Genocide and the Next 100 Years
The Assyrian Genocide As Part of the Christian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire
The Assyrian Genocide: 100 Years of Denial
German President Recognizes Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide
The Assyrian Genocide: Turkey's Wholesale Slaughter and Extermination
Assyrian Military Leader Killed in Syria
Assyrians in Turkey Begin 100 Hour Hunger Strike to Commemorate Genocide
Austrian Parliament Recognizes Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide
Teaching People to Commit Genocide
Austrian Parliament to Condemn Genocide, Call on Turkey to Face Its Past
100 Years of Turkish Genocide
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Calls on Germany to Recognize Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide
Australian MPs Condemn Vandalism of Assyrian Genocide Monument
Assyrian Genocide Monument in Sydney Vandalized for Third Time
Rebels Attack Assyrian Quarter in Aleppo, 40 Killed
Swedish City to Host Assyrian Genocide Exhibiton
Dutch Parliament Recognizes Assyrian, Greek and Armenian Genocide
Thousands Attend Funeral Mass for Assyrian Patriarch
ISIS Destroys Assyrian Church in Syria
Assyrians Usher in Year 6765 With Trepidation
Documentary on Assyrian Villages in Syria Overrun By ISIS
Chaldean Patriarch Addresses UN Security Council on Persecution of Christians
Assyrian Patriarch Passes Away
Kurdish Police Arrest Yazidi Demonstrators in Refugee Camps
'Don't Cry, Sandra' -- Immortal Words of Faith and Hope From an Assyrian Refugee Girl
Armenian Government Recognizes Turkish Genocide of Assyrians and Greeks
Outbreak of Chicken Pox, Lice and Scabies in Assyrian Refugee Camp in Arbel
UNHRC Conference Addresses ISIS Attacks on Assyrians, Yazidis
ISIS Destroys Assyrian Churches, Hostages Still Being Held
Assyrians Demonstrate in Istanbul
A Letter to Obama From an Assyrian American Student
European Parliament Passes Resolution Calling for Assyrian Safe Haven in North Iraq
Assyrian Delegation Meets With Australian Parliamentarians
Release of 52 Assyrian Families Captured By ISIS Delayed
The Middle East and Its Grim Near-Future Development
Assyrians Hold Demonstrations As ISIS Continues Attacks on Assyrians
ISIS Crosses River in New Attacks on Assyrian Villages in Syria
The Treasures of Nimrud in Pictures
Brick By Brick, Person By Person, ISIS is Erasing Assyrians From Their Homelands
Unconfirmed Reports of the Release of All Assyrians Held By ISIS
From Iraq to Syria: the Genocidal Ordeal of the Assyrians
Assyrian Hostage Released By ISIS: We Cannot Go Back to Our Homes
Assyrians Demonstrate in Cities Around the World
ISIS Releases 4 More Assyrians, Including 6 Year-old Mariana
Message From an Assyrian Fighter in Syria
19 Assyrians Released By ISIS But Hundreds Remain Captured
Assyrians Protest ISIS Attacks on Assyrians in Syria
Conflicting Reports on Release of Some of the Assyrians Held By ISIS
Negotiations for the Release of Assyrians Captured By ISIS Still Ongoing

Pictures of Genocide Centennial Rallies Throughout the World

(AINA) -- "We have made a clean sweep of the Armenians and Assyrians of Azerbaijan" -- Those were the words of Djevdet Bey, the governor of Van Province in Ottoman Turkey, who on April 24, 1915 lead 20,000 Turkish soldiers and 10,000 Kurdish irregulars in the opening act of the genocide of...

Reflections on the Assyrian Genocide and the Next 100 Years

By Robert W. DeKelaita

(AINA) -- As a child I sat and listened to my grandfather Benjamin recount how he, as an orphaned child, had to carefully step over the dead bodies of his relatives and friends, as he made his escape from the Assyrian village of Mar Bishu in 1915.

The Assyrian Genocide: 100 Years of Denial

By Hermiz Shahen

(AINA) -- The World War I genocide of Assyrians of all Christian denominations has become an integral part of the life and collective consciousness of the Assyrian nation until the present day.

German President Recognizes Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide

Berlin (AINA) -- In a speech given at an ecumenical Church service of the Catholic and Evangelical Churches at the Cathedral in Berlin on Thursday 23rd April, German president Joachim Gauck described the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks a century ago as genocide, marking a shift in his...

The Assyrian Genocide: Turkey's Wholesale Slaughter and Extermination

By Nicholas Al-Jeloo

(AINA) -- The Assyrian Genocide was a premeditated and systematic extermination campaign, characterised by forced relocation and massacre of ethnic Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) within the Ottoman and Persian Empires and later the Republic of Turkey.

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