Will the Assyrian Orthodox Church Split After the Death of the Patriarch?
Leading Politicians to Speak At Assyrian New Year Celebration in Sweden
Assyrian Congressional Candidate Gains Endorsement
Five Assyrians Fleeing Syria Drown Off the Coast of Greece
Assyrian Orthodox Patriarch Dies in Germany
Assyrians Usher 6764th Year With Celebrations Worldwide
Assyrian Coalition in US Supports Assyrian Province in Iraq
Parliament of New South Wales Unanimously Approves Assyrian Province Motion
Assyrian Leader: Kurds in Syria Must Accept Real Power Sharing
Armenia Begins Granting Visas to Iraqis Without Prior Invitation
Small Assyrian Group in Syria Splinters From Militia
Two Swedish-Assyrians Run for EU Parliament Seats
Assyrian Researcher Sheds New Light on Ancient Manuscript
U.S. House Committee Holds Hearing on Persecution of Christians Worldwide
Online Assyrian Dictionary Moves to New Home
Turkey's Role in the Kidnapping of the Syrian Bishops
Assyrians, Turks Demonstrated in Sweden As Council Voted on Genocide Monument
Assyrians, Turks in Swedish Municipality on Opposite Ends Regarding Genocide Memorial
Will a Province for Assyrians Stop Their Exodus From Iraq?
European Commission Research on Middle Eastern Christians in Europe
Swedish Assyrian Organization Opens Scholarship Program
Syrian Assyrian Refugee in Turkey: 'I'm Going to Snitch to God'
No Assyrian/Christian Casualties in Iraq Christmas Day Bombings
Video Shows Carnage of Christmas Day Bombing At Assyrian Market in Baghdad
Christmas Day Bombings Target Christians in Iraq, 38 Killed
Assyrian Federation of Sweden Sending Aid to Assyrians in Syria
Assyrians Marginalized in Syrian Opposition
Erdogan Exploits Rivalry Between Kurdish Leaders
Conference on the Persecution of Assyrians and Other Christians in the Middle East
Human Rights Organization Honors Assyrian Woman for Outstanding Activism
Group Calls Emergency Meeting on Persecution of Middle East Christians
Al-Qa'ida Desecrates Church in Syria
Assyrian Human Rights Network Holds Meeting in Stockholm
Gunmen Attack Christian Wedding in Egypt, 3 Killed, 18 Injured
Assyrians and Arab Regimes
Torched Assyrian Cultural Center in Sweden Reopens
Village Council Upholds Expulsion of Christian Family in Egypt
Coptic Bishop Escapes Assassination Attempt in Egypt
Muslims Expel 6 Christian Brothers From Village in Egypt
The West Must Not Ignore the Plight of Christians in the Muslim World
The Kurds: Victims and Oppressors
Syrian Christian Converts to Islam At Hands of Al-Qaeda
Kurdish Government Denied Dutch Election Monitors Access
Syrian Jihadist Rebels Murder Assyrian Man for Being Christian
Residents of Assyrian Town Appeal for Help Against Kurdish Government Discrimination
Turkey Releases Al-Qaeda Members Suspected of Possesing Sarin
2013 Human Rights Report on Assyrians in Iraq
Two Christians Murdered in Egypt for Refusing to Pay Jizya to Muslims
Assyrian American National Coalition Opposes Military Strike Against Syria
Kurdish Police Attack Assyrian Villagers

Will the Assyrian Orthodox Church Split After the Death of the Patriarch?

By Augin Kurt Haninke

Stockholm (AINA) -- On the same day I received the news that Patriarch Zakka had passed away in a hospital in Germany (AINA 2014-03-21), I was invited to a cultural event organized by the St. Augin Association in Sweden, in support of the eponymous monastery in Turabdin, Turkey.

Leading Politicians to Speak At Assyrian New Year Celebration in Sweden

Stockholm (AINA) -- Swedish minister of integration Mr Erik Ullenhag, the leader of the main opposition party Mr Stefan Lofven and the leader of the left party Mr Jonas Sjostedt are keynote speakers during the Assyrian new year celebration in Sweden taking place on Saturday 29th March in the city of...

Assyrian Congressional Candidate Gains Endorsement

(AINA) -- Paul Hannosh, A veteran, teacher, school board trustee and candidate for the 8th California Congressional seat (north San Bernardino, Inyo and Mono County) has just been endorsed by the American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) for his advocacy on behalf of the world's most persecuted...

Five Assyrians Fleeing Syria Drown Off the Coast of Greece

By Nuri Kino

(AINA) -- On Thursday, March 21 a newsflash arrived: Seven migrants, including two children, lost their lives on Tuesday when their boat capsized in the Aegean Sea, according to Greek maritime officials. Another two persons are missing after the accident which took place outside the island Lesbos.

Assyrian Orthodox Patriarch Dies in Germany

Germany (AINA) -- His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Patriarch of the Assyrian Orthodox Church, died Friday morning from a heart attack in a hospital in the city of Kiel in Germany.

Assyrians Usher 6764th Year With Celebrations Worldwide

(AINA) -- March 21 marked the beginning of the 6764th Assyrian year. The celebration of the new year is called the Akitu festival by Assyrians, and it goes back to antiquity. It was adopted by the various cultures that lived contemporaneously with Assyrians and by those that succeeded them.

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