Why France? It's in the Math
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Meets German President
Assyrian-Swedish Scholar Selected to Pro Futura Scientia Fellowship Program
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Issues Statement After Assassination Attempt
European Parliament Member Sends Letter on Assyrian Rights to Kurdish Government
Assyrian Group Sues Turkish-Kuwaiti Bank for Funding Terrorism
Assyrian Genocide Monument Unveiled in Qamishli, Syria
Assyrian Genocide Monument Unveiled in Switzerland
Suicide Bomber Targets Assyrian Event in Syria, 3 Killed
Patriarchs Issue Statement on Two Year Anniversary of ISIS Occupation
German Recognition of Armenian, Assyrian Genocide: History and Politics
Concern for Religious Minorities in Iraq
Assyrian Professor and His Wife Awarded Academic Book Prize
Assyrians Demonstrate in Sweden, Germany Against Kurdish Land Grabs in North Iraq
Iraqi Assyrian Bishop: ISIS Drove Us to Unity
Symposium on Assyrian Culture and History to Be Held At Library of Congress
Senator McCain Sends Letter on Assyrians to Kurdish President
Chaldean Patriarch Criticized for Opposition to Assyrian Military Forces
PYD Impose Kurdish Education Curricula on Assyrians, Arabs in Syria
ISIS Attack Assyrian District in Syria, Five Killed
Assyrian Delegation in Washington to Press for Aid
How Americans, Kurds and Assyrians Fought Off ISIS
Assyrians in North Iraq Pressured to Sign Petition for Kurdish Independence
Dutch Delegation Visits North Iraq, Raises Issue of Kurdish Encroachment on Assyrian Lands
Turkey Attempted to Stop Broadcast of Assyrian Genocide Documentary
Assyrian Genocide Documentary to Premiere in US Theaters
Assyrian Confederation of Europe Established in Brussels
Memorial Garden Opened in France for Assyrian Genocide Victims
Church Publishes Names of 21 Assyrians Killed By ISIS in Qaryatain
Kurdish Forces Blockade Assyrian Villages in Iraq
Assyrian Organizations Send Open Letter to U.S. Presidential Candidates
Australia's Assyrians in Focus
ISIS Release Assyrian Girl in Syria
Terrorist Strikes and the Blame Game
Kurdish Flag Spray-painted on 7th Century BC Assyrian Relief
ISIS Release 43 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
Coalition Urges Obama to Designate ISIS Actions As Genocide for All Groups
Kurdish YPG Forces Setup Training Camps in 3 Assyrian Villages in Syria
European Parliament Designates ISIS Atrocities As Genocide
ISIS Release 22 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
Fighting Between Turkish Army and Kurdish PKK Damages Assyrian Church
Assyrian Forces Secure Abandoned Front Line Town Against ISIS In North Iraq
Assyrian Confederation of Europe Calls for End to Turkish Bombings of Assyrian Areas
Twin Blasts Target Assyrian Shops in Qamishli, Syria
Assyrians in Sweden Demonstrate Against Kurdish Aggression in Syria
Turkish Jets Bomb Assyrian Village in North Iraq
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Mediates Between Assyrians and Kurds in Qamishli
European Assyrian Organizations Condemn Kurdish YPG Attack on Assyrians in Syria
ISIS Release 16 Assyrian Hostages in Syria, Including 8 Children
Kurdish YPG Forces Attack Assyrians in Syria, 1 Assyrian, 3 Kurds Killed
Refugees, Radicals and the Assaults on German Women
Funeral Held for 13 Assyrians Killed in Restaurant Bombings in Syria
Assyrian Restaurants Bombed in Qamishli, Syria, 16 Killed
ISIS Bomb Assyrian Homes, Monastery in Iraq, Cemeteries Vandalized
ISIS Release 25 Assyrian Hostages in Syria, Mostly Women and Children
Football, Politics and Assyrian National Identity
List of Assyrian and Other Churches Destroyed in Syria
Funeral Held for Assyrians Killed By ISIS Bombing in Syria
Three Car Bombs Explode in Assyrian Town in Syria, 50 Killed
ISIS Release 25 Assyrian Hostages in Syria

Why France? It's in the Math

By Peter Ahern

(AINA) -- As France reels from yet another terrorist attack on its citizens, many commentators are asking why that particular country has borne the brunt of recent terrorist attacks on the West.

Assyrian-Swedish Scholar Selected to Pro Futura Scientia Fellowship Program

By Bar Daisan

Stockholm (AINA) -- An Assyrian scholar in Sweden is one of five researchers selected to the Pro Futura Scientia Fellowship program of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies (SCAS). Dr. Aryo Makko, who is lecturer at the History Department at Stockholm University, was nominated by his university.

Assyrian Group Sues Turkish-Kuwaiti Bank for Funding Terrorism

By Dikran Ego

(AINA) -- Assyrians who fled the war in Syria filed a lawsuit against a bank which is largely owned by Kuwait Finance House and the Turkish Authority for Foundations, based in Turkey. The lawsuit accuses the bank, Kuveyt Turk Katilim Bankasi A.S.

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