Islamists Destroy 7th Century Church, Mosque in Tikrit, Iraq
Documentary on Assyrian Genocide to Premiere for Centennial Commemoration
Assyrians in Iraq Should Go for Self-Determination
5K Walk Calls Attention to Assyrian Suffering in Iraq
5 Assyrians Elected to Swedish Parliament
The Minorities of the Nineveh Plain and the Demand for a Safe Haven
Joint Assyrian, Armenian Letter Sent to House Foreign Affairs Committee
City of Yonkers Passes Resolution Supporting Assyrians of Iraq
75% of Assyrians Return to Their Town in North Iraq
Chaldean Bishop: ISIS Wants to Rip Christians From Their Roots
ISIS Orders All Christian, Shiite Business Assets to Be Delivered to the Islamic State
ISIS Using Christian Homes in Mosul As Factories for Explosive Devices
Assyrian Delegate Calls for Safe Haven, UN Protection for Assyrians and Other Minorities in Iraq
12 Assyrians Who Were Held By ISIS Escape By Faking Conversion
Yazidi Member of Iraq's Parliament Calls for Arming Yazidis and Assyrians
Some Assyrians Who Fled Their Town Say They Wish to Leave Iraq
Tens of Thousands of Assyrian and Yazidi Children At Risk in North Iraq
Assyrian Orthodox Patriarch Delivers Keynote Speech At in Defense of Christians Summit
Assyrian Bishop on Why Christianity is Vital to the Middle East
Assyrian Bishop Testifies At Senate Human Rights Caucus
US House Hearing Focuses on Christian Persecution in Iraq
Senator Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage At In Defense of Christians Summit
Defense of Christians Summit Opens in Washington
September 6 Report on North Iraq -- Forced Marriages and Conversions, Looting
Iraqi Women Network Calls for Action Against ISIS
Assyrian School Opens in Sweden
European Assyrian Federations Send Letter to EU's Foreign Minister
Australian Parliament Calls for Protection of Assyrians in Iraq
Further Arming the Kurds Could Prove Dangerous
Assyrian Patriarch Calls for 3 Day Fast for Iraq's Christians
Thousands of Refugees Apply for New Passports in North Iraq
August 30 Report on North Iraq -- Suicides, Squatters, Escapes
ISIS Forced Elderly Assyrian Couple to March Out of Baghdede
Mother of 3 Year-old Assyrian Girl Kidnapped By ISIS: 'She Will Die If She Does Not See Me'
Assyrians Demonstrate Outside British Embassy in Stockholm
August 28 Report on North Iraq -- Looting, Homeless Children and Epidemics
Hundreds Rally in Canberra for Save Haven for Assyrians in Iraq
The Historic Visit of Five Patriarchs to North Iraq
ISIS Abduct 3 Year-old Assyrian Girl From Fleeing Family; 3 Starve to Death
Assyrian Man Begins Feeding Refugees in Ankawa, Iraq
Iraq Voids Real Estate Sales in ISIS Controlled Areas
August 24 Report on North Iraq -- Religious Shrines Destroyed
Dutch MP Visits Assyrian Refugees in North Iraq
Assyrian Woman Returns to Mosul, is Expelled Again By ISIS
1200 Assyrian Refugees Living on One Floor in a Mall in Arbel
August 21 Report on North Iraq -- 5 Refugees Dying Per Day
ISIS Loots Assyrian Homes, Vandalizes Churches in Mosul
Helicopters Drop Leaflets Over Mosul Urging Residents to Fight ISIS
Pictures Show Aftermath of ISIS Looting, Plundering Assyrian Town
Five Middle Eastern Patriarchs Visit North Iraq in Solidarity With Christians

Assyrians in Iraq Should Go for Self-Determination

By Yeghig Tashjian

(AINA) -- As World War I broke out, the Turkish government implemented the plan to destroy the Christian communities within its empire. Around 2 million (1,500,000 Armenians, 750,000 Assyrians and 500,000 Pontic Greeks) were massacred and others deported from their ancestral lands.

5K Walk Calls Attention to Assyrian Suffering in Iraq

Skokie, Illinois (AINA) -- over 1,000 Assyrians participated in a 5 kilometer walk to call attention to the suffering of Assyrians in north Iraq, who have been forced to flee their homes by the Islamic State (ISIS). The walk was held in Skokie, a suburb of Chicago which is home to 20,000 Assyrians.

5 Assyrians Elected to Swedish Parliament

Stockholm (AINA) -- Five Assyrians have been elected to serve in the Riksdag, the Swedish National Parliament. Elections were held on September 14. Three are from the Social Democratic Party, Mr. Yilmaz Kerimo, Mr. Emmanuel Oz and Mr. Ibrahim Baylan. Mr.

The Minorities of the Nineveh Plain and the Demand for a Safe Haven

By Mikhael Benjamin

(AINA) -- The province of Nineveh is going through tragic and exceptional conditions, particularly its minorities, national, ethnic, religious and linguistic groups, such as the Chaldean Assyrian Christians, Yazidis, Shabak, Turkmen and the Kakai in the aftermath of the control by ISIS terrorist...

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