Six Assyrian Students Detained, Tortured By Kurdish Intelligence Service
Assyrians in U.S., Holland, Germany Demonstrate Against ISIS
Assyrian Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II Delivers Message on Crisis in Mosul
100 French MPs Demonstrate in Support of Assyrians in Mosul
ISIS, Kurds Clash Near Assyrian Town, 2000 Assyrian Families Driven From Mosul
ISIS Plundered Assyrians As They Fled Mosul; Families March 42 Miles
ISIS Statement Ordering Christians to Convert or Die
ISIS in Mosul Marks Christian Homes, Patriarch Issues Urgent Appeal
ISIS Stops Rations for Christians and Shiites in Mosul
ISIS Removes Cross From Church in Mosul
Kidnapped Assyrian Nuns Released
July 8 Report on the Situation in North Iraq
New Assyrian Patriarch Meets Community Leaders in Los Angeles
Water Shortage Crisis in Assyrian Towns in North Iraq
Kurds Provoked Confrontation With ISIS in Iraq: Report
July 2 Report on the Situation in North Iraq
Assyrian NGO, Christian Solidarity International Aiding Iraqis Fleeing Mosul, Baghdede
June 30 Report on the Situation in North Iraq
5 Assyrians, Including Two Nuns, Missing in Mosul
Report on the Situation in North Iraq
50,000 Assyrians Flee Fighting in North Iraq
Kurds Clash With ISIS Near Assyrian Town East of Mosul
Latest Report on the Situation in North Iraq
ISIS Rape Christian Mother and Daughter, Kill 4 Christian Women for Not Wearing Veil
Iraqi Human Rights Group Report on Situation in North Iraq
Assyrians in Sweden Protest Against Kurdish Occupation of Assyrian Villages
Christians and Other Non-Muslims of the Middle East Face Extinction
ISIS in Mosul Orders Unmarried Women to 'Jihad By Sex'
Sounds From a Basement in Mosul, Iraq
ISIS Begins Imposing Poll Tax on Christians in Mosul
Assyrians in U.S. Rally for Assyrians in Iraq
ISIS Destroys Statue, Threatens to Destroy Archaeological Sites
Christians' Last Journey Through Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq
ISIS Cuts Off Water, Electricity, Destroys Churches
Christians and Other Religious Minorities in Iraq Living in Sectarian Hell
Assyrian Council Leader Removed By Kurds Reinstated
Former Iraq Awakening Members Joining ISIS
Latest Statistics on Internal Refugees in Iraq
Assyrians Protest Removal of Council Leader By Kurds
Extortion of Christians in Baghdad By Sunni Muslims in Advance of ISIS Arrival
Assyrian, Yezidi and Shabak Villages Are Now Under Kurdish Control in North Iraq
ISIS Issues New Rules for Mosul
ISIS: Our Goal is Not Mosul, Our Goal is Baghdad
ISIS Expands Control, Begins Persecuting Christians in Mosul
Newly Elected Assyrian Patriarch Wants to Commemorate Genocide Centennial
Assyrian Boy Killed By Sniper in Syria
Assyrian, Russian Patriarchs Meet in Moscow
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Preventing Assyrians From Selling Their Homes
ISIS Destroys 3000 Year-old Assyrian Artifacts in Syria
Hundreds of Iraqi Expatriates in the U.S. Not Allowed to Vote

Assyrians in U.S., Holland, Germany Demonstrate Against ISIS

(AINA) -- Assyrians in Germany and the Netherlands held demonstrations today against the Islamic State (ISIS), which captured the city of Mosul, Iraq on June 10 and began a systematic persecution of Assyrians, Shiites, Yazidis and Shabak -- all non-Sunni groups.

ISIS Plundered Assyrians As They Fled Mosul; Families March 42 Miles

(AINA) -- More than 200 Assyrian families fled in panic from Mosul on July 17 and 18 as the ISIS deadline for converting to Islam approached (AINA 2014-07-20). ISIS had issued a statement asking all Christians in Mosul to convert to Islam, pay the jizya, the poll tax on Christians, or face the sword.

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