Assyrian Refugees From Iraq Celebrate Orthodox Christmas in Beirut
Letter Signed By 59 Iraqi MPs Alarms Assyrians in the Nineveh Plain
Ongoing Hostilities Threaten Assyrian Areas in Northern Iraq
Patriarchs of Syriac Churches Meet Austrian Cancellor
Assyrian Youth Federation Established in the U.S.
Documentary Chronicling the Assyrian Identity Post-Empire Will Be 'First of Its Kind'
Iraqi Shabak Security Forces Block Assyrian Church, Threaten Pastor
Iraq's Stolen Election: How Assyrian Representation Became Assyrian Repression
European Assyrians Condemn Illegal Occupation of Assyrian Homes in Iraq
The Assyrians of Turkey
Syriac Orthodox Church Opens University in Syria
Society for Threatened Peoples Urges Kurdish Government to Respect Assyrian Rights in Iraq
Assyrian Priest Paints Grim Picture After Visit to Iraq
Kurdish Parties in Iraq Have Hijacked Quota Seats for Assyrians and Yazidis
Kurds in Turkey Have Occupied Assyrian Monastery's Land for 40 Years
The Kurdish YPG Treatment of Non-Kurdish Groups in Northwest Syria
Assyrian, Yazidi Issues Raised At Annual Human Rights Conference in Warsaw
Four Assyrians Elected to Swedish Parliament
The Living Testimony of the Assyrian Genocides
Assyrian Confederation of Europe Condemns Kurdish Occupation of Assyrian Schools in Syria
Assyrians in Northern Syria Condemn School Closures By Kurds
Assyrians Walk Across Golden Gate Bridge for Genocide Awareness
Kurds in Syria Shutdown Assyrian School for Refusing Kurdish Curriculum
Assyrian Mayor in Iraq Who Was Illegally Removed Reinstated
Assyrians Commemorate Martyrs Day Amid Strife and Exodus From Middle East
Assyriology Conference Held At the University of Innsbruck
Assyrian Organizations Ask Iraq to Recognize 1933 Massacre of Assyrians
Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights Issues Report on Christian Persecution in Syria
Swedish Foreign Minister Addresses Assyrian Community on Genocide Recognition
Assyrian MP From Iran Delivers Opening Speech At Conference in Berlin
US State Department 2017 Report on Religious Freedom
Assyrian Confederation Participates in UN Conference on Role of Diasporas
Assyrians in Sweden Critical of Government's Position on Genocide Bill
California Recognizes Assyrian Genocide
EU Commission's Turkey Report Touches on Property Rights As Well
Cologne Orders Armenian Genocide Memorial Removed
Church Leaders Condemn Attack on Syria By the US, France and Britain
Assyrian Organization Opens Office in Brussels
Assyrians Commemorate 100th Anniversary of Patriarch's Assassination
Assyrian Woman Speaks At Syria Peace Conference in Sochi
Assyrians Establish National Federation in France
Turkey Arrests Assyrian for Rebuilding His Village
The Unethical Prosecution of an Assyrian Attorney
Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged
Assyrian Umbrella Organization Granted NGO Status in EU
Christmas Around the World in Pictures
Unrecognized Genocides Conference Held At Adelphi University
Assyrian Member of Iran's Parliament Discussed Safety of Assyrians With Iraqi PM
Assyrian Americans Call for Iraqi Government Control of Nineveh Plains
European Assyrians Conclude Second Convention in Brussels
Assyrian Leader Meets New Head of Syrian Parliament
Assyrian Umbrella Organization Asks UN to Support Assyrians in North Iraq
Assyrian Leader Raises Concern At UN Human Rights Council
Second Assyrian Mayor Illegally Removed By Kurdish Authorities
Assyrians in North Iraq Reject Second Mayor Appointed By Kurds
Yazidis Proclaim the Establishment of a Provisional Government
Dutch Parliament Members Express Concern About Kurds Marginalizing Assyrians
Assyrian Man Kidnapped, Killed in Syria
Assyrians Protest Removal of Mayor By Kurdish Government
Swedish EU Parliamentarian Accuses Kurds of Treason Against Assyrians

Letter Signed By 59 Iraqi MPs Alarms Assyrians in the Nineveh Plain

The Assyrian Policy Institute has obtained a letter dated December 22, 2018 signed by Shabak MP Qusay Abbas Mohammed which calls for the distribution of public lands in Hamdaniya District in the Nineveh Plain to Shabak families. The letter was signed by an additional 58 members of parliament and has alarmed members of the local Assyrian community who fear demographic change in the region.

Ongoing Hostilities Threaten Assyrian Areas in Northern Iraq

Clashes between Turkish forces and the PKK outside Mar Sawa Church on December 13, 2018. (Barzan Sadiq) Ongoing hostilities between Turkish forces and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) continue to threaten Assyrian areas administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq.

Patriarchs of Syriac Churches Meet Austrian Cancellor

By Bar Daisan

Vienna (AINA) -- A delegation of three Patriarchs of Churches of Syriac tradition from Syria and Iraq visited the Austrian Federal Cancellor Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday, December 11. Cardinal Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako from Baghdad, (Chaldean Church of Babylon), Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II Karim from Damascus (Syriac Orthodox Church).

Assyrian Youth Federation Established in the U.S.

(AINA) -- A national organization serving Assyrian youth has been established in the United States. The Assyrian Youth Federation of America will be an umbrella organization for youth organizations in various cities with Assyrian populations, including Boston, Yonkers, Flint, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Modesto, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

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