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Iran is Hijacking Assyrian Politics in Iraq
Turkey's National Pride is Based on Genocide Denial
Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged
EU Conference on Nineveh Plains Favors Kurds, Marginalizes Assyrians
Trump's Immigration Order and Christianity
The Winds of Change Are Blowing in Europe
Erdoğan's Gambit for Mosul
The Genocide of Assyrians and Yazidis and the Next American President
Is Obama Fast-tracking Mosul Offensive to Save His Legacy?
Why France? It's in the Math
Terrorist Strikes and the Blame Game
Refugees, Radicals and the Assaults on German Women
Refugees: It's Time to Be Discriminating
A Future for Minorities in the Middle East?
U.S. Government Should Stop Prosecution of Assyrian Attorney
The Middle East and Its Grim Near-Future Development
From Iraq to Syria: the Genocidal Ordeal of the Assyrians
ISIS Undiminished As Assyrian and Yazidi Refugees Suffer
Multiculturalism and the Overturning of Traditional Loyalties
Citizenship or Residency? The Muslim Immigration Dilemma Facing the West
Terror in Australia: the Question No One Wants to Ask
Assyrians in Iraq Should Go for Self-Determination
Further Arming the Kurds Could Prove Dangerous
The Kurds Must Support the Assyrians and Yazidis Militarily and Politically
Does the American Government Care About the Assyrians of Iraq?
The Origin and Meaning of Assyrian Martyrs Day
Erdogan Exploits Rivalry Between Kurdish Leaders
The West Must Not Ignore the Plight of Christians in the Muslim World
The Kurds: Victims and Oppressors
Barzani Calls Assyrian Massacre Victims 'Kurds'
Assyrian Girl Escapes Muslim Death Threats in Iraq, Fights Cancer in Lebanon
Assyrians Don't Want to Be a Part of a Part of Iraq
Abrogation in Islam and The Persecution of Christians
The Fall of Nineveh is Not Over Yet
Jonah, the Whale, the Assyrians, Christianity and Islam
Denial Flows All the Way to the Turkish Embassy in Canberra
Turkey Should Give More Rights for Assyrians
SUNY Days for 'The Crimson Field'
Why the Reaction to the Assyrian Genocide Monument Matters
Sweden's Shame
An Assault on an Assyrian Athlete: Enough is Enough
Mr. Obama, What About the Christians of the Middle East?
Turkish Hackers Facilitate Assyrian Book Sales
Genocide and Repentance
New Book Accuses Iraqi Kurds of Assassinating Assyrian Leader
Mesopotälje in the News Again
Mubarak Needs Less Talk and More Action
Assyrian Leaders Have a History of 'Disappearing' in North Iraq
Turkistan or Kurdistan -- Does it Matter to Us?
The Press and the Iraqi Elections
The Turkish State and The Assyrian Monastery
The Assyrian Monastery and Its Muslim Neighbors
Swedish Asylum Case Highlights Dangers for Iraq's Assyrians
Turkey Inches Toward Genocide Recognition
The Economic Plan To End The Iraq War
The Kurdish Threat to The Yezidis of North Iraq
Children of Assyria
The Iraqi Provincial Elections Law and the Terror Against the Assyrians in Mosul
How Long Will the Persecution of Assyrians Be Ignored?
Turkey and Secularism: Myth or Reality?

Iran is Hijacking Assyrian Politics in Iraq

By Gregory Kruczek

(AINA) -- On February 21, the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq ruled on a set of cases pertaining to the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) electoral law. The Court declared that the 11 parliamentary reserved seats for minorities were unconstitutional. So too was the KRG's single electoral district model.

Turkey's National Pride is Based on Genocide Denial

By Sabri Atman

During the years of World War I 75% (750,000) of the Assyrian population in the Ottoman Empire was systematically murdered. That genocide of Assyrians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 is a fact, but it has largely been forgotten by the world.

Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged

By Sabri Atman

(AINA) -- When speaking about the Ottoman Empire and Turkey today, it is not their contribution to civilization that comes to mind. Instead it is human rights violations, confiscation of land and property, genocide and genocide denials that are most frequently discussed in the public discourse. Today's Turkey is still far from being ruled by democratic principles.

EU Conference on Nineveh Plains Favors Kurds, Marginalizes Assyrians

By Max Joseph

(AINA) -- Much has been swirling around on social media about an EU Conference (AINA 2017-06-24) organized by Swedish MEP Lars Adaktusson alongside sponsors such as Demand For Action. No sooner had I heard about it did I also see that it had been boycotted by the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) and the Chaldean Church, together with various other Assyrian parties and organizations, including...

Trump's Immigration Order and Christianity

By Peter Ahern

Debate has raged since President Donald Trump announced his executive order temporarily banning entry to the United States of residents from seven Muslim-majority countries. This involves a temporary halt in the United States refugee program. When it resumes, Christian and other non-Muslim minority groups stand to gain significantly.

The Winds of Change Are Blowing in Europe

By Peter Ahern

(AINA) -- If 2015 in Europe was most memorable for the hundreds of thousands of refugees who traipsed across the continent, 2016 will be marked by the dramatic increase in terrorist attacks at different European locations. Sadly, these two developments are not unconnected.

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