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Terror in Australia: the Question No One Wants to Ask
Assyrians in Iraq Should Go for Self-Determination
Further Arming the Kurds Could Prove Dangerous
The Kurds Must Support the Assyrians and Yazidis Militarily and Politically
Does the American Government Care About the Assyrians of Iraq?
The Origin and Meaning of Assyrian Martyrs Day
Erdogan Exploits Rivalry Between Kurdish Leaders
The West Must Not Ignore the Plight of Christians in the Muslim World
The Kurds: Victims and Oppressors
Barzani Calls Assyrian Massacre Victims 'Kurds'
Assyrian Girl Escapes Muslim Death Threats in Iraq, Fights Cancer in Lebanon
Assyrians Don't Want to Be a Part of a Part of Iraq
Abrogation in Islam and The Persecution of Christians
The Fall of Nineveh is Not Over Yet
Jonah, the Whale, the Assyrians, Christianity and Islam
Denial Flows All the Way to the Turkish Embassy in Canberra
Turkey Should Give More Rights for Assyrians
SUNY Days for 'The Crimson Field'
Why the Reaction to the Assyrian Genocide Monument Matters
Sweden's Shame
An Assault on an Assyrian Athlete: Enough is Enough
Mr. Obama, What About the Christians of the Middle East?
Turkish Hackers Facilitate Assyrian Book Sales
Genocide and Repentance
New Book Accuses Iraqi Kurds of Assassinating Assyrian Leader
Mesopotälje in the News Again
Mubarak Needs Less Talk and More Action
Assyrian Leaders Have a History of 'Disappearing' in North Iraq
Turkistan or Kurdistan -- Does it Matter to Us?
The Press and the Iraqi Elections
The Turkish State and The Assyrian Monastery
The Assyrian Monastery and Its Muslim Neighbors
Swedish Asylum Case Highlights Dangers for Iraq's Assyrians
Turkey Inches Toward Genocide Recognition
The Economic Plan To End The Iraq War
The Kurdish Threat to The Yezidis of North Iraq
Children of Assyria
The Iraqi Provincial Elections Law and the Terror Against the Assyrians in Mosul
How Long Will the Persecution of Assyrians Be Ignored?
Turkey and Secularism: Myth or Reality?
The Destruction of Christianity in Iraq Since the American Invasion
The Marginalization of Iraq's Minorities Was Expected
Thoughts on Russia and Georgia
Kurdish Authorities Targeting Journalists in North Iraq
A Forgotten Humanitarian Crisis
Kurds Undermining Assyrian National Interests in Iraq
Another Priest Killed: the Assyrian Genocide Continues in Iraq
Turkey's Human Rights Abuses Must Be Stopped
Genocide Unfolding: Death of a Catholic Assyrian Archbishop in Iraq
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Needs Lesson in History
Should People Be Forced to Terrorism?
Genocide: Turkey's Dark 'Secret' Resonating The Airwaves
When Will the Kidnapping and Murder of Assyrians Stop?
Attempts To Rewrite Assyrian History -- Again
Kurdish Official Denies Assyrian, Turkomen Land Claims
Adiabene Was Assyrian, Not Kurdish
The UN and the Assyrians of Iraq
Danish Scholar Needs Better Scholarship
Nineveh Plains Administrative Area Embraces Iraqi Pluralism
Welcome to New Assyria, Sweden

Terror in Australia: the Question No One Wants to Ask

By Peter Ahern

(AINA) -- Australia, the self-styled lucky country, is joining the rest of the world in having to face up to Islamist terrorism. On Monday an ex-Shia-turned-Sunni Muslim, Man Haron Monis, took seventeen hostages in a cafe in Sydney.

Assyrians in Iraq Should Go for Self-Determination

By Yeghig Tashjian

(AINA) -- As World War I broke out, the Turkish government implemented the plan to destroy the Christian communities within its empire. Around 2 million (1,500,000 Armenians, 750,000 Assyrians and 500,000 Pontic Greeks) were massacred and others deported from their ancestral lands.

Further Arming the Kurds Could Prove Dangerous

By Konstantin Sabo

(AINA) -- Almost on a daily basis we are hear unthinkable and heartbreaking news about the cruelties that the Islamic State (ISIS) is committing in North Iraq, particularly against Assyrians and Yazidis. The Nineveh Plain is an area north of Mosul.

The Kurds Must Support the Assyrians and Yazidis Militarily and Politically

By James Rayis

(AINA) -- Today, in the midst of the greatest threat to a 6764 year old community's existence in Iraq, the Aramaic-speaking Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs), both Iraqi and expatriate, must look to the Kurdish Regional Government for immediate aid for those in the Nineveh and Kirkuk...

The Origin and Meaning of Assyrian Martyrs Day

By Robert DeKelaita

(AINA) -- As we remember our martyrs today, there is a town whose name we should never forget: Simmele. The word Simmele is at the root of our Martyrs' Day. Indeed, the very idea of our martyrs came from the tragic and heroic story of Simmele.

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