Reflections on the Assyrian Genocide and the Next 100 Years
Teaching People to Commit Genocide
'Don't Cry, Sandra' -- Immortal Words of Faith and Hope From an Assyrian Refugee Girl
The Genocide of Assyrians That Started in Iraq Continues in Syria
Why the Western Diagnosis of the Syrian Conflict Is Wrong
Turkey's Duplicitous Game With Assyrians
The Historic Visit of Five Patriarchs to North Iraq
Increasing Calls for Military Intervention to Save Assyrians and Yazidis
US, Europe Must Arm the Assyrians, Provide Immediate Humanitarian Aid
Assyrians Commemorate Martyrs Day As History Repeats Itself
Islamic State in Iraq Part of Larger Sunni Insurgency; Assyrians, Minorities Need Safe Haven
For Assyrians in Iraq it is a Genocide
Newly Elected Assyrian Patriarch Wants to Commemorate Genocide Centennial
99 Years of Turkish Genocide
Will the Assyrian Orthodox Church Split After the Death of the Patriarch?
Turkey's Role in the Kidnapping of the Syrian Bishops
Will a Province for Assyrians Stop Their Exodus From Iraq?
Conference on the Persecution of Assyrians and Other Christians in the Middle East
The Assyrians and Kurdish Autonomy in Syria
Stranded: the Forgotten Assyrians of Al-Thawrah, Syria
Assyrian Businesses, Church Attacked in Baghdad, 2 Killed
Islamist Ultimatum to Syrian Christians: Convert, Leave, or Die
Assad Fighters Hiding in Turkey Still Fear Persecution for Being Christians, Nuri Kino Reports
Assyrians and Syria's Struggle For Democracy And Freedom
Armenia Must Recognize the Assyrian Genocide
Remembering the Black Sunday Massacre and the Future of Assyrians in Iraq
Preserving Iraq's Assyrians: Federalism
The Genocide of Assyrians -- Then and Now
Turkish High School History Book Portrays Assyrians As Traitors
Assyrian Genocide Scholar Discusses the Turkish Genocide of Assyrians
Iraqi Kurdistan: Not So Democratic
Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide Anniversary Commemorated Publicly in Turkey
Turkish Supreme Court Rules Against Assyrian Monastery
We Cannot Protect Assyrians and Other Minorities: Iraqi Official
Baghdad Church Massacre Victims in Paris for Treatment, Recount Harrowing Ordeal
The Baghdad Assyrian Church Massacre: Waiting for Godot!
Assyrians in Iraq Must Be Protected By Iraqis and Americans
The Assyrian Genocide and the Turkish Ambassador
Assyrian Genocide Monument Unveiled in Australia
Council of Europe Demands Sweden Stop Deporting Iraqi Refugees
Assyrian Refugees in Damascus and Ethnic Cleansing of Assyrians in Iraq
The Ethnic Cleansing of Assyrians in Iraq Must Be Stopped
95 Years After the Assyrian, Armenian, Greek Genocide
Over 3,000 Iraqi Refugee Cases Submitted for Review in Sweden
Government Sponsored Terror Squad Killing Assyrians, Other Minorities in Turkey
Swedish Migration Board to Review Iraqi Asylum Cases
Sweden May Have Illegally Deported Iraqi Refugees
Assyrian Refugees Expelled From Sweden -- Fleeing Again
Turkish Court Rules Against Assyrian Monastery
Assyrian Refugees in Sweden Caught in Political Struggle
Assyrian Monastery in Turkey Wins First Legal Battle
The Continuing Legal Battle of the Syriac-Orthodox Monastery in Turkey
Assyrians in North Iraq Fired for Not Voting for Pro-Kurdish Slate
Turkey Delays Assyrian Monastery Trial For the Third Time
Report Highlights Election Violations Against Assyrians in North Iraq
Many Election Violations Against Assyrians in North Iraq
Turkish State Escalates Legal Battle Against Assyrian Monastery
Mystery Surrounds Disappearance of Assyrian Finance Minister
Assyrians in North Iraq Fear Ballot Rigging in January 31 Elections
International Pressure Forces Turkey to Again Delay Assyrian Monastery Trial

Reflections on the Assyrian Genocide and the Next 100 Years

By Robert W. DeKelaita

(AINA) -- As a child I sat and listened to my grandfather Benjamin recount how he, as an orphaned child, had to carefully step over the dead bodies of his relatives and friends, as he made his escape from the Assyrian village of Mar Bishu in 1915.

Teaching People to Commit Genocide

By Hannibal Travis

(AINA) -- The United Nations often pays lip service to the need to stop educational instruction that could motivate genocidal attacks on national or religious groups.

The Genocide of Assyrians That Started in Iraq Continues in Syria

By Peter BetBasoo

(AINA) -- On Monday, February 23 ISIS attacked 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur river in the Hassaka province in northeast Syria (AINA 2015-02-23). At least 9 Assyrians fighters were killed defending their villages. Up to 373 Assyrians were captured.

Why the Western Diagnosis of the Syrian Conflict Is Wrong

By Mark Tomass

(AINA) -- The dominant Western narrative that has framed the Syrian conflict as that of a "tyrant killing his people" suffers from a fatal misunderstanding of the sectarian and political structure of Syrian society.

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