Seeds of Renewal
Chaldean Patriarch Appeals for Aid to Christians in Ninevah Plain
U.S. Senate Passes Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide Resolution
Large Chaldean Population Thrives in San Diego Suburb
Chaldean Patriarch: The Future of Iraqi Christians Lies in the Nineveh Plains
Greek PM Chides Turkey for Genocide Against Assyrians, Greeks, Armenians
Recognizing The Phenomenon Of The Persecution Of Christians Globally
Renowned Assyrian Director Terrence Malick to Be Honored
Chaldean Patriarch Cancels Public Christmas Celebrations in Iraq
Chaldean Archbishop: Iraq Unrest Signals Rejection of Post-2003 Settlement
A Fresh Approach to Help Iraq's Forgotten Minorities?
Nineveh Plains Transitional Justice Report: November
Kurdish Tribes Stealing Assyrian Lands in Iraq
A Portrait of an Assyrian Family in Iran
Iraq's Assyrians 'Close to Extinction'
Mideast Catholic Leaders Call for Peace, Stability in Region
Assyrians From Around the World Gather in Jerusalem to Discuss the Future of Aramaic
Assyrian Cylinder Seals Unearthed in Iran
Iraqi Assyrians Warn Sweden of 'Islamist Rule'
The Last Assyrian Frontline in Syria
Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide Issue Raised in Western Australian Parliament
The Assyrian Mind
Assyrian Women Chorus to Present Concert
Archbishop of Basra Calls for New Infrastructures and Constitution to Save Iraq
International Conference on Christian Persecution Convenes in Budapest
Chaldean Patriarch Calls for Stop to Violence, Rebuilding Iraq
Iraq's Assyrians 'Vulnerable' Says Bishop
In Search of Leonard, My Martyred Ancestor
Were There More Than Three Kings?
Erdoğan Claims to Be a Defender of Christians, But Christians in Turkey and Syria Are Afraid
Assyrian-led Forces on the Front-lines in Northeast Syria: Video
Assyrian Town in Syria Targeted By Occupation Forces
Assyrian Killed in Iran Protests
Iraqi Assyrian Groups Respond to Criticism of USAID Grants to Help Victims of ISIS
Refugees Contribute Over $200M in Metro Detroit
Syrian Army, SDF Advance 10 KM West of Assyrian Town in Northeast Syria
In Northeast Syria, Last Assyrians Fear Turkish Advance
Turkey's Vanishing Assyrians a Victim of Erdogan's War
Syrian-Assyrian Town to Be Under Russian Protection After New Agreement
SDF Denies Agreement to Cede Control of Assyrian Town to Syrian Army, Russian Military
ACLU Sues Feds to Stop Chaldean Deportations
The 1915 Genocide and Beyond: Presentation and Art
'Too Many to Count' -- The Global Persecution of Christians
What Felled the Great Assyrian Empire?
The Other Genocide of Christians
Assyrian Journalist Detained in Iraq for 13 Days After Reporting Trip to Syria
U.S. Senator Graham Blocks Armenian Genocide Resolution After Meeting Erdoğan
Fierce Battle Rages in Northeast Syria As SDF, Syrian Army Troops Attempt to Advance
Coalition to Protest Erdogan White House Visit
ISIS is Targeting Syria's Christians
Iraqi Cardinal Calls for Prayer and Fasting
Park in Southeastern Turkey Built Atop Assyrian, Armenian Graves
Syrian Christians Endangered By Turkish Invasion of Syria: U.S. Officials
Assyrians in Armenia
Turkish-backed Forces Attempt to Capture Key Assyrian Town in Northeast Syria
Assyrian Journalist Detained By Kurdish Security Forces Since October 31
Assyrian Nun Valiantly Stands Guard Over 1,500-year-old Church in Turkey's Southeast
Turkish Offensive in Northern Syria Forced Assyrians to Evacuate Villages
The Islamization of History
The Plight of Christians in Northeast Syria

Seeds of Renewal

By Mindy Belz

We are stepping through his orchards, crunching grasses and wild thyme underfoot, rich aromas rising around us in the crisp morning air. I have come to walk these fields with Elias Antar. I first met Elias in February after a mutual friend in Chicago, an Assyrian Christian from his village, introduced us long distance.

Chaldean Patriarch Appeals for Aid to Christians in Ninevah Plain

By Doreen Abi Raad

Cardinal Louis Sako, Chaldean Catholic patriarch, has appealed for Christian relief in the towns of the Ninevah Plain, the historical cradle of Christianity in Iraq. "It is still so painful to remember" the 2014 attack by the Islamic State, or IS, that forced Christians to leave their homes and was followed by the looting and destruction of houses, churches, schools and more, Sako said from the...

U.S. Senate Passes Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide Resolution

By Jordain Carney

The Senate passed a resolution on Thursday formally recognizing the Ottoman Empire's genocide against the Armenian people, a move strongly opposed by the Turkish government. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) passed the resolution, which provides "official recognition and remembrance" of the Armenian genocide, by consent.

Large Chaldean Population Thrives in San Diego Suburb

By Claire Trageser

Walk down Main Street in El Cajon and you feel like you're on the set of an old Western. The wide street is lined with old-fashioned storefronts selling antique furniture and used clothes. On a recent Sunday evening, people were swing dancing to country music at a restaurant called Downtown Cafe.

Chaldean Patriarch: The Future of Iraqi Christians Lies in the Nineveh Plains

By Louis Raphael Sako

Baghdad -- Chaldean Patriarch Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako issued an appeal sent to AsiaNews for wider circulation. In it, he urges "Christians all over the world to pray for Iraq and, especially, for the Nineveh Plains" and "all those who wish to return, to rebuild and live happily and peacefully in the beautiful Nineveh Plains" where their future lies.

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