Egypt to Compensate Victims of Minya Attack on Coptic Christians
Turkish Forces Kill 13 Militants of Kurdistan Workers' Party in Northern Iraq
Why the Russia-Brokered De-escalation Zones in Syria Make the Pentagon Nervous
Iraq Starts New Assault on Islamic State Group in Mosul
Trump Reacts to Egypt Ramadan Terror: 'The Bloodletting of Christians Must End'
Pope Lashes 'Barbaric' Attack on Copts
Archbishop Bashar Warda: the Man Fighting to Save Iraq's Assyrians
Disputes Over Iraq's Yazidi Areas Lead to Fears of PMU-peshmerga Clash
Muslim Gunmen in Egypt Kill 28 Coptic Christians on Pilgrimage
ISIS Loses Ground in Syrian Desert As Syrian Army Advances
NATO in Doubts Over Training Missions in Iraq, Afghanistan
US House Speaker Calls Erdogan Visit Violence 'Indefensible'
Turkish Foreign Ministry Rejects U.S. Resolution Condemning D.C. Violence
US-backed Syrian Forces Step Up Training Ahead of Raqqa Offensive
New Fund Launched to Help Persecuted Assyrians Suffering Genocide in Iraq
The Pope and Trump Discuss Protection of Christians in Iraq
Syrian Army Scores Huge Victory Against ISIS
Scholars Work to Preserve Assyrian Culture Amidst Middle East Turmoil
Chaldean Cultural Center and History Museum Spans Iraq to Detroit
Syrian Force Urges Raqqa Jihadists to Surrender By End-May
It's Time for NATO to Call Turkey's Bluff
PYD Continues Arbitrary Arrests of Critics
U.S. and Russia Boost Dialogue About Syria Operations to Include Generals
Honouring the Crucifix That Survived ISIS
Iraq Probes Allegations of Human Rights Violations in Mosul
New Bridge Reunites Mosul As Iraqi Forces Gear Up for Final Assault
Iraq Needs International Community's Support, Says China's UN Representative
U.S.-Turkey Dispute Over Washington Protest Heats Up
France Says Not Planning to Reopen Embassy in Syria
UN Envoy: All Syria Parties Agree to Talks on Constitution
UN Official: Islamic State's Days Numbered in Iraq
Armageddon in Iraq? US Pastor Details ISIS Destruction of Assyrian City
Iraq's Assyrians Demand Reconstruction of Religious Sites
Syria's Third-largest City, Homs, Clear of Opposition
Boundary Between Iraq, Kurdish Territory Divides Communities
Islamic State Territory In Mosul Shrinks, But Heavy Fighting Looms In Old City
Russian Forces Arrive in Southern Syria
US Pitches Plan to Russia to Avoid Armed Conflict in Syria
Coptic Pope: Christians in Egypt Are 'Struggling for Their Very Existence'
Police Consider Follow-up After Peaceful Protesters Beaten At Turkish Ambassador's Residence
Why Erdogan's US Visit Will Only Create More Problems for Turkey
UN Says 200,000 More Expected to Flee Iraq's Mosul
US Summons Turkey Envoy for Embassy Brawl
Airstrikes Fuel Mosul Gains As Iraq Pushes for Quick Victory
Iraq President Says Scale of Mosul Destruction 'Horrendous'
Archbishop of Erbil Highlights the Urgent Need of Iraq's Assyrians
How the U.S. Could Prosecute the Turkish Guards Who Beat Protesters
France, Germany Resist U.S. Plan for Bigger NATO Role Against Islamic State
US, Turkey Spar Over Erdogan Visit Violence, Kurdish Support
U.S. Military Says it Conducted Airstrike on Pro-government Forces in Syria
Thousands of U.S. Forces May Still Be Needed for Post-ISIS Iraq
The Islam in Islamic Terrorism
New Footage Shows Erdogan Watching Washington Brawl
Senator McCain Calls for Expulsion of Turkish Ambassador
Kurdish Unit Defects to Iraqi Army Ranks in Nineveh Province
Yazidi Leader: West to Blame for Our Genocide
US Lawmakers Demand Swift Action for Violence By Turkish Embassy Staff
Syria, Iraq Discuss Direct Cooperation Against Islamic State
On the Plains of Nineveh, Where the Priests Have to Double As Master Builders
Iraqi Yazidis in 2017

Iraq Starts New Assault on Islamic State Group in Mosul

(BBC) -- Iraqi security forces have launched a new assault on Islamic State (IS) militants in the city of Mosul. Troops say they made gains in a few hours as they try to drive rebels out of the last remaining strongholds in Mosul's Old City they still control.

Pope Lashes 'Barbaric' Attack on Copts

Vatican City (AFP) -- Pope Francis denounced a bloody attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt on Friday as "barbaric" and urged the country to join in reconciliation, the Vatican said.

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