Testing Opens for New Assyrian Word Processor
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( NSC)
(AINA) -- Nineveh Software Corporation (NSC) has opened to the public the third round of testing for Babylon, a complete word processor for Assyrian, English and other languages. NSC is the parent company of the Assyrian International News Agency.

Babylon is written in Java and runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers, and any other operating system which supports Java.

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While the Assyrian language is supported by other word processors, such as Microsoft Word and LibreOffice, the support is minimal. Babylon has all the standard features of a modern word processor and also features very high level support for the Assyrian language, support not available elsewhere, including:

  • One touch typing for all letter shapes
  • One touch vowel typing: the correct vowel is used based on the current Assyrian font (Eastern or Western)
  • Full ligature support: all ligatures are supported, each ligature can be enabled or disabled individually
  • Assyrian calendar support (Gregorian and Assyrian calendars)
  • Assyrian spelling checker
  • Custom vowel colors: vowels can be shown in a different color
  • Manual adjustment of vowel positions
  • Vowel conversion: convert vowels between Eastern and Western Assyrian
  • 56 Assyrian fonts, with correct italic support (i.e., italics lean to the left)
  • Control over plural sign placement (syameh)
  • Assyrian numbers support
  • Assyrian number converter
  • Four keyboard layouts

"Babylon will bring high quality Assyrian word processing to the masses and usher in the renaissance of the Assyrian language," according to Peter BetBasoo, president of NSC and the software architect of Babylon. "With its ability to run on most computers and operating systems, Babylon will ensure the Assyrian language thrives into the future."

Individuals interested in becoming beta testers should visit the Babylon Beta Test page for more information.

( NSC)

( NSC)

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