Assyrian Bishop Stabbed While Live Streaming
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Bishop Mari Emmanuel was stabbed during a live stream of a sermon.
Fairfield (AINA) -- Assyrian Bishop Mari Emmanuel of Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Sydney was stabbed while live-streaming his sermon. Video shows the yet attacker stabbing the bishop multiple times before he is subdued by parishioners. Screams are heard from the parishioners as the attack unfolds. Another video posted on X shows the Bishop on a stretcher being wheeled to an ambulance.

Four parishioners were injured in the attacked, none of the injuries are life threatening.

The attacker, who has yet to be identified, is seen smiling as he is subdued by parishioners.

Hundreds of Assyrians gathered outside the church to protest the stabbing and there were reports of clashes with the police. The suspect was held inside the church because of this and was eventually brought to the police station. Liverpool Hospital, where the Bishop was brought, was reportedly under lockdown.

Bishop Emmanuel has gained a wide following in and out of the Assyrian community for his incisive commentaries on social issues and criticism of some churches for having strayed from the message of Christ and the mission of the church.

The unidentified attacker who stabbed Bishop Emmanuel is seen smiling as he is subdued by parishioners.

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