Assyrians Commemorate 100th Anniversary of Patriarch's Assassination
Assyrian Woman Speaks At Syria Peace Conference in Sochi
Assyrians Establish National Federation in France
Turkey Arrests Assyrian for Rebuilding His Village
The Unethical Prosecution of an Assyrian Attorney
Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged
Assyrian Umbrella Organization Granted NGO Status in EU
Christmas Around the World in Pictures
Unrecognized Genocides Conference Held At Adelphi University
Assyrian Member of Iran's Parliament Discussed Safety of Assyrians With Iraqi PM
Assyrian Americans Call for Iraqi Government Control of Nineveh Plains
European Assyrians Conclude Second Convention in Brussels
Assyrian Leader Meets New Head of Syrian Parliament
Assyrian Umbrella Organization Asks UN to Support Assyrians in North Iraq
Assyrian Leader Raises Concern At UN Human Rights Council
Second Assyrian Mayor Illegally Removed By Kurdish Authorities
Assyrians in North Iraq Reject Second Mayor Appointed By Kurds
Yazidis Proclaim the Establishment of a Provisional Government
Dutch Parliament Members Express Concern About Kurds Marginalizing Assyrians
Assyrian Man Kidnapped, Killed in Syria
Assyrians Protest Removal of Mayor By Kurdish Government
Swedish EU Parliamentarian Accuses Kurds of Treason Against Assyrians
Assyrian Organizations Condemn Turkey's Seizure of Assyrian Properties
Assyrian Football Teams in Sweden Tell of a Changing Community
Turkey Says it Cancelled Decision to Seize Assyrian Churches and Monasteries
Assyrian Confederation of Europe Rejects Brussels Conference
Assyrian Church of the East to Boycott EU Conference on Future of Nineveh Plains
EU Conference on Nineveh Plains Favors Kurds, Marginalizes Assyrians
Assyrian Groups to Boycott EU Conference on Future of Nineveh Plains
3 Year-old Assyrian Girl Kidnapped By ISIS Reunited With Her Mother
Assyrian Leader Voices Concern At EU-parliament Conference on Future of Nineveh Plain
New Bar Association to Serve Assyrian-Americans Elects Officers
Assyrian Flag Acknowledged By Australian City Council
New Book About the Assyrian Genocide Published
Congresswoman Eshoo Faces Heavy Criticism for Omitting Assyrians and Greeks in Genocide Statement
Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks Commemorate Genocide in Los Angeles
Assyrian, Armenian, Greek Genocide Commemoration Held in Glendale, California
New Book on Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide Published
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Speaks on the Future of Christians in the Middle East
Assyrian Genocide Documentary to Be Aired in Cyprus
Trump's Immigration Order and Christianity
Turkey Removed Assyrian Sculpture From Public Square
Persecution and Civil War: The Life of Syria's Christians
Understanding the Christian Crisis in the Middle East
Legendary Assyrian American's Works Published
The Winds of Change Are Blowing in Europe
Kurdish Authorities Preventing Assyrian Soldiers From Returning to Their Posts
New Book on Assyrian Genocide Published
First Assyrian Elected to Local Government in Victoria, Australia
Iraq's Assyrians Under Fire
In Continuing Purge, Turkey Removes Only Assyrian Mayor
Assyrian Organization Congratulates Trump, Calls Attention to ISIS Genocide
Battle of Mosul is Historic, Says Assyrian MP in Iran
Erdoğan's Gambit for Mosul
Assyrians in Iraq to Unify Their Militias
Kurdish Forces in Syria Arrest Assyrian, Kurdish Parents in School
Kurdish Court Rules Against Assyrian Man in Squatting Case
Assyrian Confederation of Europe Elects President
The Genocide of Assyrians and Yazidis and the Next American President
Dutch Parliament Holds Hearing on Assyrians in Iraq

Assyrian Woman Speaks At Syria Peace Conference in Sochi

By Bar Daisan

Sochi, Russia (AINA) -- Antonetta Ardish, an Assyrian woman from Hasakah, Syria represented the Assyrian and Armenian people of the city and spoke on behalf various organizations at the Syrian Peace Conference in Sochi.

Assyrians Establish National Federation in France

Paris (AINA) -- Assyrian representatives from across France culminated a two day conference in Paris with the establishment of the Fédération Assyrienne de France, a national federation of the Assyrians living in France. There are 30,000 Assyrians living in France.

Turkey Arrests Assyrian for Rebuilding His Village

By Bar Daisan

Midyat, Turkey (AINA) -- A Few days ago Petrus Karatay, an Assyrian Chaldean Christian who returned from Paris to Herbol (Turkish Aksu), his acnestral víllage in the Turkish province of Şirnak, was detained for unknown reasons.

Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged

By Sabri Atman

(AINA) -- When speaking about the Ottoman Empire and Turkey today, it is not their contribution to civilization that comes to mind. Instead it is human rights violations, confiscation of land and property, genocide and genocide denials that are most frequently discussed in the public discourse.

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