The Massacre of Assyrians At Our Lady of Deliverance Church in Baghdad
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(AINA) -- 58 Catholic Assyrians were massacred On October 31 in Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic church in Baghdad. This was the latest incident. A genocide has been ongoing in Iraq since June 26, 2004, when the first church was bombed. 66 churches have been bombed since then, and thousands of Assyrians killed. Nearly 50% of Assyrians have fled to Syria and Jordan (report).

Click here for pictures from inside Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Church. WARNING: violent, graphic images.

The following is a list of stories and videos covering this tragedy.

12-11-2010Hundreds of Iraq Assyrians Mark Church Siege Carnage
12-11-2010Iraq Church Siege Victim: 'My Soul is in This Place With Them'
12-10-2010Phoenix Assyrians Hold Desert Candle Light Vigil to Mark 40 Days Since Baghdad Church Massacre
12-10-2010Iraq Assyrians Mark 40 Days Since Church Carnage
12-05-2010Washington Rally Calls for Action on Iraq's Assyrians
12-04-2010Benedict XVI Meets With Victims of Baghdad Church Massacre
12-04-2010Iraqi Churches Organise Day of Fasting for Baghdad Church Massacre Victims
12-04-2010Groups to Press Obama to Defend Iraqi Christians
12-03-2010Baghdad Church Massacre Victims in Paris for Treatment, Recount Harrowing Ordeal
12-03-2010Christian Delegates Walk Out of Conference in North Iraq in Protest of Murders
12-03-2010Protecting Our Christian Neighbours in Iraq
12-03-2010Appeasement of Islam Must End
12-03-2010Christians Under Attack in Iraq
12-01-2010Catholic Bishops Back House Resolution to Protect Iraq's Christians
12-01-2010European Parliament Condemns Attacks Against Assyrians in Iraq
11-30-2010Rally to Be Held in Washington in Support of Iraq's Assyrians
11-29-2010Iraqi Christians Flood French Embassy for Visas
11-29-2010Ceremony Held in Beirut for Assyrians Killed in Baghdad Church Massacre
11-29-2010Assyrian Australians Stage Another Protest Against Baghdad Church Massacre
11-28-2010Twelve Arrested Over Baghdad Church Massacre
11-28-2010Iraqi Christians Fleeing to Turkey
11-27-2010Vatican Holds Special Mass for Iraqi Christians
11-24-2010Terrorized Christians Consider Leaving Iraq
11-24-2010Assyrian Man Learns of His Cousin's Murder in Iraq While Protesting Baghdad Baghdad Church Massacre
11-24-2010Australian Assyrians Lobby Government for Aid to Iraq's Assyrians
11-24-2010Lawmaker Blasts Asylum Offers for Iraqi Christians
11-24-2010Iraq Refugees: Seeking Safety
11-24-2010Iraqi Christians Flee As Al-Qaida Steps Up Attacks
11-24-2010Iraqi Christians Flee to Kurdish North for Safety
11-24-2010The Baghdad Assyrian Church Massacre: Waiting for Godot!
11-23-2010After the Attacks on Assyrians in Baghdad, 40 Families Emigrate North
11-23-2010Iraqi Christians Seek Safe Haven in Jordan
11-22-2010Boston Assyrians Rally Against Baghdad Church Massacre
11-20-2010Assyrians Demand Self-rule for Iraqi Christians
11-20-2010Iraqi Christians Suffering 'Between Two Fires'
11-20-2010The Ethnic Cleansing of Iraqi Christians
11-20-2010Christians in Iraq
11-20-2010Christians Face Extinction in Iraq
11-19-2010Assyrians Continue Protests Against Baghdad Church Massacre
11-19-2010Iraqi President Supports Assyrian Autonomous Region
11-19-2010Iraqi Christians Need Help
11-18-2010Advisor to Iraqi PM Meets With Assyrians of Australia
11-18-2010Assyrians in Boston to Protest Baghdad Church Massacre
11-18-2010Iraqi Christians Flee After Violence
11-18-2010Dutch MP Calls for Assyrian Autonomous Region in North Iraq
11-18-2010Assyrian Leaders in Australia Meet With MPs to Discuss Persecution in Iraq
11-18-2010The Suffering of Iraq's Christians
11-17-2010Video of Baghdad Church Massacre Protest Shows Assyrian Anguish, Anger, Resolve
11-17-2010Iraqi Group Refuses to Celebrate Muslim Holiday in Solidarity With Baghdad Church Massacre Victims
11-17-2010Assyrians in Tehran Demonstrate Against Baghdad Church Massacre
11-17-2010For Iraqi Christians, Fear is Knocking
11-16-20106000 Assyrians Rally in Stockholm, Demand Autonomous Region for Assyrians in Iraq
11-16-2010Assyrians Rally in Melbourne in Protest of Baghdad Church Massacre
11-16-2010Christians Murdered and Persecuted in Middle East, But Obama Silent
11-16-2010Iraqi Christians Living in Fear, Say Baptists
11-16-2010Assyrian Priest Condemns Violence and Calls on Muslims to Do the Same
11-16-2010Assyrian Christians Face Destruction in Iraq
11-16-2010Christians in Iraq: the Determination to Stay
11-16-2010Silence Around Christian Assyrian Massacre Troubling
11-16-2010Assyrians in Phoenix Protests Ethnic Violence in Iraq
11-15-2010Worshippers Wounded in Baghdad Church Attack to Have Weeks of Psychological Care in Rome
11-15-2010Why Iraqi Christians Are Running Scared -- in Sweden
11-15-2010Iranian Assyrians to Protest Against Attack on Iraqi Church
11-13-2010Memorial Service Held in London for Baghdad Church Massacre Victims
11-13-2010Thousands Protest in Brussels Following String of Violent Attacks Against Christians in Iraq
11-13-2010Assyrian Man Laments Baghdad Church Massacre
11-13-2010The Tragedy of Iraq's Christians is That it Does Not Interest Anyone
11-13-2010Christians in Iraq Living in Fear of 'Pogrom' After Bomb Attacks
11-12-2010Coptic Christian Woman Unwittingly Becomes Focal Point of Islamic Clash With Christianity
11-12-2010Fear of Jihad Driving Christians From Iraq
11-12-2010Assyrians to Hold Protest At UN Against Baghdad Church Massacre
11-12-2010In Grief and Defiance, Baghdad's Christians Return to Scene of Attack
11-12-2010Governments, Catholic Archbishop Decry Attacks on Iraqi Christians
11-12-2010Iraqi Christians Welcome in North, Kurdish Leader Says
11-12-2010Vigil for Persecuted Christians Held in Toronto
11-11-2010Iraq's Christians Vow to Survive -- With Muslim Help
11-11-2010Why Do Christians Remain Silent About the Persecution of Christians in Muslim-Majority Societies?
11-11-2010Iraq's Christian Community Hit By New Wave of Attacks
11-11-2010Iraq Requests Christians Not to Leave Iraq
11-10-2010Assyrians Demonstrate Around the World Against Baghdad Church Massacre
11-10-2010The Murderers of Christianity
11-10-2010The Plight of the Iraqi Christians -- An Update Following the Attack on the Baghdad Church
11-10-2010Iraqi PM Cautions Against Open Door to Iraq Christian Immigration
11-10-2010Security Heightened to Protect Christians in North Iraq
11-09-2010Iraq Ambassador: Church Attack a Catastrophe for Iraq
11-09-201035 Iraqis Hurt in Baghdad Church Attack Arrive in France
11-08-2010Assyrians in Chicago to Rally Against the Baghdad Church Massacre
11-08-2010Australian Hellenic Council Condemns Attacks on Assyrians in Iraq and Turkey
11-08-2010First Mass for Iraqi Christians Since Attack
11-08-2010The Christians of the Arab World and Its Muslims Too
11-08-2010First Baghdad Church Wounded Due in France Monday
11-08-2010Christians Urged to Quit Iraq
11-08-2010Copts in Sydney Join Iraqi Christians in Their Sorrow in a Silent Protest
11-08-2010Al-Qaida is Turning Its Focus on Iraq's Vulnerable Christians
11-08-2010Egyptian Copts to Hold Candle Light Vigil At Iraqi Embassy
11-08-2010Detroit Rally Planned to Back Iraqi Christians
11-07-2010Assyrians in Canada, Australia Protest Baghdad Church Massacre, More Protests Planned for Monday
11-07-2010Hundreds in Toronto Protest Slaughter of Iraqi Christians
11-06-2010Assyrians to Hold Worldwide Demonstrations on Baghdad Church Massacre
11-06-2010Congratulations, Muslim Fanatics
11-06-2010Joint Prayers Held in Dubai's Capital for Baghdad Church Massacre Victims
11-06-2010Christians 'On Verge of Extinction' in Iraq, Muslim Leader Warns
11-06-2010France To Treat 30 Iraqis Wounded In Baghdad Church Assault
11-06-2010Christian Massacre Spurs Assyrian-American Rally
11-06-2010Holy Land Christians Pray for Victims of Iraq Church Attack
11-06-2010Services for Iraq Church Victims Held in Detroit
11-06-2010The Language of Jesus Christ Will Soon Be Dead in Iraq
11-05-2010Iraq's Christians Need Protection
11-05-2010Vigil Held in San Diego for Iraqi Christians
11-05-2010Iraqi's Christians Consider Their Future After Deadly Attack
11-05-2010More Iraqi Christians Consider Leaving Iraq After Church Massacre
11-05-2010Assyrian Loses Cousin In Baghdad Church Shooting
11-05-2010Al-Qaida: Attacks Coming
11-04-2010Anguish, Anger At Funerals for Victims of the Baghdad Church Massacre
11-04-2010Catholic Assyrians in Iraq Paid the Price for Muslim Fundamentalist Incitements in Egypt
11-04-2010Forcing Christians Out of Iraq?
11-04-2010French Government Seeks Help in Assisting Baghdad's Wounded Christians
11-04-2010Bishops of Spain Send Letter of Condolence to Archbishop of Baghdad
11-04-2010Group Declares War on Mideast Christians
11-03-2010Assyrians Should Be Granted Indigenous Group Status and Rights in Iraq
11-03-2010Assyrian Organizations Condemn Church Massacre
11-03-2010The End of Christianity in the Middle East?
11-03-2010Baghdad Church Siege Survivors Speak of Taunts, Killings and Explosions
11-03-2010Operation Iraqi Freedom and Christians in Iraq
11-03-2010Jordan Condemns Iraq Church Attack
11-03-2010Pope Sends Message to Syriac Archbishop of Baghdad
11-03-2010Grieving Christians Mourn Dead From Iraq Church Bloodbath
11-03-2010The White House's Generic Response to an Act of Anti-Christian Terrorism
11-03-2010Lebanon's Christian Leaders Condemn Baghdad Church Carnage
11-03-2010Iraqi Cardinal Condemns Bloody, Ruthless Attack on Landmark Church
11-03-2010Thousands March in Mosul, Iraq Against Rising Terror Threat
11-03-2010The Blood of Martyrs Seals the Synod of Catholic Bishops of the Mideast
11-02-2010Assyrians in Iraq Must Be Protected By Iraqis and Americans
11-02-2010Bloodshed in Baghdad Cathedral Hostage Drama
11-02-2010US Condemns Al-Qaeda 'Senseless' Iraqi Church Massacre
11-02-2010Detroit Chaldeans Outraged Over Baghdad Church Attack
11-02-2010Al-Qaeda Targets Christians, Again
11-02-2010Iraq's Christians Still Under Siege
11-02-2010Iraq Church Horror Speeds Christian Exodus
11-02-2010Baghdad Attack a New Low in Christian Onslaught in Iraq
11-01-2010Death Toll Rises to 58 in Iraq Church Standoff
11-01-2010Iraq Government Defends Deadly Church Raid
11-01-2010Deadly Baghdad Church Siege Highlights Threat to Iraqi Christians
11-01-2010Iraq's Christians Are Fearful After Siege of Baghdad Church Ends With 52 Dead
11-01-2010Pope Condemns 'Ferocious' Attack on Baghdad Church
11-01-2010Death Toll Rises to 58 in Iraq Church Attack
11-01-201025 Catholic Assyrians Killed As Baghdad Church Hostage Drama Ends in Bloodbath
11-01-2010Iraqi Forces Free Hostages From Church; 19 Killed
10-31-201010 Christian Worshippers Killed in Baghdad Church Raid
10-31-2010Assyrians Held Hostage in Baghdad Church

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