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Assyrian Australians Stage Another Protest Against Baghdad Church Massacre
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Fairfield, Australia -- Black coffins lined the the pavement as a group of young Assyrians lay on the ground in Martin Place, covered in fake blood. They were representing the 52 people, including children and priests, killed in last month's attack an on a Syriac church in Baghdad by al-Qa'ida-linked militants. Organiser Ninva Yakou, of Bonnyrigg Heights, 28, said the re-enactment was in remembrance of the lives lost in the attack by al-Qa'ida-linked militants. "Since the US-led invasion our numbers have diminished from 1.4 million to 500,000, maybe less," she said. "More than 100,000 have died in this time and the rest have fled the country. "A lot of people mistake us for Arabs but we are the indigenous people of the land and that is the most important thing. So we will continue to raise awareness about the plight of our people."

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