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Egyptian Copts to Hold Candle Light Vigil At Iraqi Embassy

In line with heightened security measures following Al-Qaeda's threats to Coptic Christians last week, Egyptian churches are prohibiting visitor parking on their premises.

A priest, who requested anonymity, said security authorities are erecting barricades along church perimeters. All Egyptian congregations will pray today to protect Egypt against the threats, he added.

Meanwhile, the "Copts for Egypt" movement announced it is organizing a protest in front of the Iraqi Embassy on Monday in a gesture of solidarity with the Iraqi victims of a Baghdad church massacre last Sunday. The incident left nearly 60 civilians and security personnel dead.

The movement issued a statement on Saturday that said the protest will be a silent candlelight vigil. The demonstration aims to express rejection of Al-Qaeda's threats.

The statement added that Egyptians stand united in times of crises.

"Copts for Egypt" is urging all Egyptians to participate in the protest to prove such threats will not sow discord.

Hani al-Gezeiri, spokesperson for the movement, said Muslim and Christian preachers, political activists, representatives from various political parties, as well as members from the Muslim Brotherhood, will take part in the protest.

Al-Azhar scholar Mettias Nasr, as well as the Church of the Virgin Mary and Pope Kirollos in Ezbet al-Nakhl priest, 6 April youth, Kefaya representatives and some NGO's are expected to show, he added.

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