Assyrians Demonstrate Around the World Against Baghdad Church Massacre
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(AINA) -- Assyrians held demonstrations across the world on November 8 to call attention to the Baghdad church massacre which occurred on October 31, when the Islamic State of Iraq, an Al-Qaeda affiliated group, stormed Our Lady of Deliverance Syrian Catholic Church and killed 58 parishioners and wounded 75. Protesters demanded an end to the low-grade genocide of Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) which began on June 26, 2004, when the first church was bombed. Since that time, 66 churches have been bombed, 15 priests and bishops and hundreds of Assyrians have been killed and nearly half have fled to Syria and Jordan.

Rallies were held in Detroit, Phoenix, Chicago, Hartford, Modesto, San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Hamilton, Toronto, Sydney, London, Sweden, Holland and Germany.

The names of the victims were read in most of the rallies. The following list contains the names of 43 of the 58 Assyrians who were killed.

  1. Father Tha'ir Saadallah Abalhad Abdal
  2. Father Wasim Sabih Joseph al-Qas
  3. George Ayyub Tubiyya
  4. Nabil Ilyas Sam'an Saqat
  5. Saham Adnan Sado
  6. Thamir Kamil Awsi
  7. Nida Hamid Estefan
  8. Umar Thamir Kamil Awsi
  9. Aziz al-Maysi
  10. Jonah George al-Sa'ur
  11. John Jonah George al-Sa'ur
  12. Rita Matthew George Zura
  13. Sandro John Jonah al-Sa'ur [child]
  14. Maha Nasif Banno
  15. Salam Adib
  16. Wisam Adib
  17. Faiz Wadallah Qazzazi
  18. Uday Zuhayr Mardina Arab
  19. Adam Uday Zuhayr Arab
  20. Bahnam Mansur Bulus Mumika
  21. Ayyub Adnan Ayyub Burjo
  22. Sabah Matthew Hamami
  23. Saad Edward al-Sa'ati
  24. Faris Najib Phillip Hannawi
  25. Vivian Nasir Maro
  26. Nathir Abd al-Ahad Anani
  27. Fadi Bahuda
  28. Mazin Fathil Salim Ilyas
  29. Abdullah Haddad
  30. Wamiq Haddad
  31. Raghda Wafi Bishara
  32. Nizar Jamil Matlub
  33. Milad Nizar Jamil Matlub
  34. Bassam Adnan Jamil al-Khury
  35. Adnan Jamil al-Khury
  36. Bahnam Michael Kafilmawt
  37. Salah George Abd al-Ahad Qaqo
  38. Christine Nabil Tubiya Katnawi
  39. Ra'id Saadallah Abalhad Abdal
  40. Fadi Samir Habib Amso
  41. Ethel Najib Abbudi
  42. Nizar Hazim Abdurrahim al-Sayigh
  43. Suhayla Rofail Jani

Here are photos from some of the demonstrations. Click on a photo for more pictures.




San Jose



Los Angeles


Spring Valley

London, England





Candle light vigil by Copts

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