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Iraq Requests Christians Not to Leave Iraq
By Amir Shakir

Baghdad -- The incumbent Iraqi Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki called on Tuesday, Iraqi Christians to stay calm and don't immigrate from the country on the background of Saydah al-Najah church events in Baghdad, stressing that the government decided to appoint young Christians to the permanent staff of the government of those who protect their churches".

Sayidat al-Nejat Catholic church, kanisaMaliki confirmed during his visit today to Saydah al-Najah church in Baghdad in the presence of AKnews delegates "on the necessity of coherence of Christians in Iraq, and not to be affected by the terrorist acts that happened to them," noting that "these actions which affected all Iraqis intended to create division among the religions."

Maliki stressed that "the government will hunt down anyone who tries to sabotage Iraq and punish him with the strongest possible sanctions."

Saydah al-Najah church in Baghdad witnessed last Sunday, killing and wounding dozens of people after an armed group detained hostages who were performing Sunday Mass.

Maliki called "Christians to calm and don't emigrate from Iraq because they are the owners of the first civilization which founded this country (Iraq), noting that "Christians are the complement part of the rest of the Iraqi spectrum".

Some European countries, notably France confirmed its readiness to receive the Christians on the background of the church attack, at a time more than 1300 people belonging to religious minorities from Iraq are staying in France after the President of France ,Nicolas Sarkozy initiative in 2007.

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