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Congratulations, Muslim Fanatics
By Dali'a AlMufti
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In short, without analysis, refutation, and scrutiny, we say to you loud and clear: Congratulations. Congratulations ... You have achieved your aim and your noble objective. You blew up the church with its parishioners, and caused the disappearance of seventy innocent souls, mostly women and children who were worshiping God. You challenged the "the infidel" West and you succeeded in your endeavors, lifting up the name of Islam with your atrocities. You triumphed over your "enemies", and supported your brothers and sisters in religion wherever they are! Congratulations ... You threatened the Christians of the world, not only in Iraq, but also in Egypt, Syria and other countries in the region, boasting you have hundreds of thousands of followers, and hundreds of churches will be a target for you! You urged what is left of the remaining Christians in the East to pick up and migrate to the West! You encouraged racial, religious and sectarian discrimination in your countries ... so Shiite will kill Sunni, Christian will kill Muslim, and Kurd will kill Assyrian...and we will swim in a pool of blood replenishing it on a daily basis with more innocent people. A Thousand Congratulations ... With this you have liberated Jerusalem, the West Bank, Golan and every inch of the wasted Arab nation! And now ... We are still waiting for our Religious Sheikhs and Mullahs to say a word in condemnation, though ostensibly, for such dirty crimes! A Small Note: In our little Kuwait also, in the same time as the above incident, the Municipal Council rejected the request made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to designated land to build a church for the Roman Catholic community in Kuwait. "Where are you" human rights? To the Christians of the Middle in general and Iraq in particular: We apologize ... because we do not deserve you.

The original article is in Arabic.

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