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Worshippers Wounded in Baghdad Church Attack to Have Weeks of Psychological Care in Rome

ROME (AP) -- A Catholic hospital in Rome says worshippers who were wounded in a Baghdad church attack will need weeks of care, especially for psychological wounds.

Gemelli Polyclinic spokesman Nicola Cerbino says the 26 injured who were airlifted to Rome at the Vatican's request are being helped by neurosurgeons, eye specialists and other experts.

The patients include three children. At least some patients will need surgery, but Cerbino said Saturday that post traumatic stress will also get treatment.

Relatives accompanying the wounded are staying at a residence of the teaching hospital famed for treating popes.

Sixty-eight people died in the Oct. 31 attack on the Catholic church during Sunday Mass and subsequent rescue operation by Iraqi forces. The Vatican has decried attacks on Iraq's Christian community.

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