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Copts in Sydney Join Iraqi Christians in Their Sorrow in a Silent Protest

Thousands of Iraqi Christians participated in a silent protest today in the suburb of Fairfield in Sydney's West. The silent protest was in response to the vicious attack on the Church of Our Lady of Salvation earlier this week where 58 Christians were killed in Syrian Catholic Church.

The Christians of Iraq are the most vulnerable of all the various ethnic - religious groups as they do not have an active militia like the sunnis, shiites and kurds. They are defenceless and rely solely on God for protection. This has had a devastating impact on the number of Christians left in Iraq and their numbers have recently been reduced by half.

Another rally is being planned in the Sydney CBD on 16th November at 12pm. Further details will be provided on our facebook page.

Very Rev. Fr Tadros Simon was in attendance along with many Copts from the ACM and others from the community.

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