Will Syria's New Constitution Finally Allow Christians to Run for President?
More Than 800,000 Call on UN to Protect Christians in Middle East
A Year After the Fall of Aleppo, Assyrian Bishop Says Life is Better for Christians
Assyrian Priest Sees the Rebirth of the Nineveh Plain Freed From the Islamic
US Official Accuses Turkey of Pushing Extreme Islamist Ideology
US Will Provide $120 Million Worth of Military Aid to Lebanon
Syrian Kurds Press on With Elections Despite Divisions
ISIS Calls on Egyptian Muslims to Kill Their Christians Neighbors This Christmas
Assyrian Bishop Recalls His Abduction From Baghdad in New Book
Inauguration of the First Church Rebuilt in the Nineveh Plains Since the Invasion By ISIS
New Church in Sweden for 5000 Chaldeans From Middle East
Yezidis in US Plead for Justice and Peace
US Sees No Future for Assad in Syria
UN and Partners Seek US$4.4 Billion to Aid Syria Refugees
Turkey No Longer Sees Syrian Government As a 'Threat'
Iraq's Sadr Militia Agrees to Disband, Surrender Weapons to Baghdad
Russian and Turkish Presidents Meet in Ankara
Pentagon Not Yet Ready to Declare Victory Over ISIS in Iraq
Iraq's Kurdish Government Cuts Ties With Yazidi Forces
Foreign Fighters From Iraq, Syria Join IS in Afghanistan
U.S. Agency to Help Iraq Recover From ISIS
Syrian Government Returns to Geneva Talks
After Fall of ISIS, Iraq's Second-Largest City Picks Up the Pieces
The Pundits Were Wrong About Assad and the Islamic State
Chaldean Foundation Plans $30 Million Project, Community Center Expansion
The Assyrians of Chicago
Yazidis Caught in 'Political Football' Between Baghdad, Iraqi Kurds
Syrian Forces Reclaim Large Desert Land From ISIS in Eastern Syria
Turkish Army Convoy Enters Northwest Syria
Iraqi PM Declares 'End Of War Against IS' In Iraq
The Next Battle in Syria
With the Fight Won Against IS, It's Time for Iraq's War on Corruption
Iraq Launches ISIS Desert Offensive, Russia Offers Help
Assyrians Face New 'Catastrophe' As Militias Attack Nineveh Plain: Assyrian MP
Turkish Assyrians: Jerusalem Belongs to 3 Faiths, Not 1
An Assyrian Story
The Plight of the Chaldean Catholic Church
Lebanese Priest Discusses the Threats to Christianity
The Problem of Turkish Revisionism
Putin Says IS Suffers 'Complete Defeat' in Eastern Syria
228 Men in Northern Raqqa Forced to Join Kurdish Ranks
US Coalition Made Secret Deals With ISIS in Syria
Assyrians Say They Can't Go Home Without International Protection
Pence Firms Up Support for Persecuted Assyrians in Meeting With Iraqi Archbishop
Terrorists Destroyed Over 120 Churches in Syria -- Patriarch of Antioch
ISIS Begins Mass Retreat From Syria, Iraq to Egypt, North Africa
U.S. Once Again Calls for Dialogue Between Iraqi, Kurdish Governments
Iraqis Fear Earthquakes, Terrorism Could Lead to Dam Catastrophe
Coalition Says Fewer Than 3,000 IS Fighters Remain in Iraq and Syria
Ecumenical US Conference Highlights Persecution of Christians
Church Organisations Have Saved Syrian Christianity From Extinction
Can the US-Turkey Marriage Be Saved?
Iraq Child Marriage Bill Draws U.N. Ire
Putin: Almost All Syrian Territory Freed, Including Historic Christian Regions
Iraq Facing 'dangerous' Water Shortage
The Battle Against Islamic State
UN, France to Hold International Meeting to Support Lebanon
UK Suspends Aid to Syrian Opposition Over Fears of Money Going to 'Extremists'
Iraqi Officials Slam French Call to Disarm Shiite Militias
Turkey Confiscating Christian Property, Prohibiting Christians From Worshiping

More Than 800,000 Call on UN to Protect Christians in Middle East

A petition signed by more than 800,000 people was being presented at the United Nations in New York on Tuesday, calling for the protection of Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria, and recognition of the key role faith leaders can play in rebuilding efforts post-Islamic State.

US Official Accuses Turkey of Pushing Extreme Islamist Ideology

By Jeff Seldin

(VOA) -- An already tense relationship between the United States and Turkey appears to be under more strain after a top Trump administration official accused Turkey of spreading what he called extreme Islamist ideology around the world. President Donald Trump's national security adviser, General H.

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