Iraqi Kurdish Opposition Party Gorran Calls on Barzani to Step Down
Iraqi Foreign Minister to Discuss Kurdistan, Oil Projects in Moscow
The Plight of the Iraqi Kurds Poses a Difficult U.S. Foreign Policy Challenge
Iraqi Forces Overpower Kurds, But Public Relations Battle Rages
Kirkuk and the Crossroads of U.S. Foreign Policy
Kurds Defeated, Displaced and Divided After Iraq Reclaims Oil-rich Kirkuk
Bigger Battles Are Rising From the Ashes of the War on ISIS
Kurds in Iraq Attempting to Take Assyrian Town By Force
Australia's Only Assyrian School is Giving Refugees a Fresh Start
State Department Calls on Iraqi, Kurdish Forces to 'Restore Calm'
Iraqi Army Claims Full Control of Kirkuk Province
ISIS is Losing Ground But War May Be Lost If Christians Can't Return Home
Christians Persecution Around the World is Worse Than At Any Time in History
Following Islamic State Ouster, Tribes Key to Stability in Eastern Syria
Putin Outlines His Vision for Syria Solution
Syria's Raqqa Handed Over to Local Officials and Tribal Elders
Kurds Lose, But That Doesn't Mean Turkey's a Winner
How the Kurdish Independence Referendum Backfired Spectacularly
Chaldean Patriarch's Appeal: No More Conflict
US State Department Admits Al-Nusra Affiliate Using Chemical Weapons in Syria
How a Shocking Reversal of Fortunes Unfolded in Kirkuk
Iraqi and Kurdish Forces in Fierce Fight Near Kirkuk
Russia to Control Iraq Kurdistan's Main Oil Pipeline
Iraqi Kurds Say Open to Talks With Baghdad
In Syria and Iraq, This is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like
Sensationalized News is Fueling Tension Over Areas Disputed Between Iraqis and Kurds
Lawmakers Push Trump Admin to Bypass U.N. and Help Iraqi Assyrians, Yazidis Directly
Kurdish Forces Withdraw to June 2014 Lines
From Playground to Killing Ground: An ISIS Legacy
Iraq Looks Ready for Another War
How Long Can Turkey and America Keep Up Their Alliance?
Struggle Over Kirkuk Puts the U.S. and Iran on the Same Side
Barzani's Failed Kurdistan Project: A Deathblow To The Partition Of Iraq And Syria
What the KRG's Loss of Kirkuk Means for Iraq
Iraq's Kurdish Region Postpones Elections
Kurds' Euphoria Gives Way to Infighting
Germany Suspends Training of Kurdish Fighters in Northern Iraq
Iran Criticizes UN for Silence Over ISIS Crimes Against Assyrians
Iraqi Kurds 'Miscalculated' With Independence Vote: Turkey
After Kirkuk, Kurdish Forces Pull Out of More Areas in Iraq
ISIS Down to 6,500 Fighters, Holds Only 3 Percent of Iraq
Returnees to Mosul Face Booby-trapped Homes and Destruction
Iraqi Assumes Control After Kurds Leave Disputed Areas
ISIS Militants Attack Church in Egypt, Killing 7
Islamic State Group Loses Emblematic Syria Stronghold Raqqa
Kurds Abandon Territory in the Face of Iraq Government Advance
Iraq Forces Take Yazidi Town of Sinjar From Kurds
Iraqi Forces Press on With Capture of Kurdish-held Areas
Two Rivers, Three Countries? Ethnography and Destiny in Iraq
Is the Dream Of Kurdish Independence Now Over?
Clashes Around Oil-rich Kirkuk Raise Specter of a New Civil War in Iraq
Iraq Seizes Kirkuk From Kurds Leaving Two US Allies Locked in Conflict
Iraq Forces Remove Kurdish Flag From Kirkuk
Assyrian Snipers in Syria -- a Pain in the Neck for ISIS
When Will the U.S. Act for Assyrians in Iraq?
The History of Kirkuk, Iraq
Iraqi Forces Enter Kirkuk As Kurds Flee
Assyrian Priest Caring for Vulnerable Christians Issues Prayer Appeal
Hungary Hosts First Ever Government Conference for Persecuted Christians
Turkey Halts Flights to Iraq's Kurdish Region

Kirkuk and the Crossroads of U.S. Foreign Policy

By James Poulos

It is hard to find a better symbol of America's bewildering fortunes and tough choices in the Middle East than in Kirkuk -- the strategic Iraqi city where troops from Baghdad, joined by Shiite militias commanded by Iran, did battle this month with the Kurds who had secured the contested city.

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