Erbil's Catholic University Students Graduate
Iraq Faces an Ongoing Crisis of Sovereignty
Hundreds March in DC for Persecuted Christians
Patriarch Sako Sees No Issues With Assyrian Church Reunification
The U.S. Should Recognize the Greek Genocide
Assyrian Patriarch Attends the Closing Luncheon of Chaldean Clergy
Iraq's Assyrian Parties Strive for Unity After Riots
Cardinal Sako Warns Assyrians in Iraq Risk Disappearing
Pope Francis Receives Iraqi Christian Leaders
Syrian Assyrian Fighters: We Are Ready to Defend Our Regions
Chaldean Bishop: Aleppo Facing 'Bombardment' of Poverty
Assyrians Are Indigenous to Iraq, Not Refugees
Two Assyrian Fighters Killed in Turkish Shelling in Syria
Iraq Must Recognize Assyrians As Its Indigenous People
Turkey's Midyat District Meeting Point for Assyrian Expats
Assyrian Fighter Killed By Turkish Drone
Chaldean Patriarch Sako Confirms His Intention to Resign
Syrian Christians Threatened By Potential Turkish Invasion
Why Are Non-Muslim Cemeteries Attacked in Turkey?
Assyrian People Must Resist in Order to Survive
Who Protects Christian Properties in Northeast Syria?
Ukraine War, Inflation Nags At Assyrians' Recovery in Northern Iraq
Armenia to Provide Aid to Yazidis, Assyrians in North Iraq
One Thousand Year-old Assyrian Graves Desecrated in Mardin, Turkey
Syrian Catholic Bishops Highlight Complex Challenges in Middle East
Pope: Catholic, Oriental Orthodox Should Look At More Sacramental Sharing
The Early Assyrian Monastery Built on a Sun God Temple in Turkey
Archeologists Unearth Nearly 50 Assyrian Tablets in Nineveh
New Dam Could Drown Ancient Iraqi City of Ashur
Christian Relics Found When Restoring Ancient Assyrian Church
Historic Church Service in Turkey Marred By Attack on Assyrian Family
Syrian Christians: Life Between War and Migration
Iraq Extends Mandate of Committee on Illegally Expropriated Property
Persecution Against Christians Never Ends in Turkey
Daughter of Assyrian Immigrants Strives to Shape Policy
A Unique Assyrian Town in North Iraq
The Persecution of Christians, April 2022
Iraqi Assyrians: From One Genocide to Another
Assyrian Christian College Takes a Holistic Approach to Learning
Iraq's Rich Cultural Heritage is Crumbling
Ancient City of Nineveh to Open for Tourists
Turkey Imprisoned an Assyrian Monk for Providing Bread and Water to Strangers in Need
Two Assyrians Arrested Trying to Protect Land From Confiscation By Kurds
Remains of Two Assyrian Priests Found in Chapel in North Iraq
Mardin: Turkey's Ancient Treasure Trove
Persecuted Christians Struggle To Practice Their Faith in Iran
New Hope for the Assyrian Churches of Iraq and Syria
Assyrian Orthodox Community Celebrates Easter in Syria
Assyrian Church in Iraq Damaged By ISIS Holds Service After 8 Years
The Difficult Reunification of Eastern Churches
Can Iraq's Archaeological Renaissance Help Forge a National Identity?
Arab Writer and Assyrian Politician Define Ways to Confront Genocide
Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians to Hold Marches on Genocide Remembrance Day
Man Arrested Again Over the Disappearance of Assyrian Couple in Turkey
Turkey Launches New Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels in Northern Iraq
Assyrians Celebrate Traditional Flag Raising At Yonkers City Hall
Assyrian Fighter Killed in Turkish Shelling in Northeast Syria
In North Iraq, Easter Among Assyrians Who Speak the Language of Jesus
The Assyro-Chaldeans: Memory of a Repeating Tragedy
Assyrian American Artist Connects With Cultural Heritage in North Iraq

Erbil's Catholic University Students Graduate

By Julian Bechocha

Erbil, Iraq -- In a ceremony highlighted by the overcoming of persecution and sectarianism, students of Iraq's only Catholic university graduated on Thursday, expressing hope that their community's future will be characterized by an unfamiliar phenomenon - peace.

Iraq Faces an Ongoing Crisis of Sovereignty

By Arbella Bet-Shlimon

On 3 October 1932 Iraq joined the League of Nations. Symbolically, the assembly's vote to admit Iraq, which terminated Britain's mandate over the country, marked its independence. But true sovereignty remained elusive. For Iraq's monarchy, installed by British officials in 1921, independence brought a sense of anxiety, not triumph.

Hundreds March in DC for Persecuted Christians

By Ryan Foley

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of Americans from around the country gathered on the National Mall Saturday for the third-annual March for the Martyrs. Religious freedom advocates called on American Christians to learn from those overseas who chose to die rather than renounce their belief in Jesus Christ, saying that they should be willing to lay down their lives for their faith if they should ever have...

Patriarch Sako Sees No Issues With Assyrian Church Reunification

Baghdad -- "I have studied our Eastern heritage and the writings of the Fathers of the Church and I see nothing to prevent the union of the Chaldean Church and the Assyrian Church of the East under the name Church of the East", says the Chaldean Patriarch and Iraqi Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako, who wishes to initiate a common and fraternal reflection on the possible restoration of full sacramental...

The U.S. Should Recognize the Greek Genocide

By George Monastiriakos

I am a descendant of survivors of the Greek genocide. My great-grandmother and her parents, like their parents and grandparents before them, were Ottoman Greeks born in what is known today as the Republic of Turkey. A century ago, the Turkish National Movement secured "Turkey for the Turks" by extirpating my ancestors and other minorities from their ancestral homeland in Anatolia.

Assyrian Patriarch Attends the Closing Luncheon of Chaldean Clergy

Ankawa, Iraq -- Exactly one year after his election as Patriarch, Mar Awa III, Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, was the guest of honor at the lunch organized at the end of the spiritual exercises that from 5 to 8 September saw the participation of more than eighty bishops and priests of the Chaldean Church.

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