Iraq's Rich Cultural Heritage is Crumbling
Ancient City of Nineveh to Open for Tourists
Turkey Imprisoned an Assyrian Monk for Providing Bread and Water to Strangers in Need
Two Assyrians Arrested Trying to Protect Land From Confiscation By Kurds
Remains of Two Assyrian Priests Found in Chapel in North Iraq
Mardin: Turkey's Ancient Treasure Trove
Persecuted Christians Struggle To Practice Their Faith in Iran
New Hope for the Assyrian Churches of Iraq and Syria
Assyrian Orthodox Community Celebrates Easter in Syria
Assyrian Church in Iraq Damaged By ISIS Holds Service After 8 Years
The Difficult Reunification of Eastern Churches
Can Iraq's Archaeological Renaissance Help Forge a National Identity?
Arab Writer and Assyrian Politician Define Ways to Confront Genocide
Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians to Hold Marches on Genocide Remembrance Day
Man Arrested Again Over the Disappearance of Assyrian Couple in Turkey
Turkey Launches New Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels in Northern Iraq
Assyrians Celebrate Traditional Flag Raising At Yonkers City Hall
Assyrian Fighter Killed in Turkish Shelling in Northeast Syria
In North Iraq, Easter Among Assyrians Who Speak the Language of Jesus
The Assyro-Chaldeans: Memory of a Repeating Tragedy
Assyrian American Artist Connects With Cultural Heritage in North Iraq
Assyrians Rebuilding Churches in Iraq Destroyed By ISIS
Joyful Iraqi Assyrians Return to Nineveh Plains to Celebrate Holy Week
Tens of Thousands of Assyrians Join in Palm Sunday Procession in Iraq
Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians Join in Genocide Recognition March
Assyrian Heritage Festival Concludes in Iraq
'We Will Not Hesitate to Defend Our Land': Assyrian Spokesman
Turkish Drone Attacks Target Assyrian Town, Assyrian Official in Syria
Assyrian Caucus Formed in Illinois
Assyrians Sue San Diego County Over Redistricting Map
Sculptures Vandalised By ISIS Return to Ancient Assyrian City of Hatra
The Assyrians of Ukraine, Donbass and Crimea
Iraq Returns More Than 120 Stolen Properties to Assyrians
Restoration At Iraq's IS-devastated Archaeological Site Underway
First Stone of the Future Cathedral of the Assyrian Church of the East Laid in Iraq
Assyrian in Syrian Mark 7th Anniversary of ISIS Attacks
The Destruction of Christian Cultural Heritage
Assyrian Church Under Construction in Istanbul
Syria's Christian Population Dwindles to Nearly Nothing
Catholics in Today's Iran: the Testimony of a Chaldean Bishop
Still No Indictment After Two Years in Kidnapped Assyrians Case
A Voice of Peace for Suffering Assyrians
Historic Assyrian Church Used As a Stable in Southeast Turkey
At the Iraqi Site of Assur, Ancient Assyrian History Stands At Risk of Destruction
Iraqi Assyrians Focus on Light in the Darkness
Religious Persecution on the Rise in 2021 Amid Signs of Hope
Assyrian Youth Exodus Takes Joy Out of Syria Christmas
Assyrian Town Once Invaded By ISIS Celebrates Christmas
"Orientalism" and Minority Groups in West Asia and North Africa
Turkey Makes Final Touches to Minority Election Regulations
Why Do the Iranian Authorities Keep Arresting Christians?
New Assyrian Patriarch Found a Home At Chicago Seminary
Bombs Hurled At Assyrian Store in Iraq
Australian Parliament to Debate Recognition of Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide
Toward a New Vision for the Middle East
KRG Begins Documenting Illegal Expropriations Suffered By Assyrians
Turkish Parliament Rejects Budget Proposal for Minority Schools
New Chaldean Bishop Has Firsthand Experience of ISIS' Campaign of Genocide
Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Communities Condemn Australian Ambassador to Turkey
From the Homeland to the Diaspora: An Assyrian Outlook

Iraq's Rich Cultural Heritage is Crumbling

By Paul Peachey

Iraq's rich cultural heritage is being lost at "unprecedented rates" after destruction by wars and ISIS because of cash shortages, plundering and feuds between rival groups seeking to put their own imprint on the country's history, a report has said.

Ancient City of Nineveh to Open for Tourists

By Amr Salem

Baghdad -- Nineveh Department of Antiquities and Heritage announced on Sunday that three countries are carrying out archaeological excavations in the governorate, and decided a date to open the ancient city for tourists, according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

Turkey Imprisoned an Assyrian Monk for Providing Bread and Water to Strangers in Need

By Kyle D. March

Assyrian monk Sefer Bilecen, known as Father Aho, was sentenced to 25 months in prison in April 2021 by the Turkish government. The monk is accused of providing aid to a terrorist organization. While a steep charge, the reality of Father Aho's conviction is far more sinister: It reveals the government-led persecution of minority religions, in this case the humble expression of traditional...

Two Assyrians Arrested Trying to Protect Land From Confiscation By Kurds

The Assyrian Christian Mayor of Dadersh village in the Sarsank region of the Duhok governorate in Kurdistan, Iraq, and one other Assyrian Christian man named James Zaya, were arrested on 11 May after a group of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) loyalists tried to confiscate land belonging to local residents.

Remains of Two Assyrian Priests Found in Chapel in North Iraq

By Inés San Martín

ROME -- After several days of searching, the remains of two Syrian Chaldean martyrs, killed for their faith by the Ottoman Empire, were found last week in a chapel outside the Christian village of Qaraqosh in Iraq's Nineveh Plain.

Mardin: Turkey's Ancient Treasure Trove

By Lisa Morrow

(CNN) -- Donkeys meander through narrow streets past doorways and through low arches, suddenly braying around corners at startled tourists while residents continue on their way, unperturbed. Old stone walls reverberate with the gentle murmur of conversations in Arabic, Syriac, Armenian, Kurdish, Torani, Turkish and Aramaic, an ancient Semitic language once believed to have been used by Jesus.

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