Muslim Groups Could Push Christianity to Extinction in Middle East
Why Aren't Assyrians Returning to Bartella, Iraq?
After ISIS, Iraq's Assyrians Now Face New Threat From Shabak Shiite Militias
UN Envoy Calls for End to Political Infighting in Iraq
Fierce Fighting Over Last Islamic State Foothold in Syria
4 Ancient Assyrian Books Depicting Life of Jesus Seized in Turkey
European Court Deals Blow to Human Rights Efforts in Turkey
Top Iraqi Catholic Says Country's Assyrians 'Really Need' a Papal Visit
US-backed Fighters Launch Final Push to Defeat ISIS in Syria
Iraqi Assyrians Fear Returning Home, Wary of Shiite Militia
Islam: The West's 'Most Formidable and Persistent Enemy'
Iraq Faces Daunting Challenges in Unifying Its People
Chaldean Patriarch: Reforms Required to Meet Challenges of Modernity
New Life for Assyrian Town in North Iraq
Iraq's Dying Rivers
As ISIS Shrinks, Syrians Return Home and Discover a Wasteland
U.N. Clears Thousands of Explosives in Iraq
1.8 Million Remain Displaced in Iraq
Chaldean Patriarch: One Million Iraqi Christians Have Emigrated in Recent Years
Ayatollah Asks UN to Investigate Violence Against Mosul's Assyrians
Search for Iraq's Stolen Artifacts Gets Serious
Cardinal Sako Calls for End to Persecution of Christians in the Middle East
Chaldean Patriarch Calls for Investigation Into ISIS Crimes
The Widespread Persecution of Converts to Christianity
Mosul: Where Demons, Women and 'Islamic State' Met
An Assyrian Woman's Decade-long Journey to Help Victims of War
Syrian Assyrians Fear a New Genocide In Wake of US Pullout
Iraq's Mosul Museum Partially Reopens Following Devastation By ISIS
Tablets Reveal Ancient Assyrian Medicine
Chaldean Patriarch: Youth, Churches and Dialogue Foundations for Rebuilding the Christian Presence i
Rebuilding Broken Hearts: A Syrian Sister's Prayer for Her Country
Pope's Visit Sends 'A Message of Love and Peace,' Says Syriac Archbishop
Kurds Are Not Ready for Democracy, They Are Ready to Rule
New Mosul Prelate Urges Pope to Visit Iraq
The Controversial Sale of Assyrian Antiquities
Kurdish PM Hopes Assyrians in Iraq Will Not Emigrate
Syriac Patriarch Opens Archdiocese Residence in Erbil, Iraq
UK Priest Who Found His Calling in the Plight of Iraq's Assyrians
Coalition Meets With Polish Officials on the Plight of Middle East Christians
Assyrian Priest Who Saved Christian Heritage Ordained Mosul Archbishop
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch: Unify Efforts Against Extremism, Terrorism
US Coalition Forces Overrun Last ISIS Village in Syria
The Assyrians of Eastern Anatolia in the 19th Century
Turkey's Unjust Justice System: Armenian MP Under Attack
Historic Eastern Christianity: An Uncertain Future
In Iraq, There's Life for Assyrians After Islamic Fundamentalism
Iraqi Militias Attack Terrorists in Syria
Residents of Assyrian Towns in Iraq Face Another Displacement
Iraq's Archaeological Sites Face Looting, Urbanisation Threats
Landmark Assyrian Church Project Stirs Mixed Sentiments in Turkey
Cardinal Sako Tells New Bishops to Work for the Church and Iraq
Iraqi Assyrians Are Target of Land Grab
Israeli Historians' New Study Claims 30-year Genocide Against Anatolian Christians
Iraqi Curriculum Issues Veiled Threat Against Assyrian Women
Iraq PM: 25% of Foreign Troops Withdrew in 2018
Muslim Throng Converges on Worship Site of Coptic Church in Egypt
Church Gunfire Part of Intimidation Campaign Against Iraq's Assyrians
Iraqi Assyrian Border Villages Bear the Brunt of Turkish Air Strikes
Aliph Announces Project to Restore Assyrian Monastery in Iraq
Chaldean Priest: a New Year of Rebirth for Mosul

Muslim Groups Could Push Christianity to Extinction in Middle East

By Gerrard Kaonga

Senior Policy Officer of the Christian Persecution charity Open Doors, Matthew Rees, revealed that Christians are heavily persecuted in eastern countries like Iraq and Syria by extremists like ISIS. As Christians in this part of the world are often in a minority they are often targeted by terrorist and extremist groups as Christianity is perceived as a western religion, despite originating in the...

Why Aren't Assyrians Returning to Bartella, Iraq?

BARTELLA, Iraq (AP) -- In the main square in the northern Iraqi town of Bartella stands a large cross, one of the few overt signs that the northern Iraqi town was historically Christian. Nearby, a massive billboard shows Shiite Muslim martyrs alongside a picture of Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei.

After ISIS, Iraq's Assyrians Now Face New Threat From Shabak Shiite Militias

Karamles, North Iraq -- There is no peace for Christians in northern Iraq. If, on the one hand, the memory of the violence perpetrated by Islamic State jihadists (SI, ex Isis) is still alive, in recent weeks another threat is shadowing the future of the community: the Shiite militias linked to the Shabak, who are in fact hindering Christians return to the Nineveh plain.

UN Envoy Calls for End to Political Infighting in Iraq

By Edith M. Lederer

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The new U.N. envoy for Iraq called Wednesday for an end to political infighting so the formation of a government can be completed, warning that further delay could lead to "significant repercussions" on the country's stability. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert told the U.N.

Fierce Fighting Over Last Islamic State Foothold in Syria

By Carlo Muñoz

American warplanes and U.S.-backed Syrian ground forces kicked off a long-awaited assault on the Islamic State's final stronghold in the country, in what White House officials and coalition commanders anticipate will mark the end of the terror group's four-year campaign in the Middle East. U.S.

4 Ancient Assyrian Books Depicting Life of Jesus Seized in Turkey

Turkish police have seized four invaluable ancient books written in Syriac and Aramaic, including one depicting the life of Jesus Christ. Anti-smuggling police teams carried out an operation in southwestern Denizli province upon receiving intelligence that smugglers were planning to sell the ancient books.

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