What the KRG's Loss of Kirkuk Means for Iraq
Iraq's Kurdish Region Postpones Elections
Kurds' Euphoria Gives Way to Infighting
Germany Suspends Training of Kurdish Fighters in Northern Iraq
Iran Criticizes UN for Silence Over ISIS Crimes Against Assyrians
Iraqi Kurds 'Miscalculated' With Independence Vote: Turkey
After Kirkuk, Kurdish Forces Pull Out of More Areas in Iraq
ISIS Down to 6,500 Fighters, Holds Only 3 Percent of Iraq
Returnees to Mosul Face Booby-trapped Homes and Destruction
Iraqi Assumes Control After Kurds Leave Disputed Areas
ISIS Militants Attack Church in Egypt, Killing 7
Islamic State Group Loses Emblematic Syria Stronghold Raqqa
Kurds Abandon Territory in the Face of Iraq Government Advance
Iraq Forces Take Yazidi Town of Sinjar From Kurds
Iraqi Forces Press on With Capture of Kurdish-held Areas
Two Rivers, Three Countries? Ethnography and Destiny in Iraq
Is the Dream Of Kurdish Independence Now Over?
Clashes Around Oil-rich Kirkuk Raise Specter of a New Civil War in Iraq
Iraq Seizes Kirkuk From Kurds Leaving Two US Allies Locked in Conflict
Iraq Forces Remove Kurdish Flag From Kirkuk
Assyrian Snipers in Syria -- a Pain in the Neck for ISIS
When Will the U.S. Act for Assyrians in Iraq?
The History of Kirkuk, Iraq
Iraqi Forces Enter Kirkuk As Kurds Flee
Assyrian Priest Caring for Vulnerable Christians Issues Prayer Appeal
Hungary Hosts First Ever Government Conference for Persecuted Christians
Turkey Halts Flights to Iraq's Kurdish Region
Kurds Block Iraqi Forces' Access to Kirkuk Oil Fields; Iran Shuts Border Crossings
Iraqi Forces Begin Assault Near Kurdish-Held City of Kirkuk
Iraq Accuses Kurds of 'Declaration of War' in Kirkuk
Syria Demands Turkey Withdraw From Idlib
Kurds 'Reject' Baghdad's Demand to Nullify Referendum Results
Turkey Uncensored: A History of Censorship and Bans
Ending Syria's War May Be Easier Than Rebuilding Christian/Muslim Trust
Congress Clashes With Trump Administration Over Aid for Iraqi Assyrians
Turkmen Militia, Peshmerga Clash in Northern Iraq
Egypt Detains Suspect in Coptic Priest Murder
Deal to Evacuate Civilians From Raqqa Has Been Accepted
U.S.-Backed Forces In Syria Say 'Final' Battle For Raqqa Is On
UN Under Fire Over Christian Persecution
Russia Questions Validity Of UN Syrian Gas Attack Investigation
Iraq Forces Retake Positions From Kurds in Disputed Kirkuk
Russia Raises Doubts About UN Probe of Syria Gas Attack
Can Christians Stay in the Middle East Despite Persecution?
Christians in Middle East Feel 'Abandoned, Betrayed' By the West
Thousands of Kurdish Troops Sent to Kirkuk to Face 'Iraqi Threat'
Turkey's Relationship With the West Crumbles
Three Syrian Rebel Groups Agree to Damascus Truce
EU Steps Up Its Assistance for the Stabilisation of Iraq
Iraqi Militias Spokesman Says Kurdish Leader 'Worse' Than ISIS
Top US Ground Commander All But Declares Victory Over ISIS in Iraq
Assad Better Than Islamists: Syriac Patriarch
International Community Looks on While Christian Persecution Worsens
Syriac Catholic Bishops Lament Threat to Christian Presence in Middle East
Coptic Priest Killed By a Muslim in Cairo Outskirts
Kurds in Iraq Briefly Block Roads to Mosul
Iraq PM Denies Attack Plan As Tensions Rise With Kurds
Muslims Target Egyptian Christians Through Abductions, Forced Marriages and Conversions
Speaker of Parliament Says Iraq's Unity is a Fundamental Issue
The Americans Detained in Turkey

What the KRG's Loss of Kirkuk Means for Iraq

By Max J. Joseph

Too many takes on Kirkuk have left me cringing. From Kurds, Arabs, Westerners and pretty much everyone else. Observing the mixture of hysteria and celebration was profound and jarring enough to provoke me into this small piece of commentary.

Iraq's Kurdish Region Postpones Elections

BAGHDAD (AP) -- Kurdish media says Iraqi Kurdish officials have postponed elections for parliament and president of the autonomous region in the wake of the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from disputed regions across northern and eastern Iraq.

Kurds' Euphoria Gives Way to Infighting

By Caroline Alexander

As Iraqi troops melted away amid Islamic State's northern offensive in 2014, Kurdish forces rushed to fill the breach, seizing the contested city of Kirkuk and nearby oil fields. Suddenly, a viable vision of a long-cherished state emerged. Just as abruptly, it's all gone wrong.

Germany Suspends Training of Kurdish Fighters in Northern Iraq

By Riham Alkousaa

BERLIN (Reuters) -- Germany will suspend its mission training Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq because of the conflict between the Kurds and the Iraqi government, the German defense minister said on Wednesday. Germany has been a major partner for the Iraqi Kurds.

Iraqi Kurds 'Miscalculated' With Independence Vote: Turkey

By Suzan Fraser

(AP) -- Turkey said Wednesday that Iraq's retaking of the northern city of Kirkuk from Kurdish forces earlier this week has rectified the Kurds' "mistake" in holding a non-binding referendum on independence last month.

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