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The Assyrian and the Drone
The Assyrian Ivory Plates in Jerusalem
The Assyrian Fathers of Christianity in Georgia
100 Years Since the Catastrophe of Smyrna
The Assyrian Priest, Ghandi and Nehru
The Story of Assyrian Wine in Turkey
The 3,000-year-old Assyrian Lens
Australian Assyrian Gymnast Places Fourth Place Nationally
Russian Revives Fashion for Assyrian Kokoshniks
Ancient Assyrian Complex Discovered Under Turkish Home
How Long Can a Garden Last?
How Assyrians Laid the Blueprint for Future Empires
The Largest Library in the Ancient World
An Assyrian Genocide, a Russian Revolution, an Indian Grandfather
Visiting The Biblically Historic City Of Nineveh
The Lost Assyrian Colony in Africa
Ancient Assyrian Armor Found In China
Assyrians and the Birth of Iraqi Soccer
India's Forgotten Assyrian Bishop
A Legendary Assyrian Siege Ramp
The Jazzy Assyrian
Inside the Assyrian Citadel
The Origin of the Armenian Alphabet
The Assyrian Comedian
Housewives, Weavers and Businesswomen: Assyrian Women From Assur and Kanesh
The King's Parasol
Enlightenment On Middle Eastern History And Culture Through Artwork
The King's Library
The Assyrian King's Earring
God of Scribes and Wisdom
Assyrian Artist Uses Snow to Create Intricate Art
The Bridge of Dalaleh: From Arta to Assyria
Art, Talent and Adversity
The Ancient Zoroastrian Symbol of Iran
Ancient Assyrian Art: the Visual Culture of an Empire
43 Facts About The Assyrian Empire
Medicine in Ancient Assyria
The Era of the Handshake
Reanimating Cultural Confidence
Mongolia to Restore Assyrian-based Traditional Alphabet
The Mysterious Giant Mounds of Jerusalem
Don't Call Me 'POC'!
The Ultimate Weapon of Ancient Times
New Website on Assyrian Heritage in Turkey
Son of Assyrians
British Museum Offers Fictional Travel Guides to Ancient Cities
The Assyrian Church in India
The 3,000-Year-Old Assyrian Panels
Semiramis, the Real and Legendary Assyrian Queen
The Detroit Restaurants That Taste Like Ancient Assyria
Scientists Use Lab Equipment to Reveal Ancient Hidden Text
Approaching Ancient Assyria Through Archaeology Leads to New Insights
The Monastery in Georgia Founded By an Assyrian
Assyria Township OKs Pay Increase for Elected Officials
Reclaiming the Christmas Kileche
The Epilepsy Demon
Assyrian Woman Uses Social Media to Launch Hollywood Career
The Assyrian Empire: Governors, Diplomats and Soldiers
Cuneiform Reveals Shared Birthplace
Cuneiform Tablets and 'Envelopes' Tell of Mesopotamian Sophistication

The Assyrian and the Drone

By Richard Whittle

The 40,000 square feet of office and engineering space occupied by Karem Aircraft Inc. in Lake Forest, California, includes four conference rooms, each named for a designer enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

The Assyrian Ivory Plates in Jerusalem

By Yaron Druckman

It is the first such collection to be excavated in the Jerusalem are, in dig conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University in the City of David archeological site. The plates made of ivory -- considered more precious than gold in the ancient world - were found in the ruins of a large administrative building from 8-7 century B.C.

The Assyrian Fathers of Christianity in Georgia

From the start of Christianity, one of the most critical geographical settings has been in the form of the desert, which has served as an escape from the distractions of the world for thousands of years. From the Old Testament Prophets to the witness of both Christ and St.

100 Years Since the Catastrophe of Smyrna

By Dr Themistocles Kritikakos

100 years later, the trauma that Greek survivors experienced during the final years of the Ottoman Empire has been passed on to their descendants living in contemporary Australia. The Armenian genocide during the First World War is internationally known. However, the similar experiences of Greeks and Assyrians in the late Ottoman Empire between 1914 and 1923 remain largely unknown.

The Assyrian Priest, Ghandi and Nehru

By G. Ragesh

The clergy's uneasy relationship, mostly, with India's valiant freedom fighters who fought for freedom from the British is history, but pious exceptions adorn the altar of the country's struggle for Independence.

The Story of Assyrian Wine in Turkey

By Erin O'Brien

Gabriel Oktay Cili is a man of many talents. When we visited him on a winter day in January, he had a crowd of visitors packed into his tiny, tunnel-like shop on the main tourist drag in old Mardin, near the Syrian border with Turkey. Each had a cup of cardamom-laced Assyrian coffee or tea in hand and each was waiting for Gabriel to attend to them.

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