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Assyrian Pizza in Turkey
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Mardin, Turkey -- Kafro (Elbeğendi) and (Arkah) Üçköy, villages of Midyat district which were once abandoned due to terrorist incidents, began to be associated with Pizza in many countries of the world, especially in Turkey.

In the rural area of ​​Mardin's Midyat district, Assyrians returning to their villages from European countries are creating wonders. A pizzeria opened by Nail Demir in Elbeğendi Village and became famous throughout the country in a short time was followed by another pizza establishment opened in Üçköy. Moris Dal, who has 24 years of pizza experience in Germany, and his jeweler relative Gabriyel Çil, invested 7 million worth of pizza in Üçköy. They made an investment of approximately 20 million Euros, including the stone villas they built in their villages. Gabriel Çil and Moris Dal bring their 24 years of pizza experience in Germany to local and foreign customers in Üçköy, located on Bagok Mountain.


Moris Dal returned to Üçköy, which he left at the age of 12, as a pizza master after 40 years. He realized his dream of turning his 24 years of pizza experience in Germany into service in the village where he was born and raised and for which he longed. Çil and Dal, which revive mountain tourism here, attract many tourism tours from Turkey and the world to the pizza villages.


Making a statement about the pizza shop, Business Manager Samet Matyaz said that the opening in Üçköy on Bagok Mountain took place one and a half years ago.

Matyaz stated that Moris Dal and Gabriel Çil, who immigrated from Üçköy to Germany 40 years ago, made this investment here when they returned to their hometown where they were born and raised, and said, "With the stone villas and pizza parlor they built in Üçköy, they invested 20 million Euros in their own village." They made an investment of . 14 of us are eating bread here. "We thank them." said.

Stating that this place has received great interest since its opening, Matyaz said, "Both tourism tours in Turkey and foreign tourists from abroad flock here. It was truly an excellent business. Well done to those who made it. We make 14 types of pizza and 7 types of pita here. "We have our own pizzas made from local roasting." he said.


Pointing out that most of the products used in pizza making in pizza facilities are regional and local, Matyaz said, "We use local products in making pizza. These are the additive-free products we use that add flavor to pizza. We make sweet pizza called 'Arkah Pizza' from grapes and fruits grown in the region. We give it to our customers as dessert. "It was very appreciated." he said.

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