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Assyria At Mardi Gras

By Keith Spera|

As might be expected from a Mardi Gras organization celebrating its 50th anniversary, the 2016 Endymion parade will take a long look back at its history. In keeping with this year's theme, "Endymion Through the Years," individual floats will illustrate past themes. Endymion rolls at 4:15 p.m.

'Nabucco' Delivers Brilliance on All Fronts

By John von Rhein

Considering Lyric Opera of Chicago's long and honorable history as a haven for the stage works of Giuseppe Verdi, his "Nabucco" has led a curiously spotty performance life at the company once dubbed "La Scala West.

Nineveh, U.S.A.

By Joyce Coronel

Zinah Marzana's blue-green eyes fill with tears as she recalls the moment her life changed forever. It was December, and she was holding her infant son as her husband, Zergo, drove along the road outside Tel Kaif in northern Iraq's Nineveh Plain. Her brother sat in the front seat beside her husband.

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