All Things Assyrian
Toronto Based Researcher Works to Preserve Ancient Syriac Inscriptions
Safe At Last, After a Century of Conflict
'Assyria to Iberia' Exhibition Opening in New York This September
Fist Bumps and the Zombie Apocalypse
Arundel's Link to One of the Oldest Cities in the Great Assyrian Empire
She's Israeli. He's Assyrian. They're Putting on a Comedy Show Together
Melons for Summer and Soup
Prehistoric 'Bookkeeping' Continued Long After Invention of Writing
Voice of Syrian Assyrian Art
A Chaldean American Success Story
Assyria Foundation Honors Oriental Institute Scholars
Messiah Ensemble to Give New Concert in Tehran
Between Colors and Cultures
Assyria to Iberia At the Dawn of the Classical Age
The Hidden Message of the Assyrian Lament
Moving Water
Prokofiev. Providence. Chaldean Incantation "There Were 7"
New Chaldean Bishop for Eastern United States
Assyrians Learn From the Jewish Experiences in the Diaspora
Syriac Gazetter Preserves Endangered Middle East Christian Cultures
Chaldean Town Housing Project May Move Out of City
Business is Going Native Again
Rare Byzantine Mosaic Unearthed in Israel's Negev Desert
British Museum Will Not Bid for Fragment of Assyrian Stele
The Oldest Song in the World
Dennis Earl Elementary School Celebrates Assyrian New Year
Chaldean Business Group Booming in San Diego
Lent is a Time of Peace and the Future of Christians in Iraq
Syria, History, and the (re)conquest of the Middle East
U.S. Troops Saved Art As the 'Monuments Men' of Iraq

Toronto Based Researcher Works to Preserve Ancient Syriac Inscriptions

By Anqi Shen

More than a decade ago, Amir Harrak spent three sweltering summers in his native Iraq, photographing inscriptions written in the Classical Syriac language. The University of Toronto researcher had set out to document the centuries-old engravings, knowing many would eventually be lost.

Safe At Last, After a Century of Conflict

By Kim Arlington

She was born before the outbreak of World War I and has spent much of her life in war zones or fleeing conflict. But Yasmi Houmi, who turned 102 this month, has finally found safety.

Fist Bumps and the Zombie Apocalypse

By Max Maxfield

Are you concerned about the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse or do you scoff at the thought of such an eventuality? If the latter, would you be surprised to hear that the US military has an elaborate plan should a Zombie Apocalypse befall the country? This is detailed in an unclassified document...

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