All Things Assyrian
Melons for Summer and Soup
Prehistoric 'Bookkeeping' Continued Long After Invention of Writing
Voice of Syrian Assyrian Art
A Chaldean American Success Story
Assyria Foundation Honors Oriental Institute Scholars
Messiah Ensemble to Give New Concert in Tehran
Between Colors and Cultures
Assyria to Iberia At the Dawn of the Classical Age
The Hidden Message of the Assyrian Lament
Moving Water
Prokofiev. Providence. Chaldean Incantation "There Were 7"
New Chaldean Bishop for Eastern United States
Assyrians Learn From the Jewish Experiences in the Diaspora
Syriac Gazetter Preserves Endangered Middle East Christian Cultures
Chaldean Town Housing Project May Move Out of City
Business is Going Native Again
Rare Byzantine Mosaic Unearthed in Israel's Negev Desert
British Museum Will Not Bid for Fragment of Assyrian Stele
The Oldest Song in the World
Dennis Earl Elementary School Celebrates Assyrian New Year
Chaldean Business Group Booming in San Diego
Lent is a Time of Peace and the Future of Christians in Iraq
Syria, History, and the (re)conquest of the Middle East
U.S. Troops Saved Art As the 'Monuments Men' of Iraq
Cuneiform Exceptionalism
Egypt's Mysterious Monastery Hides Ancient Secrets
Biblical Languages Expert Leaves Legacy of Student Mentorship
Chaldean Assyrians Split Over Competing Chambers of Commerce in California
Assyrian Woman Awarded Medal of the Order of Australia
Early Assyrian Church Burial Site Found in China

Melons for Summer and Soup

By Hilde G. Lee

Many types of melons abound in our markets at this time of year. Although cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon dominate the melon scene, I like casaba melons, which are more difficult to find. The casaba melon, with its slightly cucumber taste, is milder and juicer than a cantaloupe.

Voice of Syrian Assyrian Art

Hasaka, Syria -- While the cultural diversity in the northeastern region of Syria has provided a fountain for bands and groups getting formed and vying with each other to commemorate the cultural and artistic heritage of the region, Barmaya troupe stands out for its adoption of the Syrian Syriac...

A Chaldean American Success Story

By Manny Cruz

San Diego -- Sabri Shamoun, a 74-year-old Chaldean American, grew the earnings from a small grocery store in Detroit into a profitable real estate venture in San Diego that has made him millions and secured the financial futures of his family and many others through his generosity.

Assyria Foundation Honors Oriental Institute Scholars

Chicago (AINA) -- The Chicago based Assyria Foundation and the Assyrian community honored scholars and editors from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago on the occasion of the completion of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (CAD). Begun in 1921 by Dr.

Messiah Ensemble to Give New Concert in Tehran

Iran's Messiah ensemble is planning to perform new music programs in English and Persian at the Iranian capital of Tehran's Vahdat Hall. Conducted by Assyrian musician Honiball Yousef, the group will present the program titled The Voices from the Days of Slavery for the first time.

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