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Assyrian Writer Honored in Iran
Toronto and the Assyrian Film Producer
Preserving the History of the Assyrian Empire
Puerto Rican-Assyrian Humor
The Early Assyrian Settlers in Western Canada
Why You Should Eat Like the Ancient Assyrians Ate
Inside the Assyrian Palace Revealed in Fight for Mosul
Anatolian Borders of Assyrian Empire Revealed
Diplomacy and Warfare in the Neo-Assyrian Empire
An Assyrian Guardian Angel in London
Assyrian Appointed As New Police Chief for Turlock
When Turkish Was Written in the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Script
Agatha Christie Had Little-known Role in Ancient Nimrud
Astounding Ancient Assyria: The Grand Palace of Assurnasirpal
The Ancient Place Where History Began
India's Ancient Christmas Tradition
Ancient Assyrian Inscription Survives ISIL Attacks
Home Sweet Hummus
Eight Legendary Ancient Libraries
Bronze Age City Discovered In Iraq
The Other Syro-Anatolian History
Rare 1st-century Assyrian Mosaic Unearthed in Southeastern Turkey
Ancient Assyrians Were More 'Homely' Than We Thought
Assyrian Stuffed Peppers Are a Perfect Fall Treat
Assyrian Woman Fled From ISIS in Mosul, Now A U.S. Marine
Endowment for the Assyrian Collection At Bowdoin College
Evidence of Ancient Assyrian Church Discovered in Kazakhstan
Who Are the Chaldeans?
Why Dead Languages Like Akkadian Still Matter
The Chaldean Chamber and Foundation
The Life and Health of Assyrian Queens
Power and Propaganda At the Neo-Assyrian Royal Table
Assyrian Refugee Crowned 'Wine Queen' in Germany
University Professor Publishes Book on Ancient Assyrian King
Assyrian Brother and Sister Who Fled Syria Now in University
The Great Smyrna Fire
Archaeologists Find Assyrian Tablets in Turkey, Some About Women's Rights
New Research Resolves Long-debated Mesopotamia Timeline
7 Words Lebanese Use That Are Actually Assyrian
UCLA Library to Offer Digital Images of Rare Ancient Manuscripts in Egypt
Assyrian Doctor Honored By Chamber
Youth in India Learn Dying Language, Preserve It
Ancient Assyrians Buried Their Dead With Turtles
City Honors Assyrian-American Veteran
3D Printing Artist Gives New Life to Artifacts Destroyed By ISIS
The Genie of Nimrud
Nearly a Century in Gary
Justin Meram, the US-born Assyrian Playing for Iraq
10 Assyrian Churches From Around the World
Twins Aren't a Rarity At Assyrian Christian College
The Mythical Lamassu
Fleeing Syrian War, Assyrian Student Violinist Finds Haven in Illinois
Assyria At Mardi Gras
Assyrian Girl Who Fled ISIS in Iraq Selected to Appear on 'The Voice Kids'
'Nabucco' Delivers Brilliance on All Fronts
Nineveh, U.S.A.
Indian Choir Group Keeping The Language Of Christ Alive
Nineveh in Bombay
Wedding Plans Interrupted By War, But Their Love Prevails
New Book on Assyrians in Iraq in the 20th Century

Assyrian Writer Honored in Iran

Iranian-Assyrian writer, translator and radio presenter Albert Kouchoui, 74, received the First Degree Art Certificate in performing arts from the evaluation council of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Toronto and the Assyrian Film Producer

By Richard W. Hiebert

On Wednesday, May 3, City Archivist Tammy Donahue Buziak phoned me to tell me that a film producer in Toronto wanted to meet me. Really. I couldn't imagine why. It was because I've done research and written on the Assyrian pioneers who migrated here from Persia (Iran and Turkey) in 1903 and 1906.

Preserving the History of the Assyrian Empire

By Jacquie Posey

Amidst the Islamic State's destruction of historical sites and museums in Iraq and Syria, Grant Frame, an associate professor of Assyriology and graduate chair in the Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations in the School of Arts & Sciences, is leading an international team translating...

Puerto Rican-Assyrian Humor

Yes. Assyrian. Not Syrian. Assyria was an empire of ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq, Kuwait, southeast Turkey, southwest Iran and northeast Syria), which existed as early as 25th century B.C. And at its height, Assyria was the hub for technological, scientific and cultural achievements.

The Early Assyrian Settlers in Western Canada

Recently, long-time North Battleford resident, Margaret Beach -- a direct descendent of the original Assyrians who migrated from the Middle East to Battleford in 1903 -- suggested that 114 years after they arrived in this area might be a good time to write an article for the general public about...

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