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Ancient Assyrian Horses
The World's 10 Oldest Libraries
Assyrian Pizza in Turkey
Ancient Mesopotamian Bricks Captured a Mysterious Blip in Earth's Magnetic Field
Researchers Find 1,500 Year-old Chapter Hidden Within Assyrian Bible
The Trojan War and the Assyrians
Iraqi-American Artist Evokes the Splendor of Eden and Ancient Assyria
The Professor and the Assyrian Empire
Where is the Most Beautiful Town in Iraq?
Assyrian Warfare in the Bronze Age
The Assyrian Hazelnuts
Alina Habba: Trump's Assyrian Lawyer
The Ancient Assyrian Trade Tablet Monument
UFC Hires Assyrian Who Interrogated Saddam Hussein
Singer Discovers Her Assyrian Roots in Trip to Middle East
Ancient DNA Recovered From 2,900-Year-Old Assyrian Brick
Santur: From Ancient Assyria to Persia and Beyond
Assyrian-Style Vegan Meat and Rice Balls
Horse Archers: The Feared Unit of Ancient and Medieval Warfare
On the Silk Road to China
The Ancient Assyrian Game of Pah Tum
Researchers Extract Ancient DNA From a 2,900-Year-old Assyrian Clay Tablet
3,200 Year-Old Assyrian Perfume Recreated
The Tigris: The River That Birthed Civilisation
The World's Fastest Growing Church
Experts Create AI to Translate Ancient Assyrian
Fragment of a 1,750-Year-old Assyrian New Testament Translation Discovered
Art As a Bridge for Two Cultures
Who is Dr. Now?
The Language of the Gods: Cuneiform Writing
3,200 Year-Old Assyrian Perfume Recreated
The First Ever Menu In History Was Carved On A Stone Tablet
Ancient Stone Marks China's First Encounter With Christianity
The Assyrian and the Drone
The Assyrian Ivory Plates in Jerusalem
The Assyrian Fathers of Christianity in Georgia
100 Years Since the Catastrophe of Smyrna
The Assyrian Priest, Ghandi and Nehru
The Story of Assyrian Wine in Turkey
The 3,000-year-old Assyrian Lens
Australian Assyrian Gymnast Places Fourth Place Nationally
Russian Revives Fashion for Assyrian Kokoshniks
Ancient Assyrian Complex Discovered Under Turkish Home
How Long Can a Garden Last?
How Assyrians Laid the Blueprint for Future Empires
The Largest Library in the Ancient World
An Assyrian Genocide, a Russian Revolution, an Indian Grandfather
Visiting The Biblically Historic City Of Nineveh
The Lost Assyrian Colony in Africa
Ancient Assyrian Armor Found In China
Assyrians and the Birth of Iraqi Soccer
India's Forgotten Assyrian Bishop
A Legendary Assyrian Siege Ramp
The Jazzy Assyrian
Inside the Assyrian Citadel
The Origin of the Armenian Alphabet
The Assyrian Comedian
Housewives, Weavers and Businesswomen: Assyrian Women From Assur and Kanesh
The King's Parasol
Enlightenment On Middle Eastern History And Culture Through Artwork

Ancient Assyrian Horses

By Randy Steffen

Ancient Assyria occupied parts of the present countries of Iraq, Lebanon, and Turkey, a country about 350 miles long, by 300 miles wide... not very big, according to our standards, but immensely powerful for its size among the ancients. Animal life in ancient Assyria was as varied as the climate.

The World's 10 Oldest Libraries

By Teet Ottin

Ever since the invention of writing, institutions specialising in the collection and preservation of knowledge have been established in literate societies. Record rooms held vast collections of materials dealing with trade, administration and foreign policy. Before the age of the internet libraries were islands of knowledge, greatly shaping the development of societies throughout history.

Assyrian Pizza in Turkey

Mardin, Turkey -- Kafro (Elbeğendi) and (Arkah) Üçköy, villages of Midyat district which were once abandoned due to terrorist incidents, began to be associated with Pizza in many countries of the world, especially in Turkey. In the rural area of ​​Mardin's Midyat district, Assyrians returning to their villages from European countries are creating wonders.

Ancient Mesopotamian Bricks Captured a Mysterious Blip in Earth's Magnetic Field

By Michelle Starr

Bricks crafted from clay and used to build one of the most epic civilizations in history are now giving scientists a new tool for understanding the history of our planet. Made some 3,000 years ago, the Mesopotamian bricks contain grains of iron oxide that, to the right interpreter, reveal fascinating changes in the magnetic field that runs through and envelops Earth in a protective barrier.

Researchers Find 1,500 Year-old Chapter Hidden Within Assyrian Bible

In an extraordinary blend of ancient history and modern technology, an almost lost chapter of the Gospels has been rediscovered after lying hidden for approximately 1,500 years. The driving force behind this sensational discovery is none other than medievalist Grigory Kessel from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW or Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften), who employed ultraviolet...

The Trojan War and the Assyrians

By Caleb Howells

The Trojan War was one of the most significant and famous events in Greek history, at least as far as the ancient Greeks themselves were concerned. For this reason, the ancient historians were very concerned with establishing when the Trojan War happened, and they often mentioned it in relation to other events.

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