All Things Assyrian
UCLA Library to Offer Digital Images of Rare Ancient Manuscripts in Egypt
Assyrian Doctor Honored By Chamber
Youth in India Learn Dying Language, Preserve It
Ancient Assyrians Buried Their Dead With Turtles
City Honors Assyrian-American Veteran
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Nearly a Century in Gary
Justin Meram, the US-born Assyrian Playing for Iraq
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The Mythical Lamassu
Fleeing Syrian War, Assyrian Student Violinist Finds Haven in Illinois
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'Nabucco' Delivers Brilliance on All Fronts
Nineveh, U.S.A.
Indian Choir Group Keeping The Language Of Christ Alive
Nineveh in Bombay
Wedding Plans Interrupted By War, But Their Love Prevails
New Book on Assyrians in Iraq in the 20th Century
Learning the Language of Jesus Christ
Facility to Expand Chaldean Outreach in Detroit Area
Thousand-year-old Assyrian Bible Found in Turkey
First Persian Book on Assyrian Grammar Published
Unearthing a Neo-Assyrian Grave in Erbil, Iraq
Syrian State of Belly
Churches and Culture in the Mardin Region of Turkey
Three Ancient Cities to Rival London, Paris and New York
Tomb of Assyrian Bishop Discovered in India

UCLA Library to Offer Digital Images of Rare Ancient Manuscripts in Egypt

By Dawn Setzer

St. Catherine's Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site that's located on rugged terrain at the foot of Mount Sinai in Egypt, houses the oldest continually operating library in the world, containing ancient and medieval manuscripts second only to those held by the Vatican Library.

Assyrian Doctor Honored By Chamber

By Alex Tekip

WEST BLOOMFIELD -- Pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha has garnered national and international recognition for her role in exposing the link between Flint river water and lead poisoning, and advocating for the children and families of Flint affected by the water crisis.

Ancient Assyrians Buried Their Dead With Turtles

By Helen Thompson

Ancient Assyrians sent their dead to the afterlife with fearsome companions: turtles. Excavations of a burial pit in southeastern Turkey revealed skeletons of a woman and a child, plus 21 turtles, a team lead archaeologist Remi Berthon of France's National Museum of Natural History reports in the...

City Honors Assyrian-American Veteran

The village of Niles Board of Trustee recently presented Niles veteran Edmon Akhteebo with a key to the city. According to the village proclamation, Akhteebo joined the Marines in 1996, serving for almost 20 years.

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