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City Honors Assyrian-American Veteran
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City Honors Assyrian-American Veteran

The village of Niles Board of Trustee recently presented Niles veteran Edmon Akhteebo with a key to the city. According to the village proclamation, Akhteebo joined the Marines in 1996, serving for almost 20 years.

The Genie of Nimrud

By Kanishk Tharoor and Maryam Maruf

(BBC) -- Three thousand years ago, a genie graced the walls of an Assyrian palace. Then, probably about 20 years ago, it disappeared, only to re-emerge in London. Since 2002 it's been languishing in police vaults at Scotland Yard, because of difficulties determining the legal owner.

Nearly a Century in Gary

By Jeff Manes

Robert Joseph, 92, drives a souped-up 2015 Ford Mustang, lives in the Calumet Township area of Gary and is of Assyrian descent. It wasn't until our interview was 75 percent complete that I realized I had been talking to the guy who coached Calumet High School's football team for decades.

Justin Meram, the US-born Assyrian Playing for Iraq

By Bryan Kay

As Justin Meram tells it, he plays the game with a chip on his shoulder -- a trait he senses he will never quite shed. The temptation might be to interpret this in a negative light, a busted ego perhaps. Only he doesn't seem the sort. He's a genial individual, and well grounded.

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