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Assyrian Christian College Students Fill Food Hampers
Great Aspirations of the Iron Age
Film About Apostle Thaddeus Planned
Assyrian Artifact Sold At Auction
Students Honored for Language Skills
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She's Israeli. He's Assyrian. They're Putting on a Comedy Show Together
Melons for Summer and Soup
Prehistoric 'Bookkeeping' Continued Long After Invention of Writing
Voice of Syrian Assyrian Art
A Chaldean American Success Story
Assyria Foundation Honors Oriental Institute Scholars
Messiah Ensemble to Give New Concert in Tehran

Assyrian Christian College Students Fill Food Hampers

By Kirstie Chlopicki

Fairfield, Australia -- Students from Narsai Assyrian Christian College are reaching out to lend a hand during the Christmas season. Members of the student representative council have led the charge in gathering donated food items from students to create hampers for those less fortunate.

Great Aspirations of the Iron Age

By James Romm

Renaissance philosophers, musing on European voyages to the New World, speculated that the dispersal of gold deposits throughout the globe was part of God's plan to spur travel, exploration, and communication between continents.

Film About Apostle Thaddeus Planned

Lorenzo Lamas, 1980s heartthrob and star of the hit series "The Renegade," is set to portray the Apostle Thaddeus in an upcoming biblical epic. The movie will be produced by Walker Cable Productions, in Association with Executive Producer Billy Haido and filmed near San Antonio, Texas.

Assyrian Artifact Sold At Auction

An Assyrian gypsum cuneiform dedicatory panel, dating to the reign of Tukulti-Ninurta I (circa 1243--1207 B.C.), more than trebled its pre-sale estimate to lead our October Antiquities sale at King Street.

Students Honored for Language Skills

By Nan Austin

Modesto, California -- Stanislaus County was the first county in the nation to offer a gold seal for students proficient in another language through its Office of Education. Now in its fourth year, the Seal of Multilingual Proficiency program recognized 154 students this year.

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