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The Slow Death of Detroit's Chaldean Town

By Allan Lengel

Chaldean Town, a neighborhood along E. 7 Mile Road, bounded by Woodward Avenue and John R, was once a vibrant strip that catered to Chaldeans, and was an entry point for many fresh immigrants from Iraq. Many bought houses there and opened businesses. By the 1970s, things were bustling.

Investigating the Origins of Assyrian Government

By Karin Beumer

In 2011, Dr. Bleda Düring of the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden, obtained a European Research Council Starting Grant for his project "Consolidating Empire -- Reconstructing Hegemonic Practices of the Middle Assyrian Empire at the Late Bronze Age Fortified Estate of Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria, ca.

Historic Assyrian Church in Turkey's Southeast for Sale

By Hakk?Ozdal

A Syriac church dating back to the 4th century in Turkey's southeastern province of Mardin, has been put for sale on a real estate website for 12.5 million Turkish Liras, while the institutions responsible ancient sites have remained mum on the situation.

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