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Post-traumatic Stress 'Evident in 1300BC'
Sleep and Empire
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Assyrian Christian Influences on Early Japanese Buddhism
Christmas in Baghdad -- 100 Years Ago
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475 Families to Bring Out Handwritten Bible
8th World Syriac Conference Opened
From the Mountains of the Servants of God
Toronto Based Researcher Works to Preserve Ancient Syriac Inscriptions
Safe At Last, After a Century of Conflict
'Assyria to Iberia' Exhibition Opening in New York This September
Fist Bumps and the Zombie Apocalypse
Arundel's Link to One of the Oldest Cities in the Great Assyrian Empire
She's Israeli. He's Assyrian. They're Putting on a Comedy Show Together

Post-traumatic Stress 'Evident in 1300BC'

By James Gallagher

(BBC) -- Evidence of post-traumatic stress disorder can be traced back to 1300BC - much earlier than previously thought - say researchers. The team at Anglia Ruskin University analysed translations from ancient Iraq or Mesopotamia.

Sleep and Empire

By Mark J. Molldrem

How many times have parents said to their children, "Go to bed now; sweet dreams." How many times have children tried to stay up late (an adult proclivity also), squeeze more into the day and end up worrying about tomorrow? Getting a good night's sleep is important; having dreams is important.

Assyrian Christian Influences on Early Japanese Buddhism

By James Ford

I stumbled on this while researching for this coming Sunday's sermon on the so-called Jesus Sutras, early Chinese Nestorian Christian texts. Turns out that in 782 an Indian Buddhist monk named Prajna came to the Chinese imperial capital Chang'an.

Christmas in Baghdad -- 100 Years Ago

By Ramsen Shamon

According to my mother, the Christmas traditions Assyrians practiced in Baghdad less than a century ago were both similar and different than the traditions Assyrians have in Chicago. Making sure the house was as clean as possible was essential in an Assyrian household.

Diane Pathieu Featured in 'Assyrian Stars' Magazine

Chicago -- ABC7 Eyewitness News Reporter Diane Pathieu is on the cover of the inaugural issue of Assyrian Stars Magazine. The magazine focuses on promoting and highlighting Assyrian culture, heritage and members of the community that have made real strides.

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