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Scientists Use Lab Equipment to Reveal Ancient Hidden Text
Approaching Ancient Assyria Through Archaeology Leads to New Insights
The Monastery in Georgia Founded By an Assyrian
Assyria Township OKs Pay Increase for Elected Officials
Reclaiming the Christmas Kileche
The Epilepsy Demon
Assyrian Woman Uses Social Media to Launch Hollywood Career
The Assyrian Empire: Governors, Diplomats and Soldiers
Cuneiform Reveals Shared Birthplace
Cuneiform Tablets and 'Envelopes' Tell of Mesopotamian Sophistication
Assyrian Tablets Reveal Timing of Solar Storm Mentioned in Bible
Ancient Recipes Spring to Life
Assyrian Woman on Fire
Oriental Institute Unveils Multimillion-Dollar Makeover for Centennial
How Two Colossal Assyrian Icons Were Recreated Using Digital Tech
The Art of Ancient Assyrian Kings
'Assyria to America' Exhibit Places Ancient Art in Modern Context
3,000-year-old Assyrian Settlement Unearthed in Southeast Turkey
Mardin: Mesopotamia's Summer City
The Chicago Archaeologist Who Changed the Way We Study Civilization
The Syriac Place Names of Lebanon
Syrian Pastry Chef Earns Living By Mixing Region's Flavors
The Assyrian War Dog
Ancient Babylonian Astronomers Were Way Ahead of Their Time
The Assyrian Internet Marketer
Ancient Mesopotamia and The Rise of Civilization
Australian Beauty Pageants Driven By Migrant Communities
Meet the World's First Emperor
Art After the End of Civilization
Conversations in Syriac
Comedy and TV
Assyrian Stone Tablet Traces Early Christianity in China
Assyrian Writer Uses Language to 'Engage, Challenge and Empower'
Assyrian Kitchen's Classes, Meals Offer Food for Thought on Ancient Civilization
A Gatekeeper of Knowledge
Mass in East Syriac a Throwback to Days of Yore
Complex Astronomical and Astrological Systems Detailed on Ancient Assyrian Tablets
Enheduanna: Princess, Priestess and the World's First Known Author
In Search of a Martyred Assyrian Ancestor
Assyrian Monastery in Iraq Dates Back to 400 AD
The 12 Wise Men
Master of Extinct Languages
The Heavenly History of Angels in Art
The First Christian King
Saint Jacques of Assyria
Japanese Museum Finds Rare Scroll From Country's Early Christians
The Assyrian Women Traders of Ancient Anatolia
It's Assyria. With an A.
The First Library in the World to Reopen
Tribute to the Assyrian King
The Hidden $129 Million Assyrian Relief
Assyrian Women's Choir Sing a Different Tune
Religion and Royalty in the Holy Assyrian City
Nineveh: the Crown City of Ancient Assyria
A Wedding Fusion of Assyria and Samoa
The British School of Archaeology in Iraq
Assyrian Water Balloons
The Assyrian Tablets and the Lost City
Assyrian Iconographer Honors His Roots
The Greatest King You've Never Heard of

Scientists Use Lab Equipment to Reveal Ancient Hidden Text

By Michelle Taylor

There is more to the Declaration of Independence than "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal." Further down the parchment, the future Americans list reasons why the king of Great Britain is an unfair and unsuited ruler for America.

Approaching Ancient Assyria Through Archaeology Leads to New Insights

Dr Bleda Düring deemed it was time for an archaeological approach on the imperialisation of Assyria. 'While there are lot of archaeological studies of Assyrian sites, they are not really trying to address this broader picture of imperialism and how this imperialisation actually worked.

The Monastery in Georgia Founded By an Assyrian

(CNN) -- To trace the origins of the David Gareja monastery complex, a series of nearly 30 frescoed monasteries hewn into sandstone, you have to time travel to the sixth century AD, when the Holy Assyrian Father St. David broke ground here to establish an order of Christian monks.

Assyria Township OKs Pay Increase for Elected Officials

By Rebecca Pierce

Assyria Township, Michigan -- Assyria Township is the least assessed, lowest taxed township in Barry County, according to township Supervisor Mike Timmons. "We primarily dig holes to bury people," Timmons said during Monday's board meeting. "We facilitate voting and facilitate tax paying and that's about it.

Reclaiming the Christmas Kileche

By Dean Kalimniou

That moment in the earth's celestial orbit fast approaches whereby a family meeting is called at Casa della Kalimniou. The sole purpose of same is to allocate by means fair and consensual, the task of preparing the traditional sweets for the Christmas and New Year period.

The Epilepsy Demon

When Assyriologist Troels Pank Arbøll of the University of Copenhagen was studying the tablet at the Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin four years ago, he accidentally discovered a partially damaged drawing on its reverse. On closer inspection, the drawing turned out to be a demon with horns, tails, and a snake tongue that, according to the text, was the cause of the dreaded illness Bennu-epilepsy.

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