New Church in Sweden for 5000 Chaldeans From Middle East

By Christa Pongratz-Lippitt

More than 40 per cent the population of the southern Swedish town are from the Middle East and there are now large Christian communities New church for 5000 Chaldean Catholics from Middle East With the help of the Archdiocese of Cologne, a new church in Södertalje, 30 km south of Stockholm, for...

Yezidis in US Plead for Justice and Peace

By A.C. Robinson

As the world has observed International Human Rights Day, the Yezidi community continues to seek justice for the genocidal atrocities their people suffered at the hands of ISIS.

Assyrian Americans Call for Iraqi Government Control of Nineveh Plains

Chicago (AINA) -- The Assyrian American National Federation (AANF), an umbrella organization for Assyrians in the United States, has issued a statement calling for Iraqi federal jurisdiction over the Nineveh Plains of Iraq, which the core of the Assyrian homelands in Iraq and home to hundreds of...

European Assyrians Conclude Second Convention in Brussels

Brussels (AINA) -- The Assyrian Confederation of Europe, the main body representing half a million Assyrians living in the EU held its second convention last week. More than 120 delegates from nine different countries participated in the convention, held on 7-8 of October in Brussels.

US Sees No Future for Assad in Syria

The United States does not believe Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad will stay in power and remains committed to the Geneva process, Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert said during a press briefing.

UN and Partners Seek US$4.4 Billion to Aid Syria Refugees

AMMAN, Jordan -- United Nations agencies and humanitarian NGO partners launched a US$4.4 billion funding appeal today, designed to provide vital support in the coming year to more than five million refugees from Syria and the vulnerable communities hosting them in neighbouring countries.

Turkey No Longer Sees Syrian Government As a 'Threat'

By Brecht Jonkers

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu has clarified the new Turkish policy regarding Syria, both the Syrian government and the Kurdish forces in the north of the country. Cavusoglu did this on Tuesday, in the wake of the recent ISIS defeat in both Syria and Iraq.

Senator McCain Sends Letter on Assyrians to Kurdish President

(AINA) -- Former Republican presidential candidate and current Senator from Arizona, John McCain, sent a letter to Kurdish President Massoud Barzani regarding Assyrians in the Kurdish region in north Iraq. In the letter, dated May 25, McCain expresses "...

Australia's Assyrians in Focus

By Peter Ahern

Fairfield, Australia (AINA) -- On Sunday 27 March the Australian Broadcasting Commission presented a special documentary on Australia's Assyrian community as part of the long-running and popular "Compass" series. The Assyrian community is not widely known in Australia.

Iraq's Sadr Militia Agrees to Disband, Surrender Weapons to Baghdad

By Carlo Muñoz

The paramilitary wing of influential Iraqi cleric Muqtada al Sadr on Monday agreed to disband its forces and hand over its cache of weapons to the Iraqi government, making it the first Shia militia to lay down its arms in the aftermath of Islamic State's defeat in the country.

Pentagon Not Yet Ready to Declare Victory Over ISIS in Iraq

By Jamie McIntyre

While congratulating Iraqi forces for making "considerable progress" against "a determined enemy," the Pentagon on Monday stopped short of endorsing the weekend declaration from Iraq's leader that final victory over the Islamic State has been achieved in his country.

Trump's Immigration Order and Christianity

By Peter Ahern

Debate has raged since President Donald Trump announced his executive order temporarily banning entry to the United States of residents from seven Muslim-majority countries. This involves a temporary halt in the United States refugee program.

The Anti Butcher

By Ashok Selvam

Chicago -- Poet Carl Sandburg may have dubbed Chicago has the "hog butcher for the world," but a local couple wants to make the city more friendly to non-meat eaters.

Semiramis, the Assyrian Queen

By Marcos Such Gutiérrez

Female rulers in ancient Mesopotamia were rare. But those who did rule made their mark on history. In the Neo-Assyrian regime of the ninth century B.C., one woman commanded an entire empire stretching from Asia Minor to what is today western Iran. She was Sammu-ramat, thought to mean "high heaven.


Unrecognized Genocides Conference Held At Adelphi University
Assyrian Member of Iran's Parliament Discussed Safety of Assyrians With Iraqi PM
Assyrian Americans Call for Iraqi Government Control of Nineveh Plains
European Assyrians Conclude Second Convention in Brussels
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Assyrian Umbrella Organization Asks UN to Support Assyrians in North Iraq
Assyrian Leader Raises Concern At UN Human Rights Council
Second Assyrian Mayor Illegally Removed By Kurdish Authorities
Assyrians in North Iraq Reject Second Mayor Appointed By Kurds
Yazidis Proclaim the Establishment of a Provisional Government
Dutch Parliament Members Express Concern About Kurds Marginalizing Assyrians
Assyrian Man Kidnapped, Killed in Syria
Assyrians Protest Removal of Mayor By Kurdish Government
Swedish EU Parliamentarian Accuses Kurds of Treason Against Assyrians
Assyrian Organizations Condemn Turkey's Seizure of Assyrian Properties


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Inauguration of the First Church Rebuilt in the Nineveh Plains Since the Invasion By ISIS
New Church in Sweden for 5000 Chaldeans From Middle East
Yezidis in US Plead for Justice and Peace
US Sees No Future for Assad in Syria
UN and Partners Seek US$4.4 Billion to Aid Syria Refugees
Turkey No Longer Sees Syrian Government As a 'Threat'
Iraq's Sadr Militia Agrees to Disband, Surrender Weapons to Baghdad
Russian and Turkish Presidents Meet in Ankara
Pentagon Not Yet Ready to Declare Victory Over ISIS in Iraq
Iraq's Kurdish Government Cuts Ties With Yazidi Forces


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Senator McCain Sends Letter on Assyrians to Kurdish President
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Assyrians Should Leave the Middle East
Reflections on the Assyrian Genocide and the Next 100 Years
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