Inside Raqqa: From ISIS 'Caliphate' to Crumpled City of Landmines

By Hollie McKay

RAQQA, Syria -- More than seven months since ISIS operatives were defeated in their "caliphate" capital of Raqqa, Syria the city remains something of an apocalyptic wasteland, only beginning to recover from nearly four years of brutal occupation.

In Turkey, Exposing Crimes of ISIS is Terrorism

By Uzay Bulut

How does Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan fight his political opponents, including those who have been working hard to expose the atrocities of the Islamic state terror group, ISIS? By throwing them into jail for allegedly "supporting terrorism.

Turkmens See Chance to Expand Influence in Kirkuk

By Fehim Tastekin

The Turkmens of ethnically diverse Kirkuk province in Iraq finally feel that they are coming into their own, sensing a new beginning after being subjected to Arabization policies under President Saddam Hussein's regime and then to Kurdish domination after he was toppled in 2003.

Senator McCain Sends Letter on Assyrians to Kurdish President

(AINA) -- Former Republican presidential candidate and current Senator from Arizona, John McCain, sent a letter to Kurdish President Massoud Barzani regarding Assyrians in the Kurdish region in north Iraq. In the letter, dated May 25, McCain expresses "...

Deal Gives Ownership of Istanbul Church to Assyrian Community

The Syriac Catholic community received a free lease for 49 years on Sacre Coeur, a church in Istanbul's waterfront district of Bebek. Officials from the state-run Directorate General of Foundations signed a protocol with a foundation representing the community.

In Iraq, Old Grievances Fuel Deadly Protests

(AFP) -- In the heat of battle against Daesh (ISIS), Iraqis united against a common enemy. But just a few months after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over the militants, social grievances that once simmered on the back burner have boiled over in a series of protests that have spread...

Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged

By Sabri Atman

(AINA) -- When speaking about the Ottoman Empire and Turkey today, it is not their contribution to civilization that comes to mind. Instead it is human rights violations, confiscation of land and property, genocide and genocide denials that are most frequently discussed in the public discourse.

Assyrian Water Balloons

Hamilton, Canada -- The highlight of the Bet Nahrain Assyrian Heritage Centre's third annual Assyrian Water Festival of Nusardil at T.B. McQuesten Park was a massive water balloon fight using 15,000 water balloons. The event was open to the public.


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Assyrian Confederation Participates in UN Conference on Role of Diasporas
Assyrians in Sweden Critical of Government's Position on Genocide Bill
California Recognizes Assyrian Genocide
EU Commission's Turkey Report Touches on Property Rights As Well
Cologne Orders Armenian Genocide Memorial Removed
Church Leaders Condemn Attack on Syria By the US, France and Britain
Assyrian Organization Opens Office in Brussels
Assyrians Commemorate 100th Anniversary of Patriarch's Assassination
Assyrian Woman Speaks At Syria Peace Conference in Sochi
Assyrians Establish National Federation in France


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Inside Raqqa: From ISIS 'Caliphate' to Crumpled City of Landmines
In Turkey, Exposing Crimes of ISIS is Terrorism
Turkmens See Chance to Expand Influence in Kirkuk
Iran Arrests Christian Kurdish Women for 'Proselytizing Christianity'
Egypt's 'Hippocratic Oath' Could Force Christian Doctors to Unintentionally Become Muslim
Critics Say Turkish Government Using US Mosques to Play Politics, Spy on Foes
Deal Gives Ownership of Istanbul Church to Assyrian Community
Thousands Evacuated From Pro-Assad Syrian Villages Beseiged By Rebels
In Iraq, Old Grievances Fuel Deadly Protests
What Happened to the Assyrian Women Kidnapped By Islamic State?


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Senator McCain Sends Letter on Assyrians to Kurdish President
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US Government Must Designate ISIS Attacks As Genocide for All Groups
Assyrians Should Leave the Middle East
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Teaching People to Commit Genocide
'Don't Cry, Sandra' -- Immortal Words of Faith and Hope From an Assyrian Refugee Girl

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Turkey's Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged
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