The Case of the St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery in Midyat, Turkey
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(AINA) -- Click here for pictures of the St. Gabriel monastery.

Articles on the St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery case

06-01-2018European Court Finds Turkey in Violation of Assyrian Foundation's Property Rights
06-01-2018Turkey Returns Confiscated Syriac Church Property Deeds
05-23-2018Turkey's Assyrian Community Welcomes Property Return
02-07-2018Turkey's Assyrian Community Welcomes Monastery's Return
11-23-2017Turkey's Assyrians Welcome Monastery's Return
07-26-2017How the World's Oldest Assyrian Monastery Came Under Threat
06-23-2017Turkey Seizes Assyrian Monastery Property
03-14-2014Turkey Returns Less Than Half of Assyrian Monastery's Land it Seized
02-26-2014Assyrians in Turkey Receive Deed for Lands of St. Gabriel Monastery
02-26-2014The Case of the St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery in Midyat, Turkey
10-08-2013Turkey Approves Return of Assyrian Monastery's Lands
10-01-2013Turkey's Assyrian Monastery Welcomes Return of Its Land
09-30-2013Assyrians to Regain Monastery's Land As Part of Erdogan's Democratization Package
06-22-2013Turkish EU Minister Downplays Value of Landmark Assyrian Monastery
05-21-2013Turkish State Allocates 1 Million Lira for St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery
12-20-2012St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery in Turkey Must Survive
11-28-2012EU Voices Serious Concern Over Assyrian Monastery Decision
11-02-2012The Battle for the St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
07-19-2012Ancient Assyrian Monastery in Turkey Under Threat
07-13-2012Oldest Christian Monastery At Risk in Turkey
07-11-2012Petition Campaign Underway for Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
07-01-2012Al Jazeera Report on Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
06-29-2012Turkish Court Takes Monastery's Land, Declares Assyrians 'Occupiers'
06-18-2012German Parliament Resolution Supports Embattled Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
03-19-2011The St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery
02-20-2011Reconciled By the St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
01-30-2011Turkish Supreme Court Rules Against Assyrian Monastery
12-08-2009Swiss Parliament Adopts Motion in Support of Assyrian Monastery
11-09-2009St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery in Turkey Faces New Challenges
06-26-2009State the Winner in Monastery Land Case
06-24-2009Turkish Court Rules Against Assyrian Monastery
05-22-2009Assyrian Monastery in Turkey Wins First Legal Battle
05-16-2009The Great Monastery of St. Gabriel in Captivity
05-12-2009The Continuing Legal Battle of the Syriac-Orthodox Monastery in Turkey
05-12-2009Christians Urge Turkey to Protect Ancient Monastery
03-09-2009Monastery Case Makes WSJ Headlines
03-07-2009Battle Over a Christian Monastery Tests Turkey's Tolerance of Minorities
03-06-2009Marathon in Holland to Draw Attention to Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
02-24-2009Assyrian Monastery in Turkey Threatened
02-22-2009MPs From Germany to Visit Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
02-17-2009Turkey Delays Assyrian Monastery Trial For the Third Time
02-12-2009We Should Be the Ones to Put Turkey on Trial: Assyrian Bishop
02-12-2009Assyrian Monastery Land Dispute a New Test on Turkey's Path to EU
02-11-2009Church of Norway to Send Two Observers to Assyrian Monastery Trial in Turkey
02-06-2009Turkish State Escalates Legal Battle Against Assyrian Monastery
02-04-2009Open Letter From 19,000 Assyrians to Turkey: Do Not Touch St. Gabriel Monastery
01-31-2009European Parliamentarians Call on Turkey to Protect Assyrian Monastery
01-27-200920,000 Assyrians March in Berlin for Embattled Monastery
01-27-2009Saving the Monastery of Mor Gabriel, to Guarantee a Multicultural Turkey
01-22-2009Christian Monastery in Turkey Fights to Keep Land
01-21-2009International Pressure Forces Turkey to Again Delay Assyrian Monastery Trial
01-20-2009The Assyrian Monastery: an Opportunity For Turkey To Lead By Example
01-15-2009The Turkish State and The Assyrian Monastery
01-14-2009The Assyrian Monastery and Its Muslim Neighbors
12-24-2008Turkish Court Reschedules Hearings on Assyrian Monastery
12-24-2008Finnish Church Leaders Ask Turkey to Safeguard Assyrian Monastery
12-24-2008Conference of European Churches Urges Governments to Protect Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
12-18-2008Assyrians Part of Turkey
12-15-2008Thousands of Assyrians Rally in Sweden in Support of Besieged Monastery in Turkey
12-12-2008EU Lawmakers Raise Concerns Over Threats to Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
12-10-2008Assyrian Patriarch Sends Letter to Turkey Regarding Monastery
12-09-2008Turkey Disrespectful of Christianity and Assyrians: Swedish MPs
12-02-2008Turks, Kurds Threaten Assyrian Monastery in Turkey
09-16-2008Turkey Attempting to Confiscate Assyrian Monastery's Land
November, 2008Report On The Imminent Problems Facing The Syriac Monastery Of St. Gabriel In Midyat, Turkey

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