Finnish Church Leaders Ask Turkey to Safeguard Assyrian Monastery
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Finland (AINA) -- The Evangelical Lutheran church of Finland and the Orthodox Church of Finland have sent a joint letter to the embassy of Turkey urging the Turkish government to protect the Saint Gabriel monastery in the south eastern part of the country. Archbishop Jukka Parma of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and archbishop Leo of the Orthodox Church write in their letter:

"The Mor Gabriel monastery, which was founded in the year 397, is of extreme importance not only to the Syriac and Oriental Christians, but also to all Christians in the world," and "We hope and believe that the government of Turkey will take decisive and fruitful actions in order to safeguard the rights of the small Syriac Christian minority, a minority which has been living in Turkey for centuries, has no political ambitions and threatens nobody."

The Saint Gabriel monastery has experienced attempts to confiscate its lands by Muslim village leaders (AINA 12-2-2008, 9-16-2008).

Click here for pictures of the St. Gabriel monastery.

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