Assyrian Organizations Condemn Turkey's Seizure of Assyrian Properties
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The Assyrian St. Gabriel Monastery in Mardin, Turkey, established in 397 A.D.
(AINA) -- Assyrian organizations in the United States and Europe have issued statements condemning Turkey's seizure of 50 Assyrian religious properties. In the U.S., five organizations signed a joint statement condemning the seizures, saying "...we appeal to our government, the United Nations, the European Union and all international institutions and Human Rights Organizations to demand that Turkey stop this policy of religious and ethnic intolerance and immediately return the monasteries and churches to their rightful owners."

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The statement was signed by the following:

  • Carlo Ganjeh, Assyrian Universal Alliance, USA
  • David William Lazar, American Mesopotamian Organization, USA
  • George Stifo, The Assyrian Democratic Organization, USA
  • Dr. Sargoun Issa, Restore Nineveh Now Foundation, USA
  • Fred Issac, Assyrian Democratic Movement, USA

In Europe, the Assyrian Confederation of Europe and the Assyrian Genocide Research Center issued statements condemning the seizures (AINA 2017-07-06). Sabri Atman, the director of the Assyrian Genocide Research Center, said "this attempt to confiscate Assyrian properties, including churches, monasteries and cemeteries, is considered by Assyrians around the world as the continuation of the Assyrian genocide of 1915."

The area around the historically Assyrian cities of Mardin and Midyat is where most of the Assyrian properties have been seized by Turkey.

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