Conflicting Reports on Release of Some of the Assyrians Held By ISIS
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A protest against ISIS, organized by the Eastern Churches of the Bay Area, was held on Saturday in San Francisco.
Hasaka, Syria (AINA) -- Assyrian activists are reporting that 18 to 21 Assyrians that were captured by ISIS from the village of Tel Goran have been released. AINA has not been able to verify these reports. According to AINA's sources in Syria, Arab tribal leaders who are negotiating with ISIS for the release of the Assyrians have stated that ISIS has agreed in principle to release some Assyrians, especially those who did not fight.

CNN reported today that an ISIS court in Syria has ordered the release of 29 Assyrian hostages.

According to Assyrian leaders in Hasaka, none of the Assyrian civilians have been killed. However, there are reports claiming that ISIS has executed 12 Assyrian fighters it captured in the initial attacks on the 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur river in northeast Syria, in the Hasaka province.

There are also reports claiming that ISIS will demand jizya (Christian poll tax) from the Assyrians, and will treat them as Dhimmis -- people recognized by the Koran. As Dhimmis, Assyrians are entitled to "protection" under Islamic law.

Assyrian leaders in Hasaka have also asked for arms and ammunition so that they may continue the fight against ISIS.

On Monday ISIS attacked the Assyrian villages of Tel Goran, Tel Hurmiz, Tel Tamar, Tel Baloaa Tel Shamiran, Tel Riman, Tel Nasra, Tel Khareta, Tel Jazira, Tel Fweidat, Qaber Shamiyeh and Abu Tena.

The majority of the Assyrians were captured from Tel Shamiran, Tel Hurmiz, Tel Goran and Tel Jazira (AINA 2015-02-26).

Nearly 3000 Assyrians have fled from the 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur river to Hasaka and Qamishli. There is a critical need for shelter for the refugees.

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