ISIS Opens Market in Mosul for Stolen Assyrian Property
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The Arabic letter "n" (inside red circle), signifying "Nasrani" (Christian), on a Christian home in Mosul.
Mosul (AINA) -- ISIS has opened a special market to sell property it looted from Assyrian homes and churches in Mosul. The market, called "Spoils Of The Nazarenes," sells televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other electronic devices, as well as furniture and artwork. Prices range from 50,000 to 75,000 Iraqi Dinars ($42 to $63).

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ISIS captured the city of Mosul on June 10. Almost immediately thereafter it began to drive Assyrians out of Mosul and destroy Christian and non-Sunni institutions. It imposed a poll tax (jizya) on Assyrians, ordered unmarried women to 'Jihad by sex', destroyed the statue of the Virgin Mary at the Immaculate Church of the Highest in the neighborhood of AlShafa in Mosul, as well as the statue of Mullah Osman Al-Musali.

On June 26 Kurds clashed with ISIS near Baghdede, an Assyrian town east of Mosul, forcing nearly 50,000 Assyrians to flee.

On July 8 ISIS removed the Cross from St. Ephrem Cathedral in the Shoorta neighborhood in Mosul, one week after the church was seized on July 1.

On July 18 ISIS marked Christian homes with the Arabic letter "N" for the word Nasrani, which means Christian.

On July 19 ISIS plundered Assyrians as they fled Mosul.

On July 22 ISIS and Kurds clashed near the Assyrian town Tel Kepe; 2000 Assyrian families were driven from Mosul.

On July 29 ISIS destroyed or occupied all 45 Christian institutions in Mosul.

On August 2 ISIS looted 8 million dollars from Assyrian farms.

On August 21 ISIS looted Assyrian homes, vandalized churches in Mosul.

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