Assyrian Woman Returns to Mosul, is Expelled Again By ISIS
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Mosul (AINA) -- An Assyrian woman and her elderly mother who fled from Mosul on July 19, ahead of the ISIS deadline for Assyrian Christians to convert or die (AINA 2014-07-20), returned to her home last Saturday. She had fled for safety to Dohuk but decided to return because of the unbearable conditions in the refugee camps.

She returned with her mother to Mosul on Saturday, August 16, to her home in the Right Side of Mosul. She had left some of her belongings with her Muslim neighbor, but discovered that family had fled to Kirkuk after finding it impossible to live under ISIS rule.

She remained in her home, leaving only to shop, and always fully veiled.

At 6 P.M. on Wednesday night, three ISIS members broke into her house and asked her and her mother to convert to Islam or be killed. She appealed to her other Muslim neighbors, who had come to the house after ISIS entered, but they stood idly by and did nothing.

The ISIS members brought her to the mosque located in the New Mosul neighborhood in order for ISIS governor (wali) to determine her fate. The governor told her to convert to Islam but she refused, so he ordered her to leave the city, saying there is no place for infidels in the state of Nineveh and told her to tell the Christians that there is no return for them to the city of Mosul.

She begged him to allow her to stay until dawn since it was almost midnight. He agreed but said she could not go back to her home since it was now owned by the Islamic State. She was forced to sleep at a neighbor's house until dawn on Thursday, when she left Mosul and returned to Dohuk with her mother.

She now has no desire or hope of ever returning to her home in Mosul.

Reporting by Younis Thanon for

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