European Assyrians Protest Iraqi Vote Lockout
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Brussels (AINA) -- Following demonstrations held in Baghdad, Stockholm, London, brussels, Detroit and other cities throughout the world, the ChaldoAssyrian Syriac communities of France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom, held a demonstration on Monday February 14th 2005 at 1 PM at the Ambriorix Square in Brussels. The Demonstration was to protest the lockout of Assyrian voters in Iraq. In a memorandum sent to the president of the European Parliament, a coalition of Assyrian organizations urged the EU to open an investigation into the voter lockouts. The demonstration was sponsored by the following Assyrian organizations:

  • Assyrian Democratic Organisation (ADO) -- Abroad sections
  • Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) -- Europe
  • Shuraya Party -- Europe
  • Assyrian Liberation Party (GFA)
  • Diyzesanrat der Syrisch-Orthodoxen Kirche von Antiochien in Deutschland
  • Assyrian Federation in Sweden (ARS)
  • Assyrian Federation in Europe (ZAVD)
  • Tour Abdin Federation in Holland
  • Association des Assyro-chaldyens de France
  • Assyrian Society of the United Kingdom
  • Institut Assyrien d'Europe (INASE) -- Bruxelles
  • Federation syriaque arameenne de Belgique
  • Centre Culturel de la Tour de Babel -- Bruxelles
  • Assyrische Gemeenschap -- Mechelen
  • Ninive Kultureel sportief ontmoetingscentrum -- Antwerpen

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