Nuri Kino CV
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Nuri Kino was born in Midyat, Tur-Abdin, in southeast Turkey in 1965. He is an Assyrian-Swedish freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker. Nuri moved with his family to Germany when he was four years old and eventually settled in Sweden.

Nuri Kino has been a journalist for just seven years. He has already been acclaimed a legend on Sweden's national radio for his inspiring documentaries on both radio and television. He has received Sweden's Television and Radio's Ikaros Prize for Best Public Service Journalism. He was named Role Model of the Year for Swedish Students Journalism, at Sundsvall University (Det lite större Journalistpriset) and was nominated for the Stora Journalistpriset and Save the Children Prize for Journalists, in 2002. He has also been nominated for Sweden 's highest honor in investigative journalism -- the Guldspaden -- five times, and received the award on three occasions. He writes articles for the biggest Swedish newspapers: Metro, Aftonbladet, Göteborgsposten and Östgöta Corren as well as for various Swedish Magazines such as Neo, Ordfront and R:e Public Service. Occasionally he also writes guest editorials for on-line Assyrian and Middle-Eastern sites. The international media has followed up on many of his investigations, which include the uncovering of an Iranian spy network, exposing a jihadist recruitment drive and the Kurdish passport fraud in Sweden.

Several of his investigations that have been broadcast by the National Public Radio, SR (Sveriges Radio) have resulted in the production of several documentary films for the Swedish television.

On his web log he posts daily comments on current news developing in Sweden and internationally, as well as his journalistic work.

Nuri Kino is also am member of the jury for the Humanity of the World Documentary Film Festival in Stockholm.

Awards and nominations:


  • Awarded The Golden Palm Award at Beverly Hills Film Festival
  • Appointed Blatte de Luxe for immigrant role model of the year 2006 in Sweden
  • Appointed Suryoyo of the Year by Huyodo an online Syriac website
  • Appointed Journalist of the Year by Qenneshrin and Suroyo-TV a Syriac newspapers and satellite television
  • Appointed Assyrian of the Year by Zinda Magazine based in Washington DC
  • Appointed Assyrian of the Year by the Assyrian Youth Federation of Sweden


  • Awarded The Ikaros Prize, Swedish Television and Swedish Radio Prize for Best Public Service Journalism
  • Nominated for Guldspaden, for investigative journalism together with Bo-Göran Bodin and Margita Boström for a Swedish Radio Report
  • Nominated for Best Radio News Piece of the Year by the Swedish National Radio Academy
  • Awarded Det lite storre Journalistpriset for journalist students at the University of Sundsvall, Sweden


  • Awarded Guldspaden together with Jenny Nordberg (American Pulitzer price winner) and Margita Boström for a Swedish Radio Report


  • Awarded Guldspaden for journalism
  • Nominated for Save the Children Prize for journalists


  • Awarded Guldspaden together with Wolfgang Hansson

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