Letter of Complaint From the Assyrian and Shabak Communities
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(AINA) -- In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
His Excellency, the Prime Minister
Honorable Minister of Interior

Subject: Protest

Since it is in our best national interest; and from our desire to participate in the building of our wounded country and the harsh situation that it is in; and based on the principles of decentralization instituted by the Permanent Constitution with the fair local representation of all segments and sects and their participation in government institutions; and in order to end ethnic and sectarian discrimination practices and the exclusion policies practiced by the past regime; and in order to achieve justice and equality; therefore, we the undersigned enlisted in the police force (as forces to maintain security) in the districts of Hamdaniyya and Telkaif that are part of Nineveh Governorate similar to other districts of the said governorate. After the approval of the Minister of Interior on the appropriation and appointments in accordance to letter number (6364) dated 4/6/2006, we were surprised when Nineveh Police Administration transferred all of us numbering 711 Christians and Sh'aa Shabaks volunteers to the town center. We were distributed into police stations in the city of Mosul, ignoring our rights to serve in our own regions, whereas there are more than 3,000 police from the Qayyara county serving there that were overlooked.

Therefore, we the undersigned protest the decision of the Nineveh Police Administration and we demand from your Excellency and the authority agencies to look into our case and to return us to our regions similar to other regions in Nineveh Governorate in order to achieve justice and equality that we all seek.

We wish you success and prosperity to serve our beloved country … with our appreciation.

June 20, 2006

Copies to:

The Revered National Assembly
The Revered Nineveh Governorate Council
Honorable Nineveh Governorate Governor
Honorable Nineveh Governorate Police Chief

Arabic version

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