Assyrian General Conference Statement on Iraq Constitution

(AINA) -- Assyrian General Conference
Release about the Iraqi Draft Constitution:

Based on our beliefs that the Constitution is the guarantor of Iraqi Unity, and the enforcer of the principles of equality and partnership among its people; the Constitution is above people's personal interests. We at the Assyrian General Conference, see that the Constitution did not meet the Iraqi people's ambitions in general, and the Assyrian people in particular. The Constitution should be a certificate among Iraqis that guaranties their rights in a democratic Iraq for all.

The Constitution came full of separatist intentions dealing with different Iraqi sects, according to the principle of numbering. It was written based on election results not on basic principles and laws of a nation. It contradicts the principles of equality and its higher level as a Constitution that led to many details, for example, limiting to two the official languages of Iraq and ignoring the existence of other ancient and indigenous languages. Moreover, naming parts of Iraq based on race and ethnic background, will lead to and add to the already available race based ideologies and separatist views that threaten the integrity of Iraq.

In addition, the Constitution drafters dealt wrongly with our Assyrian Nation based, on a religious view that intended to recognize us as two Nations in the Constitution as opposed to one, ignoring all the historical, social, geographical, and linguistical facts that emphasize our existence as one Nation.

The Constitution is a document that should have its effects on generations to come. It should be written for all Iraqi people, despite their many sects and various communities in order to have one Iraq for all.

Long live Iraq
Long live our Nation Assyria
Assyrian General Conference

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