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Turkey Bombs Assyrian Village in North Iraq
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The Turkish army targeted Mîska, an Assyrian village, during its bombardment of the Metîna region. The Christian church in the village was also hit in the attack.

The Turkish army has been intensively bombing the Medya Defense Zones and especially the Metina region in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) in the past weeks. As a result of these bombardments, large fires broke out in the lands of the villages of Mîska, Dergelê and Bazê s in the Metîna region.

The latest images from the region show that the village of Mîska, a Christian Assyrian community, was bombed by the Turkish army.

It is stated that the Turkish army first threatened this village to evacuate it, and then bombed it, making the villagers unable to live in the region. The Turkish army, which has been committing war crimes in Medya Defense Zones for years, destroyed the nature of the region.

These war crimes committed by the KDP and the Turkish army were documented and brought to the public's attention by different international and regional media organizations.

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