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Alliance Formed to Advocate for Assyrian Rights in Iraq
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In a meeting covened at the headquarters of the International Chaldean League in Ankawa, the Kurdistan Region's Armenian community has joint with the political council of the Hammurabi Coalition in order to establish a new political alliance called "The Christian Alliance".

This newly formed alliance intends to act as representative of all Armenian, Syriac, Assyrian and Chaldean citizens of the Kurdistan Region.

Ano Jawhar, the head of Hammurabi Coalition who is also the KRG Minister of Communication and Transport, announced in a statement the creation of this newly formed coalition through a post in his Facebook account.

"The political council of the Hammurabi coalition, comprising the Chaldean National Council Party, the Syriac Gathering Movement Party, the International Chaldean League, the Chaldean Democratic Union Party, and the Shalama Movement for Christian Affairs, convened alongside Armenian representatives from the Administrative Committee of the Armenian Orthodox community and the Armenian Culture Association" the statement read.

The statement also underlined that "the Armenian delegates were warmly welcomed into the Hammurabi coalition, culminating in a groundbreaking decision to establish a unified political entity known as the Christian Alliance."

This alliance aims to foster unity and collective political action among Christians, including Armenians, Syriacs, Assyrians, and Chaldeans, within the region of Iraq.

The gathering also addressed the current political landscape in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, particularly focusing on recent developments concerning the representation of ethnic and religious communities in the upcoming Kurdistan Regional Parliament elections.

Participants expressed support for the Federal Supreme Court's decision to halt the implementation of certain provisions that threatened the representation of the communities.

Furthermore, attendees reiterated their demand for the restoration of quota seats for Christians in the regional parliament elections, highlighting the importance of maintaining representation in both the Kurdistan Region and Iraq as a whole.

Emphasizing the significance of these seats, they called for measures to ensure fair and inclusive electoral processes, including the organization of special elections for community quotas.

Participants reaffirmed their commitment to pursuing legal avenues to safeguard the rights of minority communities and promote their interests within the political arena.

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