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Syrian Assyrian Fighters: We Are Ready to Defend Our Regions
By Isam Abdullah
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The Turkish occupatoin state is attempting to revive the Ottoman history which is full of blood and massacres in their attacks against North and East Syria. As a result of those attacks, the entire region and its components are targeted; Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and Armenians.

Massive preparations by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the SDF are under way to counter those attacks.

The Syriac Military Council, under the umbrella of the SDF, pointed out that legitimate self defense is their right in order to stop the attacks and massacres by the Turkish state.

Nouh Isa, commander of the Syriac Military Concil in the district of Derik, spoke to our agancy regarding the matter and said: "The Turkish occupation state is not only targeting Kurds, but they are in fact targeting all the components of the region, temples, mosques and churches are also subjected to targeting. Due to this, it is our responsibility to defend all the components from massacres, migration and violence."

Nouh Isa continued: "After we brought ISIS to an end, the Turkish occupation state has been increasing their attacks against the region. Today, they are attempting to destroy the brotherhood and security of the region and create seditions."

Nouh Isa pointed out that the SDF was the primary force in the fight against ISIS and that they represent the people of the region and ensured the region's security.

Nouh Isa concluded by saying: " We, as the Syriac Military Council lie under the umbrella of the SDF. We have promies and reiterate our promise to defend our border and resist until the very for the freedom and honour of the people of the region."

Jak Fouad, a fighter from the Syriac Military Council in Derik, stated that the Turkish occupation state is carrying out attacks in an attempt to destroy the security of the region and the successful experience of the Autonomous Administration.

Jak Fouad continued: "The continous attacks by the Turkish occupation and their targeting of secure regions, is an attempt to create fear among the citizens and force them to migrate and to empty the region."

Jak Fouad called for solidarity with the SDF against the attacks which are aimed at destroying the region's security and confirmed their readiness to defend the region and its people.

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