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Turkish Bombing in Syria is Continuation of Genocide: Assyrian Leader
By Diyar Ahmed
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Elias Antar Elias, the head of the Assyrian People's Assembly in the Jazira region of Syria.
During the recent escalation of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries on Tal Tamr and its countryside, the Assyrian villages in the countryside of Nahia witnessed fierce attacks launched by the Turkish occupation using artillery and heavy weapons.

These attacks were accompanied by a new wave of displacement, similar to what the Assyrian villages witnessed in 2015 when they were attacked by ISIS mercenaries.

In this regard, Elias Antar Elias, the head of the Assyrian People's Assembly in the Jazira region, spoke to our agency, saying: "The recent attacks on our villages brought back to our memory Safar Barlik in 1915 when the Ottoman Empire targeted us and expelled us from Hakkari and chased us to Urmia and from there to Iraq, and now here, in Syria and history is repeating itself."

He went on to direct his question to the Turkish state, "How long will your barbarism pursue us? Is it not enough for the destruction you have inflicted on the Syrian cities from Afrin to Jarablus and all the occupied areas? displacing them."

There is no difference between those who attack us now and ISIS

He added, "Those who attack our villages and areas now are the same ones who attacked us in 2015. There is no difference between them, they are no different from ISIS because they are displacing us and destroying our villages."

In his speech, Elias stressed that they stand "with our military forces and support them in defending the region, and we stand with our brothers with all the components, because this land is ours, and we are ready at all ages to fight any aggression that affects us."

Addressing his message to the world in general and to the Assyrian Syriac-Chaldean people in particular, that they must carry out their national and patriotic duty "to protect us and to protect the remaining sons of our people so that we can continue life in our villages and return those villages to their predecessors."

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