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Fierce Battle Rages in Northeast Syria As SDF, Syrian Army Troops Attempt to Advance
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An intense battle is ongoing in the northeastern region of Syria today, as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), alongside the Syriac Military Council (SMC) and Syrian Arab Army (SAA), attempt to advance west of Tal Tamr.

Backed by heavy artillery, the SDF and their allies have been pushing west of Tal Tamr in a bid to retake several sites from the Turkish-backed militants.

According to a military source in the Al-Hasakah countryside, the Syrian Democratic Forces and their allies are engaged in a fierce battle at the Rihyanyah and Al-Qassimiyah axes.

Since the Turkish-backed militants captured the strategic hills west of Tal Tamr, the SDF and SAA have been working to regain these sites and drive back the enemy forces to the Ras Al-'Ayn axis near the border.

While Turkey maintains that the SDF troops are still positioned inside the so-called "buffer zone" in northern Syria, the Ankara-backed forces continue to land grab in areas where the Syrian Arab Army is present.

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