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Assyrian Journalist Detained By Kurdish Security Forces Since October 31
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William Bnyameen Adam, an Assyrian journalist, has been detained by Kurdish Security forces in north Iraq.
The Assyrian Policy Institute is deeply concerned by the arrest of well-respected Assyrian journalist William Bnyameen Adam, known publicly as Khlapieel Bnyameen, whose investigations have been critical of the human rights record of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Bnyameen was detained on October 31 by Asayish (KRG intelligence forces) in Zakho, Iraq when returning from a 2-week trip to northeastern Syria. Bnyameen was on assignment in Syria documenting the impact of the Turkish incursion on the local Assyrian community for an upcoming documentary by Assyrian National Broadcasting. He was later transferred to Dohuk where he has been held largely incommunicado. Concerns have been raised of his wellbeing, as Bnyameen has previously received direct threats from members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party for his work.

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