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Trump Declares Victory in Syria
By Chris Mitchell
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Two days after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin met to divide northeast Syria, Turkey, Russia, and the Assad regime are beginning to take control of the area patrolled by US forces just days ago.

Syrian and Turkish troops now display flags at what was the Kurdish headquarters just two weeks ago.

The power shift could have disastrous consequences for the former allies of the US the people who set up an autonomous government and for Christians.

Experts on the region tell CBN News they are concerned the people leading the Kurdish self-administration might be arrested or that there could be retribution and revenge killings by the Assad regime for the people who, just two weeks ago, were the main US allies in the region. But they say it could be averted if the US stays in eastern Syria.

On Capitol Hill, there's talk of war crimes by troops allied with Turkey during the invasion.

"We would say that (the) Turkish-supported opposition, Syrian opposition forces who were under general Turkish command, in at least one instance did carry out a war crime. And we have reached out to Turkey to demand an explanation," said US State Department Envoy James Jeffrey.

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said he believes the accusations of war crimes "are accurate."

At the White House, President Donald Trump declared victory and lifted sanctions on Turkey.

"This was an outcome created by us. The United States and nobody else, no other nation. Very simple. And we're willing to take blame and we're also willing to take credit. This is something they've been trying to do for many, many decades," he said.

The president also warned Turkey it needed to protect religious minorities or it would re-impose sanctions.

From inside northeast Syria, Christians issued a stark warning about Turkey's president.

"Turkey is now conducting an ethnic and religious genocide against the people of northern eastern Syria, in particular, the Christians. Turkey is using the extremist terrorist groups to occupy the Syrian territories. Now in the region occupied by turkey, all the Christians, Yazidis and Kurds fled their homes and only the radical jihadists are there," explained Sanherib Barssom, a Syriac Assyrian Christian.

Those extremist terrorist groups blamed by the Syriac Assyrian Christians are the Free Syrian Army Turkey uses as their shock troops. It's a military unit some call ISIS 2.0.

"There's photographic evidence that has emerged of some of the fighters have been identified positively identified as former ISIS people and former al Qaeda people who just kind of re-mustered so of speak into this new Turkish supported formation," said Middle East analyst Jonathan Spyer. "There's been evidence emerged of the soldiers doing ISIS salutes; some examples of even guys wearing patches and badges of ISIS. It's clear cut as that. And footage emerging of into their own cameras sort of speak of them putting up on the internet, they or their comrades, you know planning to deal with the apostates or infidels."

Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis continues, as hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee their homes have no place to go.

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