European Assyrians Condemn Illegal Occupation of Assyrian Homes in Iraq
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(AINA) -- The Assyrian Confederation of Europe strongly condemns the illegal occupation of hundreds of homes across Iraq. In particular, the Confederation would like to call urgent attention to the homes seized in the Nineveh Plain, which is Assyrian homeland in Iraq.

Iraqi television network al Sumaria has reported that some 350 homes that were left unoccupied by Assyrian Christians fleeing from Daesh (ISIS) have since been illegally sold to other owners through the creation of false legal documents. Hundreds of thousands of families have fled from the terror group since its arrival in 2014. Assyrians have been terrorized since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, and never more so than by Daesh.

According to al Sumaria, this trend seems to be continuing, as Assyrian homes have been targeted substantially more than the property of any other group. Some appear to have been illegally sold by fraudsters and criminals, while others were seized by corrupt officials. The false papers used to sell these homes will make restitution much more difficult for their rightful owners in the future.

Some steps have already been taken to prevent future property theft through increased controls and oversight. The illegal sales of some 50 homes across the country have been cancelled.

Nevertheless, the Assyrian Confederation of Europe calls on Iraqi authorities to enforce stricter rules and more careful checks to end this despicable and corrupt practice. It is deplorable that poor and desperate people are taken advantage of in this targeted, ruthless manner. The government needs to fulfil its obligations to the people of Iraq and prevent such violations in the future.

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