Assyrian Genocide Documentary to Be Aired in Cyprus
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Stockholm (AINA) -- Cypriotic state broadcaster CYBY has announced it will air the documentary film "Seyfo 1915 - The Assyrian Genocide" on March 8 on the RIK2 channel. The documentary had its premiere in 2015, marking the centennial commemoration of the Assyrian genocide. The film sparked headlines in 2016 when it was revealed the Turkish embassy in Sweden had tried to persuade Swedish channel TV4 not to air it (AINA 2016-04-26). The official Turkish policy is built on denial of genocide claims by Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks.

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The documentary was directed by Assyrian filmmaker Aziz Said of Germany and produced by the Assyrian Federation of Sweden; it has been screened in theaters across Europe, raising awareness about the Assyrian genocide.

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