Kurdish Forces in Syria Arrest Assyrian, Kurdish Parents in School
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Hasaka, Syria (AINA) -- Kurdish forces in north-east Syria attempted to remove Kurdish students from an Assyrian church school, persuant to a law passed by the Kurdish authorities that forbids new Kurdish students from attending Assyrian schools. Two Kurdish parents and two Assyrian parents were arrested on Tuesday by Kurdish Asayish (internal security) at the Dijleh Assyrian school in the Assyrian town of Derik (Malikiyeh) for protesting the removal of the students and filming it.

The parents were released two days later.

The Dijleh school is hosted by the church of St. Mary and has 256 Assyrian, 163 Kurdish, 10 Arab and a few Armenians students.

Kurdish and Arab parents prefer Assyrian schools because of their higher quality of education. But the Assyrian school management agreed not to register any new Kurdish students in order to avoid the Kurdish curriculum (AINA 2016-05-24, 2015-10-21).

Some leading Kurds within the self proclaimed Kurdish authority still register their children in Assyrian schools, despite the new law.

Based on reporting by AssyriaTV.

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