Assyrian Restaurants Bombed in Qamishli, Syria, 16 Killed
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Eli Kaspo, with his wife Gemma and daughter, is one of the Assyrians killed in the Qamishli bombings of three Assyrian restaurants.
Qamishli, Syria (AINA) -- Three explosions targeted Assyrian businesses in Qamishli, Syria today. The first was at the Miami restaurant and the second at the Gabriel restaurant, both owned by Assyrians. The restaurants are in an Assyrian neighborhood and commercial district in the center of the city. The explosions at Miami and Gabriel restaurants occurred within minutes of each other.

A third attack targeted the Youth Restaurant, in the western part of Qamishli, which is also owned by Assyrians.

One of the attacks was by a suicide bomber, and the other two are also believed to have been perpetrated by suicide bombers.

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According to a spokesman from the Assyrian Democratic Organization, at least 16 people were killed, 14 of them Assyrians, in the three blasts and dozens were injured. Some news agencies are reporting a death toll as high as 30.

According to the Amaq news agency, which supports jihadists, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The following are the names of 13 of the Assyrians who were killed:

  1. Ramy Tarzi Bashi
  2. Aboud Hagiki
  3. Robert Krio
  4. Eli Kaspo
  5. Issa Hanna
  6. Anton Joseph
  7. Eliamo Malke
  8. Nedal Abdo
  9. Marwan Shamoun
  10. Danny Hanna
  11. Shabo Malke
  12. Jack Tuma
  13. Robert Hegame

The following photos of 11 of the Assyrians who were killed:

Aras Ahmad (L, Kurd), Jack Tuma
Issa Hanna (L), Ramy Tarzi Bashi
Danny Hanna (L), Aboud Hagiki
Eliamo Malke (L), Jack Tuma
Shabo Malke (L), Robert Krio
Nedal Abdo (L) Salah Karmo (L)

One of the three Assyrian restaurant in Qamishli, Syria which were bombed today.

The Assyrian owned Miami restaurant in Qamishli, Syria, was attacked by a suicide bomber.

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